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  1. I'm still relatively new around this place, so please forgive any abnormalities this post may have when compared to the norm. So, at the moment I have a very few roleplays going on and, considering I'm on this site, I clearly would like to change that.

    Firstly, I'd like to get a few of my personal preferences when it comes to roleplay out of the way.

    • I expect at least 2-3 decently sized paragraphs, though I understand why in certain situations you might dip under. I'd rather you write what you feel necessary rather than shoving in extra fluff. Going off the Iwaku standards, intermediate is the minimum I'd expect.
    • If we're using your plot idea then I expect you to take the lead somewhat, especially when setting things up. I'll do the same if we go with one of my ideas.
    • If I've painted a scene or world for you then I expect you to adhere to what I've stated. I obviously don't mind if you add to it as long as it makes sense considering the context.
    • I don't do pure romance. It has to be part of something larger, unless you have a really engaging idea. Any other genre is fair game.
    • This isn't necessary but I like getting to know people a little before we roleplay. It just makes me feel more comfortable and helps me get a better idea of what you might enjoy.
    • I prefer to have only a few roleplays going on at once.
    • I can do either gender, but I have a strong preference for playing male characters.

    With that out of the way I feel like I should say a few things about me. Recently, I haven't roleplayed much so I might be kind of rusty or lacking in certain regards. I think my biggest fault is when it comes to pushing the plot forwards when I'm going with someone else's idea. I just don't want to fuck up anything you might have planned.

    I reside in Australia and my timezone is GMT +8, so expect my messages to potentially be at odd times. I have the next three months off so I'll likely be able to reply at comfortable times for you.

    Onwards to the plot ideas.

    The one without a decent name (open)
    I honestly haven't fleshed this one out, it's just a random idea I feel like trying out. It's not particularly unique.

    The year is 21XX, probably. I don't like getting specific when it comes to the future. Just like all those damn books foreshadowed, the government now has too much control. Most standard citizens experience a moderately comfortable life with a six day work week and one week holiday. Curfews are strict and there's little time for social interaction. Eugenics is heavily employed and romantic interests are often disregarded. There's is very little outwards unrest from the people due to a mixture of propaganda pasted everywhere and the fact that all who step out of line even slightly are incarcerated.

    What kind of dystopian future would this be without brain washing and "reeducation"? A piss poor one, clearly. The government doesn't waste its resources on just anyone, it focuses on the particularly disobedient scum who dare oppose their glorious regiment. The average citizen simply gets scared straight, but the rebels face a fate far worse than death. Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration but being forced to join those you'd been fighting so hard against probably isn't that fun, especially if they're extra sadistic and force you to hunt down your ex-friends. Fortunately the process of reeducation tends to wipe most memory so at least you won't remember who they were to you.

    There's a lot we can do with this idea. Citizens, officers, soldiers, ministers/other government officials, rebels. I really want to do this. Please, person reading this, choose this one.

    Better than a Shyamalan plot twist (open)

    "One day someone's walking around, going to work, alive, and then..."

    Version One: Kind of lame (open)

    An uncanny town in which people from across the ages have found themselves trapped. All those who've tried to escape have ended up a disfigured corpse in the center of the town's square. Despite the reality of things, numerous citizens reside here, a testament to human adaptability. Most have long given up on escape and have resided themselves to living the rest of their lives trapped in this place.

    There are rumours surrounding the looming castle to the north whose Christmas decorations appear to be the corpses of all who dare enter. Apparently decorating with corpses is a tradition in this town. I really just wrote the whole corpses being left in public places thing so people wouldn't run willy nilly into the dangerous places otherwise there'd be no one in the damn town.

    Fuck, it's really hard to write this idea without making it sound lame as fuck. The gist: Spooky town kidnaps people. Kills people who attempt to escape. What is it? Why does it kidnap people? Is it even sentient? What's up with that big, dumb cliche castle? I could just tell you the actual details of it which I think are pretty cool but then all the mystery would be ruined.

    Version Two: Kind of creepier (open)
    Imagine the above idea, only there are no townspeople. Just a creepy abandoned town that appears to be completely ageless. There's nothing outwardly wrong with it aside from how empty it feels. There're signs of human habitation here and there, some of it recent and some far older.

    Progressively as the roleplay goes on I'd expect the town to become more and more uncanny. If you've ever read House of Leaves, imagine something like the hallway only now its a whole flipping town. If you haven't read it then go pick up a full colour copy. Don't google it, that'd just be spoilers.

    Not going to lie, both of these will likely lead to dead characters or at least significantly traumatised characters. The first one does sound really lame but that's mostly because I'm trying to make it sound all mysterious and failing hard. I actually have a five page thing I wrote for it describing the town but I still have proof read it and have no confidence in anything I've written ever so I'm not going to put it up here for now. It's taking all my will power to not just delete the first version. Second version is way better.

    That's it for the ideas I can be bothered explaining with at least some detail. If you've got something you want to try then feel free to tell me.

    Established universes I can be bothered doing:

    • Misfits, which I'd love to try out
    • Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire
    • House of Leaves
    • Avatar, not the one with blue people
    • MAYBE Doctor Who
    If it's not there you can always ask but the answer is probably a not, especially if it's anime.

    Incredibly brief descriptions of characters I've already created:

    • August, the average university student who just so happens to dabble in necromancy. Owns a skeletal dog possessed by a man from the 1920s who hates fucking everything, especially kids these days.
    • Anthony Louis, the magical hobo who is capable of transporting himself between god damn universes. It's pretty cool.
    • The other Anthony that stole the above one's name because I couldn't be bothered thinking of a new one. He's basically a ghost. That's his whole shtick.
    • Holy shit, I made an android character who's also a supernatural investigator. This is genius. I'm going through my character's folder so I'm rediscovering some older things.
    • Jay, who was born with the innate ability to manipulate people into doing whatever he wants. Unfortunately there's no off switch and so he has a hard time forming genuine relationships with others.
    • Meki, the innocent goo boy spirit thing who's obsessed with human culture. Don't abuse him, he's precious and cute.
    There's others but I've spent enough damn time on this post. If you're interested in any of the above they do have proper character sheets which I can send your way and then we can plan something.
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  2. Wow! Just wow :)
  3. That sounds like a bad thing.
  4. The One Without A Decent Name seems interesting.
  5. Feel free to send me a message and we can hopefully put something together. It's still quite a general idea that I haven't fleshed out much but that just means we can both mold it into our own unique story together. That sounded weird and corny. Apologies.
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