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    A chilly night had set in, the moonlight the only means of sight upon the paths leading to the small town. A traditional town, this place was full of thieves and scoundrels who'd most likely be locked up for the crimes they commit. Regardless of the minor stuff, there was one person who definitely stood out in a crowd.

    Eisner Cerei, a famed assassin who answered only to the one known as Instigator. It seemed that the man on the other end of the phone wished to begin a warm but there was so much information missing that it was hard to interpret. The woman walked along in black, reflecting on the crimes she commits. Carving scalps off and severing limbs, she was truly the worst of the lot. Even then, it could be said that some found her... Oddly attractive.

    For an assassin, she was trained young. Six years on, and here she stood, before the bar she would inevitably regret entering. The mark on the left side of her lips was made in this place, and while she may or may not have held a grudge all of this time, the people of this bar hardly knew her in this current state. Sure, it was shown upon the news that there was an assassin on the loose, but never did anyone anticipate that it was the lowly girl who hacked the ear of a man off while proceeding to bite parts of his face off.

    Eisner strolled in casually, exchanging greetings with the security at the door. Seating herself down at the bar, she ordered a hard drink, something to almost knock the wind out of her, just for something to do. This woman took no chances when it came to her job, and sometimes one had to have the reality bent out of them to remain sane. Regardless, she watched the TV, waiting for that famous report which would either blow her position, or at least cause some conversation to stir.
  2. "Come on you weenie, live a little! We're here on vacation! To get drunk, meet girls and such! You ain't gonna do neither one of those if you stay here, all by yourself in the hotel room." Taylor's persistent friend tried his best to convince Taylor to come along with him and a couple of his other friends out to a bar though Taylor wouldn't budge. Even though his exterior seemed amusingly annoyed by the young man's iron will to persuade him to come along, he was waging an inwardly battle. Taylor knew how to hide away his true emotions so that he wouldn't burden his friends, especially not now while they're on vacation, where they should be having the time of their life.

    "You go along, if I change my mind I'll give you a call, alright?" Taylor told his friend who replied with a huff followed up by a shrug. "Fine. You don't know what you're missing though." Taylor chuckled at the man's words and waved his hand off, telling him to leave already which he shortly after did.

    As soon as the door closed a heavy, deep sigh would escape Taylor, lightly shaking his head as he shrugged once. It's one of those damned nights.. Taylor thought to himself as he sat down onto the bed and waited a bit for the crowd of his friends to disappear before he would go out to a bar himself and try to get his mind off the thing he'd never want to think about.

    An hour later, Taylor found himself strolling down the scarcely illuminated streets which were crawling with people, some of them being extremely shady amongst all, making his way towards the bar that was at the corner of the street. Once in, Taylor had a quick look around for an available seats which he found at the bar. I hate doing this. Taylor thought to himself as he slowly sank deeper into his thoughts of his family, completely losing all sense of orientation.

    A harsh physical contact made Taylor snap out of his thoughts and look over at the person he bumped into, hoping that the person would be kind enough to excuse his clumsiness. "O-Oh.. sorry.. I didn't see you there!" Taylor apologized nervously, his british accent hugely out of place in a french bar though he hoped that the woman understood him. Already, he could feel a heat rising within his chest in the form of panic. What if her boyfriend was around and he was already making his way over towards him?
  3. Eisner, while minding her own business, was suddenly bumped into by the man of incredible clumsiness. With her eyes opening starkly, she found herself on her feet, and within her hand, a knife of considerable size. As soon as this occurred, the sound of guns and the like cocking was heard.
    "Aye, lass, we don't take kindly to trouble makers. Take it outside or die on this floor." The barkeep said, holding a double barrel shotgun to Eisner's head. A sigh escaped her lips, as she sheathed the knife into what appeared to be the inner pocket of her crop jacket.
    "Alright, monsieur, but allow me to say this. Any man foolish enough to aim a gun at my head deserves to die." She spoke so confidently, so boldly, as if enticing the barkeep to pull the trigger. He was startled somewhat, swearing he had heard the voice from somewhere.
    "Y-you... YOU!" With her cover blown, she had no choice but to do as she did best.

    It was as if time slowed to a halt, as Eisner pushed Taylor down to the ground, as a knife struck the barkeep in the neck, his shotgun going off and killing another of the men within the bar. Another moment, and the woman had thrown three knives with accuracy unheard of within such a situation. She was awfully calm, no... too calm.
    The armed men, with guns that should have killed the assassin, were now bleeding upon the ground for the last time in their lives. Eisner herself simply scoffed, before she stood before Taylor.
    "Give me one good reason why I should not end you now." Her question was direct, as if she had asked this without fail numerous times. Her eyes behind her glasses seemed to glare into the poor soul, his life but a single thread, which was not his own to begin with, from end.
  4. Taylor was startled by the woman's explosive reaction as she jumped off her bar stool, making him back up slightly before he came to a halt. His feet froze under the sight of the woman pulling out a considerably large piece of cold steel which by the look her face held told him she wasn't afraid to use it on him. He could feel his hands starting to shake nervously, his heartbeat as well as his breathing drastically increasing which was the result of the adrenalin rush he felt. Just as if things couldn't turn for the worse, the sound of numerous guns cocking reverberated around the bar which only made Taylor even more scared for his life.

    Suddenly, Taylor found himself being pushed off balance and thrown down onto the ground with much ease as his feet gave up on him already. The bar was entirely quiet so what happened next was clearly obvious to him, even though he had no sight of it.

    A sharp sound echoed the room that the blade made as it cut through the tender skin of the man's neck, making him release a vile, horrendous gurgle. No.. no way.. Taylor thought to himself as he looked up at the woman, the time literally taking a stop as he stared at her. He couldn't describe the feeling of fear he felt under his skin. Every muscle in his body wanted him to move, run away but there was just no way of him doing so, he was scared out of his mind.

    The next thing he heard was a gunshot which didn't miss as it made another horrible sound as it penetrated into the man who it hit, sending him flying backwards from the force that the buck had created. This isn't happening, this isn't happening. Taylor tried convincing himself as he blankly stared at the ground, his body curling up as a means of defending himself. It was more of a mental reaction rather than a physical.

    People were already screaming and running out of the bar, scared for their life but Taylor was stuck. Even if he could run the woman probably would have killed him before he could move a muscle. Despite the loud noise that the crowd made and the thumping that their feet made against the ground, Taylor could still hear three slicing sounds and yells of pain as well as five harsh thuds. It was as if all of the five men dropped down onto the ground at the same time which meant that the whole thing went down in merely a second.

    "T-They... t-they're d-dead.." Taylor muttered out to himself as he finally looked up to see the four corpses that were bleeding all over the floor. He was well aware of the fact that if the woman had killed them with such ease she wouldn't have trouble with him either.

    The insane question she had asked him made him feel more scared than ever in his life. Witnessing the brutal murder of the five men was nothing compared to the shiver that was sent down his spine by her cold, calm voice. His whole body was shaking absurdly, his breathing ways were slowly starting to close up from the panic he felt which made it hard for him to get air. Everything seemed just so.. surreal.

    "P-Please.. I b-beg y-y-you.. I d-d-didn't see anything!" Taylor had managed to stutter out in utter fear, his silver eyes not daring to glance up at the woman. "P-Please.." He murmured out as he took deep, loud breaths.
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  5. Eisner's gaze, even behind the glasses which hid her true eyes, was fiercely terrifying. She placed a heeled foot between the man's trembling legs, while she leaned down and placed her forearm upon her knee. "You didn't see anything, aye..? Well, that's not good enough. Sorry, it comes with the job."

    The gleaming dagger she had drawn on him earlier was now right near his throat, as she lowered her glasses enough for the tops of her irises to be visible. The luminous iridescence was something to behold, something beyond even mere jewels and gems. With a long sigh, the woman was ready to strike, but as she went to cut down the last witness, something happened.

    It was like she was paused there, unmoving, her glasses sliding off her face and into the floor. Eisner saw the image of her daughter's father, and with it, her daughter. She stumbled back somewhat, before cursing in French.

    "... Shit. Shit! What the hell..." Her eyes, seeming brighter than usual as the dimly lit bar continued to be such a gloomy place, were completely locked onto Taylor. "... I swear, you're the only person who's ever begged for mercy like that. I'm moved, enough to maybe spare your life." Still awfully cold and calm, the woman stood up again, flicking some blood off her hand, lying through her teeth like no man's business. She couldn't let her weakness for her daughter show, not here. "But, it's conditional. You join me. You're going to join me if you value your life."

    Her voice was harsh, but her eyes remained true. The light rainbows they were showed no fear, and also no lies. "As you may or may not know, I am an assassin. You'll be travelling with a wanted criminal, in fact, one of the most wanted criminals in the country. You'll be my baggage boy for now, and come ten minutes, we are leaving this shithole. Gather whatever you cherish, because this may be the last time you'll be able to grasp it with two hands." With that, Eisner turned around, pulling two of her knives out of the corpses nearby, reequipping them within her jacket.

    "My name is Eisner, and I will be your master from now until you are deemed worthy by me. You'll have to learn fast."
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  6. Despite not having his eyes on her, Taylor could still feel her piercing gaze penetrating him deeply, striking terror into his very core which was already out of balance to begin with. The rate at which he was shaking and breathing only went up more and more as the suspension built up which combined along with silence ruled the room, for him at least. The moment he heard her feet move his body flinched aggressively, sorta like when you're jumpscared while watching a horror movie but at a much higher rate than that.

    To the words that came next his whole body stopped shaking along with his deep, fast breathing. His face held a deadpan expression, just as if he was dead already. "P-Please! I b-beg y-you!" Taylor stuttered out in complete fear for his life as he curled up even further, trying to seek comfort in any way given.

    As Taylor felt the cold piece of steel against his neck he made peace with the fact that he was going to die, the only thing he wished for right now is that he doesn't suffer too much. I regret nothing.. Taylor thought to himself as he felt the blade lightly piercing his skin, making his face grimace in pain.

    The whole room was quiet and so peaceful though Taylor was far away from feeling any of it. As a piece of plastic made contact against the ground, breaking the silence, shattering on impact which made him flinch once again. He was lucky that the blade was already moved away from his neck otherwise he would have ended up taking his own life with the bucky movement he made. His fear glazed silver eyes would slowly and insecurely glance up at the woman only to see the baffled expression her face held as she said something violent in French.

    The following couple of seconds Taylor was left with a perverted type of happiness. The woman decided she would spare his life, by doing so showing a great deal of kindness, but under the circumstance he follows along with her as her prodigy? Maybe it wasn't even kindness, the look that she held on her face definitely seemed like a painful one. Maybe he resembled somebody from her memories and she just couldn't bring herself to do it, no matter how calm and peaceful she was about the deed of taking away somebodies life.

    One thing was for certain, Taylor didn't know whether he should be happy or beg her to take away his life. Spending time with someone like her certainly didn't seem pleasant nor fun. Slowly, Taylor rose to his feet with a deadpan expression, stumbling towards the bar and reaching over to grab whatever bottle he could, opening it up and taking a huge gulp afterwards. Despite burning all the way down and making him grimace and cough for air, it helped.

    "Can't I j-just.. go.. ? P-Please.." Taylor muttered out as he stared at the painting of the woman that stood in middle of the bar which now had quite a bit of blood over it.
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  7. Eisner stomped up to him, grasping his shirt and just generally being right in his face. "You're not going, not now, it's too late for you. The acts you've seen are like a death sentence, and I am the angel of death who's willing to let you live another day. Be grateful." Shoving Taylor off, the woman retrieved the rest of her now bloodied weapons, sometimes having to sickeningly pry them from the bodies of the deceased. Regardless, her demeanour was simply a little too much to bear at this point. No one should be so impervious to death.

    "That's five minutes, I'd hurry off to your place of residence to pack whatever you're going to take. Unless, you're going to simply come with me? No luggage? That'd suit me quite well, there's a city about a day's hike away from here." Eisner sat herself down at the bar, seated as if to always face Taylor, her arms upon the bar itself. "All in all, I'm on a tight schedule. My next target could be anywhere from that city to the end of the world, so time is of the essence. Think fast, but move faster, boy."

    The assassin sighed somewhat, thinking about moments before, the man she had made love to, and her daughter. One was viewed as scum of the earth, while the other was what kept her going. Unfortunately, Eisner couldn't shake this familiar feeling off, as if Taylor had something to do with her daughter's death. She couldn't be sure, but she couldn't cast it off so casually either. There were so many possibilities to it all...
  8. The sound of her heels clicking violently against the floor as she made her way over towards Taylor put him straight back into the great feeling of panic he felt earlier on. Already, he could feel huge regret for ever asking such a stupid question which he already knew the answer to. Guess he was just desperate and wanted to cling to his last hope as much as he could, even if it proved dumbly fatal.

    The moment her hands landed roughly on his body, turning him around and violently clutching his shirt the fear of losing his life was even more present. His head bowed down out of the terror he would find in her, despite the situation, awfully calm eyes. No normal person could murder someone and stay so cool about it. She must have been used to this, murder, which is why she was so calm about it.

    Taylor would find himself stumbling over and falling down onto his bottom from the shakiness he felt in his legs as he was shoved back by the woman. It was pretty obvious, just by the way he was behaving and breathing that he felt nothing but utter terror. "N-No.. let's just.. leave.." Taylor replied in a lifeless tone of voice as he made peace with the fact that there was no way he could persuade her to let him go. Either follow her or die, neither of the two favorable to him.

    There was no way Taylor would go back to his room, not with her coming along. He would be risking his friends lives, something he'd never do. My friends.. they'll be worried sick. Damn it.. this can't be real. Taylor thought to himself as he wanted himself to believe that this was just a godawful dream.
  9. Getting fed up, Eisner clearly wasn't one for dawdling, and fear in general. This had been trained out of her system, a process which took many years and many a kill upon her now tainted name. The woman groaned somewhat before she hauled him up to his feet with so little effort that it was trivial. From here, she firmly grasped his shoulders, forcing him to gaze into her iridescent eyes.

    "Listen, I don't know what the hell is going on with me, but you need to get a grip. You can't live like this, not unless you wish to die right now. I can break through barriers thought not to exist, don't think I can't break through this one. Come on. Get your things. Come with me." Eisner gave him a firm shake, her eyes widening and her body tensing somewhat as she did so. Pulling away, she sat herself down again, before placing her head within a hand and sighing heavily.

    "I don't have all day, nor night, and it's my head you're toying with. Each and every second this job goes undone is another slice at the thread which is my life. If I am to die from this failure, then I'll haunt you, haunt you until the ends of existence itself. Don't test me, boy." Her tone of voice went awfully dark, as she flipped her hair and picked up her glasses, putting them back on and looking starkly toward Taylor. She seemed to have quite the temper, almost exploding where she sat, the first time anything other than calmness had been seen from her.
  10. As Taylor once again heard the rough clicks her heels would make against the wooden floorboards he could feel a cold shiver flying down his spine, making him unconsciously back away from her at a slow pace. His whole body once again started shivering and tensing up under the fear of being harmed or even worse killed like the five on the ground.

    "P-Please..! D-Don't hurt me!" Taylor exclaimed as his ragdoll-like body was lifted up with much ease, her fingers digging in deep into his shoulder, grasping him firmly and focusing his eyes onto hers. As the woman spoke to him, Taylor listened carefully while examining her eyes in the same manner.

    Her words, even though they seemed like they were threatening, were actually kinda nice in a way. Taylor could feel as though that she was masking her kind nature with the intimidating, psychopathic one so that she wouldn't turn out to be weak which in its nature was in fact a sign of weak people.

    "No.. that's alright. Let's just leave.. you don't want to get caught, right? The police could be here any minute.." Taylor confirmed one last time, inwardly saying goodbye to his normal life as he stared down at the ground.

    (So sorry it took so long to post, I've had some issues with my mom during the day so I wasn't in the mood to post. Is everything alright over there btw?)
  11. Eisner seemed impressed, at least, that's the impression she gave off. A sigh escaped her now parched lips, while she leaned against the wall near the entrance of the bar. "Shoving your friends off, just like that? That's a bit more like it. It'll do you some good, anyways." Her eyes seemed dull now, only appearing to be luminous when she was angered, or perhaps somewhat emotional. Regardless, she closed her eyes and relaxed a little, the tense moments of before seemed to fade as the sound of rain became apparent outside.

    "Come, let's go. There's a whole world out there waiting for my head on a pike. Let's hope it doesn't come to that." A smile graced her lips, a gentleness came over her obviously dangerous form. It was unusual to see such a person, so deep within both extremes as it seemed.
  12. Taylor knew that once he stepped out of that door his life would never be the same as it was. There would be no more of sitting in the office daily, boring himself until the end of his work shift. Instead now he would spend his days doing god knows what along with this dangerous woman who was basically kidnapping him. His life was something he would now have no control over, it was completely in her hands which was more than frightening knowing what deeds she is capable of executing.

    What the hell did she meant by me becoming her prodigy anyway? She doesn't expect me to follow along and do killing with her.. does she? Taylor worryingly asked himself as he started cautiously treading towards the exit, passing her and going out into the rain. "Where are we going?" Taylor asked lifelessly once again as he felt exactly that way.
  13. Eisner paced herself a few steps in front of Taylor, simply for good measure. She stopped and looked back over her shoulder as he asked that question. "Well, you and I are going to travel towards Paris. I hope you've been there before, otherwise I'll have to show you the ins and outs of the place." Her words were almost said in a lighthearted manner, as she began to walk along again.

    "There's a grand festival for lovers there, and my next target is one who will try to... Be with me. I'll need backup, and that backup will be you. Let's hope you've got some more guts in there, otherwise I'll find someone else to do the job. Your choice, here and now. You either keep moving forward, or you fall where you stand. I can kill you at any time, people do not call be Death for no reason." Her grim words, still spoken in the same time of voice, held a poisonous edge to them which could unnerve any man, let alone Taylor, who had just witnessed all he had seen thus far.
  14. "H-Help you kill!?" Taylor exclaimed in nothing but pure shock, his silver eyes dilating under the fear of Eisner. He could feel his throat clogging up, his gut becoming heavy and dropping under the feeling of sudden sickness that overcame him, making him bend over and start throwing up vilely. "Y-You're.. insane.." Taylor murmured out through the angry grit of his teeth, his silver eyes glancing up at her through the mess that was his hair. At this point Taylor didn't know what to feel anymore. Just one sentence or a sharp look was all that would take Eisner to drive terror deeply into him. The fact that she was kidnapping him was enough to make him hate her and now to top it off she blackmailed him with his own life.

    "My life.. for another man's.." Taylor mumbled out as he slowly straightened himself up, his gaze breaking off from her and moving down onto the ground where he could see his own reflection in a puddle that formed of the rain. ".. I've never been to Paris before." Taylor finally answered after a brief moment of silence, stepping over the puddle and breaking off the reflection as he walked ahead of her.
  15. Eisner raised an eyebrow as he passed her, seemingly shrugging off his comment on her sanity. Different people had different meanings to what they did, and she wasn't going to start lying now. She caught up to him, before placing a hand on his shoulder. "There's a chance that I won't even need you, in which case you'll be free to go. But for now. You'll have to bear it upon these shoulders of yours."

    The woman gazed deeply toward him, spacing out a little before she shook her head and continued on in the rain. Her clothing, while definitely covering her body, seemed to become thinner, and really began to stick to her body. She didn't mind this, but the fact that she was travelling with another caused her to suddenly be awfully self conscious.

    "We best set up camp somewhere dry. I wouldn't want you to be gazing upon my form any longer."
  16. Taylor stopped in his tracks as he felt her slender hand landing on his shoulder, his feet already freezing under the thought of a blade cutting through his throat and ending his life in the worst possible manner. Taylor was once again left in awe though this time it was out of a different reason. He gingerly turned his head to look at her hand before he would glance over into her iridescent eyes which despite her wicked nature felt warm for the first time.

    Taylor stood in one spot for a couple of seconds, his brain trying to process what was it that happened there to make her say that what she did, to make her look at him the way she did but he couldn't come up with a single answer. This woman is so strange.. Taylor thought to him as he broke away his thoughts with a light shake of the head.

    As they continued walking forward, Taylor couldn't help but start pondering about the matter once again. His gaze was as lost as his thoughts were though he couldn't help but notice the curves her body held. For a moment it made him blush as well make him feel weird. He was checking up a woman of murderous nature which he was aware of. "I'm pretty sure that's the last thing I'm thinking about right now.."
  17. "Beside the point," Eisner groaned lightly, before she grasped his arm and began to lead him toward a small shed in the near distance. It must've been large enough to hold a few gardening tools, but surely it would allow them reprieve from the rain which fell harder and harder with each step they took. "Stay here."

    The woman then booted the door with enough force to break the hinges, before letting herself inside. "Don't come inside yet. I need to change my clothing. You know what will happen if you even come near this door once it's closed again." Stating her warning which she was fairly sure would go across clearly, she quickly undressed herself down to her undergarments, which consisted of the usual bra and panties as well as a black dress which was worn over them. Regardless, it was just slightly transparent, making the assassin blush lightly before she dumped her wet clothes in the corner of the shed.

    "You can come in now."
  18. Eisner's words were more than crystal clear to Taylor though highly unnecessary. Nobody was crazy enough to peep on a woman after witnessing her kill five men with much ease and no regret at all. "G-Got it.." Taylor mumbled out nervously as he made sure to make quite a lot of distance in between him and the whole shed.

    Once he was given allowance Taylor made his way over into the shed, seating himself away from her in one of the corners of the shed. Despite trying his best not to, Taylor just couldn't help but glance over at Eisner, quickly taking a look at her before he would innocently look around her to make it seem like he was examining the shed. His cheeks took upon a mild reddish color though thanks to the lack of light in the place he was sitting at it was hard to see.

    Taylor's body temperature was slowly dropping, much of it thanks to the wet fabric and the temperature drop that came along with the rain. He curled up as his body started shivering in an attempt to keep warm though it wouldn't help at all.
  19. Eisner sat with her legs crossed upon an old stool in the far corner, as far away from Taylor as possible. She was combing through her almost ruined hair with her fingers before she noticed the other shivering away, knowing full well that he could die here without her input. "Hey, genius, take your shirt off and wring it out just outside the door, the same with your pants."

    The suggestion was lightly placed, the assassin seeming awfully calm once more, but with a hint of joy and happiness. While it was positively freezing within the shed, Eisner didn't seem affected by the cold at all. "I'll wring them out myself if you don't, be warned."
  20. Taylor could feel a heat spreading through his cheeks as the color they held would intensify from the assassin's suggestion. He was very aware himself that he could easily freeze to death and that taking off clothes would help but they still wouldn't have a way to keep themselves warm.

    Without saying a word, Taylor rose to his feet and started undressing, starting with his shirt first. As the drenched piece of fabric came off, his well toned torso would be revealed and he just couldn't help but blush even harder. Next came off his pants which left him with a feeling that was more than just slight discomfort and embarrassment.

    Taylor was shy by nature no matter what the circumstances were and he just couldn't help himself but feel that way. It was something he couldn't control nor change, much like the panic he felt earlier this evening. After having a small walk of shame past the assassin he would wring out his wet clothes as much as he could before he would walk back to the place he was and place them up on a desk to let them further dry.
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