What a turn around!

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  1. My finals were today. I didn't study once, most of the notes I left blank, I didn't once open the textbook, I got absolutely zero sleep the night before, and to top it all off I was an hour late to the exam because of stupidity on my part.

    And yet? I did really well. I blazed through the exam in record time and found it to be ridiculously easy on my sleep deprived brain. I suppose it helps that I took a nearly identical class in high school and didn't just completely laze through it like I did this one.

    All that being said, I am officially done with college for the year. Now all I gotta do is get home, relax, and enjoy the holidays for the first time since my childhood came to an end before next year comes around and the stress starts all over again. This is seriously the greatest I've felt all year. One of the worst years of my life so far and I'm glad to end it on a high note.

    Apologies ahead of time for this silly ramble of a post, ADHD and energy drinks do not mix, as it turns out.
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  2. Happy new years ^_^
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  3. Awesome! I'm in the same boat, this semester has been the most stressful on me because I attempted to take on too much outside of school. I'm glad it's over. :)
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