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So, as a core gamer, I've played more than my fair share of video games. And with any good video game come moments of pure adrenaline, or in the case of this thread.... PLOT TWISTS. A good adventure/action/RPG game comes with a great story, and with a great store/plot come moments that keep you glued to the screen, whether it's an action-packed scene or one simple fact that changes the way you think about the characters. So, post those moments here: Video game moments that change EVERYTHING.

Just make sure you use the spoiler tags and put the title of the game up above it. ^_^

Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria SPOILER ALERT
When you finally fight against the supposed final boss, Odin. This battle is quite difficult, as you fight Freya AND Odin together. Both of them have quite a large range for their attacks, and they hit you with several status effects and damage. When you finally get Odin down to about half health, he uses an attack that takes up THE WHOLE AREA and is all but guaranteed to completely annihilate any of your characters. Well, anyway, after all of this, Lezard Valeth, whom you meet earlier... Comes in and transfers Odin's soul into Rufus (who has been killed after trying to defeat Odin to become the new god to save the world) and steals Gugnir AND Odin's power with it. BETRAYAL. He proceeds to create his own vast realm and it turns out his whole plan this WHOLE TIME was to become one with Lenneth. He traveled through time just to combine their souls for all eternity. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-
Mass Effect 2

The Collectors are really the Protheans who have been genetically altered by the Reapers, and the protheans never really disappeard. This hints that the prior theory that the Reapers destroy all life in the galaxy every 50,000 years isn't entirely true, and that instead they just change the genetics of species they find useful and use them to their own gain, whatever that may be.
Super Mario and the Legend of the Seven Stars

Yeah I know it may not seem like it right now as the mario saga has made the character seem more wimpy. But back in the day Bowser was this mean nasty guy with no soft side what-so-ever and just wanted to capture the princess. The SMRPG was the first game where Bowser was portrayed as kind of the "I'm just an average koopa with a castle" and his hard core attitude never faultered like he does now sometimes. A perfect blend of don't give me sympathy and let's kick some sword invading ass.

Now the biggest twist: Bowser joins your party. That was truly an epic moment and I'm sure mario fans of the time were overjoyed as was I.
True, whenever someone expected joins, it's like.... HOLY CRAP, YES!!!!!!!! >u<
Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 really got me. XD I loved how those two ended up. *Points at Finley's post.*