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    Greetings! I'm Cotton. I hope it's good to meet you, as I'm not entirely sure what I'll experience should you choose to respond to this thread.
    I've been roleplaying for a handful fewer years than I've been alive. Any genre interests me as long as it's driven by an exciting cast, both in characters and roleplayers alike, though fantasy tends to grab my attention the most. I write what feels like a comfortable amount to me, which settles between 600-2000 words. I really enjoy writing as a whole, but the more I enjoy the story, the more connected I feel to my character; which, of course, directly connects to how in-depth and prosaic I become. Speaking of characters, I tend to create mine around roleplays. So, rather than a repertoire, I have a menagerie of creations, big and small, alien and human, bold and bitchy and shy and subdued. I think character creation is great fun!
    These details might not be very important for now, as what I'm really looking for, at least at the moment, is to meet some new people and immerse myself in a new community. I have more roleplays going than I have fingers right now (not toes yet!), so I don't want to dive in here until I've met some of you!
    I love puns, if you couldn't tell by my giffy greeting, and any humour that derives from my two life forces: sarcasm and sass, baby. I am a hobby artist, and have an unhealthy obsession with British TV shows, especially comedy panels (WILTY's back, what what!). Instead of a birthday cake, I have a birthday lasagna because cheese is more important to me than any other food. If I could create an animal, it would be an eight-legged sky-blue bear creature with the tail of a beaver. If only.
    I've been rambling, so now I'll stop. I hope to find a pleasant community here, and I'll see you all around. Cheers!

    As a side note, I apologise if my avatar is a pixely mess of rubbish. Right now I'm on mobile, so I can't see it very well. I'm always chasing that a e s t h e t i c, so I hope to check it on my desktop in the morning c:
  2. Your avatar and name are adorable! Welcome to Iwaku, I look forward to seeing you role-play in this great big family of NERDS people.
  3. Whaaaaale! 8D My hubby is also a punny person.

    Welcome to the site, Cotton! >:3
  4. Aw, thank you! Yours is pretty cute yourself c;
    A family of massive nerds is what I've been wanting, so don't you worry about hiding it. I would have been pretty disappointed had I learned you all weren't nerds, to be honest.
  5. (hope you aren't super strict on double-posting around here?)

    Thank you for the welcome! I think your hubby and I will get along swimmingly.
  6. //dory whale cries

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  7. That gif was amazing! Hahaha.
    Welcome to Iwaku Cotton!! ♥
  8. Hi and welcome, Cotton!

    Ooh, another character creation fan! Nice! Do you have a favorite type of character you like to make? I tend to make a lot of caged birds who usually grow strong or break from the experience. =D

    A second "Ooh" for you over your love of PUNishing others. ;D Ehehehe. Word play is best play, and I can already tell you're awesome!

    If you're having trouble finding anything, just ask, and I'll do my best to answer you!
  9. Thanks for more welcomes, guys! <:

    Not particularly! I connect with as many different personalities and characteristics as possible. I do like sassy characters, since I have loads of material to fuel them. But 'playing people opposite to me helps to see things from different perspectives. It's kind of a funny conflict when you don't like your own character. I tend to give my guys and gals wavy voluminous hair, since mine's thin and straight as a sheet.

    I'll be sure to update with any questions that might come up as I look around!
  10. Niice. I tend to lean towards the 'caged bird' type, who can become either shattered or strong through the course of the RP. Beyond that, I enjoy sass, even though it's hard for me to depict because I'm a very... not sure how to put it, but maybe honest? upfront? person.

    I like playing characters who share some things in common with me, but also have differences. I don't think I have a single one that's an exact mirror of me, but they all have SOMETHING.

    My gals tend to have big breasts, like me, and my guys, because most are the same race, tend to be heavily muscled, but I DO have flat girls and I DO have fat, skinny, or other figures for guys. I like a variety, but I also have a lot of fun writing the 'standard' attractive bodies, but exaggerated to the point where people ask why I do what I do. -snickers-

    Do you have a favorite body type? Genre? =D
  11. Not particularly, since physical creation is a favourite part of mine. Diversity is great! My most recent characters are a blonde 5'10" stick of a woman, the other a slightly chubby Indian lady.
    As I mentioned, I enjoy fantasy and sci-fi, but recently I've been on a sort of supernatural, corner-of-the-eye, Night Vale type kick. It's great to find those kinds of GMs that can leave some to the imagination while still creating a thrilling story. What kind of genres do you enjoy? .u. I can say I'm not sure I've ever played a caged-bird type character. Perhaps I'll try it out!
  12. They sound awesome! What are they like?

    Ooh, I haven't tried that sort of thing, but it sounds pretty fun. Kind of gives me an idea or two for a setting. =D Course, I tend to get excited, so I blow it a bit early on my horror RPs. lol

    I usually like stuff that's multiverse, fantasy, or both. I like sending my characters into the worlds of others or vice versa, especially. =D
  13. The first is August, a spoiled Instagram model puppeteered by a mother who only wants the best for her child. She's great fun to write, as the things that come out of her mouth can be unintentionally offensive through her complete ignorance of most issues. She has a good heart but lacks depth of knowledge. She also has a twin brother that has quite a bit more personal depth.

    The second is Esha, a former escort and current mother of a nine-year-old. She has a cibernetic arm and skin due to abuse while being held for ransom in her most popular hey-day. Her father, while loaded, didn't feel it necessary to pay up. She is highly distrusting, analytical, and a bit pompous. Her only close friend is Dr. Owain Wright, another of my characters, who helped hide her pregnancy and birth the baby. He's pretty messed up, having the kind of altruism that leads you to end up helping some pretty shady people. Naturally, Esha is in a more futuristic setting than August.

    And again, enough rambling.

    Suspense horror can be tricky, especially when you're anxious people might not stay for the long haul.
  14. Oh wow, I really like August. She seems like she can go in a lot of interesting directions! Esha is also cool, and her story seems like it could take some really, really dark paths. Both seem super cool!

    Rambling is good! <3 It's fun to read!

    Yeah, super tricky, especially since I have no idea what I'm doing cuz I can't watch suspenseful movies. 8D;
  15. Eyyyy! Welcome to Iwaku, Cotton! My avatar's a heap of a lot less adorable than yours, but then again, maybe that's what I was going for.

    In addition, puns happen to be the bane of my mortal existence. On the plus side, we've got similar views on sarcasm, and most importantly,
    A E S T H E T I C

    Anywho, hope to see ya around!
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