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  1. In a world... (No just kidding)

    So my idea was to be in an office building right before the time most of the shifts end, people are going home, and all the characters in the roleplay were just leaving before....The building goes into 'lock down'. The doors and windows suddenly are overlapped with steel, the lights dim and the characters are the only ones left in the building for who knows how long. The reality of the situation is instead of closing down the place the security left and put the building into shutdown until the morning, but the characters think they're in an apocalyptic scenario and exaggerate everything that is going on. There is a crime scene across the street in the middle of it so the characters are lead to believe that the police are trying to fight back against this 'monster of destruction' that this apocalypse was caused by, causing even more mayhem within the characters. The building has 4 floors; (One room per floor for convenience)

    1. Lobby - Desk, chandelier, elevator, stairs, emergency fire equipment
    2. Office - Mini-fridges on every other cubical filled with sandwiches and soda, computers (No connection), phones (Disconnected), journals, pencils
    3. Break floor - TV (static), bigger fridge filled with root beer and pizza, table with comfy chairs, bean bag, posters all over the wall
    4. Roof entrance - Hallway, staircase, more fire equipment, door to the roof (Blocked off), security office, tasers, M9 pistol (Not loaded), handcuffs, blackboard

    Just comment below if you're interested!
  2. This does sound like an interesting concept. Might even be able to use one of my unused character for this Roleplay as well, where I will readjust her bio to suit the Roleplay Requirements. However, I don't know how putting an Expecting Mother in such a dynamic situation such as the one you laid out would work. If you want to discuss that in a Private Conversation, we can do that too. So feel free to PM me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.