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  1. In a world... (No just kidding)

    So my idea was to be in an office building right before the time most of the shifts end, people are going home, and all the characters in the roleplay were just leaving before....The building goes into 'lock down'. The doors and windows suddenly are overlapped with steel, the lights dim and the characters are the only ones left in the building for who knows how long. The reality of the situation is instead of closing down the place the security left and put the building into shutdown until the morning, but the characters think they're in an apocalyptic scenario and exaggerate everything that is going on. There is a crime scene across the street in the middle of it so the characters are lead to believe that the police are trying to fight back against this 'monster of destruction' that this apocalypse was caused by, causing even more mayhem within the characters. The building has 4 floors; (One room per floor for convenience)

    1. Lobby - Desk, chandelier, elevator, stairs, emergency fire equipment
    2. Office - Mini-fridges on every other cubical filled with sandwiches and soda, computers (No connection), phones (Disconnected), journals, pencils
    3. Break floor - TV (static), bigger fridge filled with root beer and pizza, table with comfy chairs, bean bag, posters all over the wall
    4. Roof entrance - Hallway, staircase, more fire equipment, door to the roof (Blocked off), security office, tasers, M9 pistol (Not loaded), handcuffs, blackboard

    Just comment below if you're interested!




    PLACE IN THE OFFICE BUILDING (Security is not up for grabs):

    Secretary (Open)
    Boss (Open)
    Worker (Always Open - Minamoto)
    Office Guest (Closed - Eliza)
    Janitor (Open)


    HISTORY(How and why they're at the office):

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  9. FULL NAME: Angela Aimi Kang

    AGE: 25

    PLACE IN THE OFFICE BUILDING (Security is not up for grabs): Worker

    BIO: Angela was born in Seattle, Washington to Korean-American Immigrants. Her Father is a Civil Engineer and her Mother is a Family Therapist. Since Junior High School, Angela has the natural talent of picking up other languages when she hears them enough and puts her mind to it. As a result, she can speak up to eight other languages next to English and her native tongue. After graduating from High School, Angela would go into College, aiming for a Bachelor's in Business Administration. Two years after College, Angela got married to her boyfriend of nearly nine years, two of which they were engaged. After two years of marriage, the couple wanted to start a family, so it was a happy moment when Angela announced that she was pregnant. After visiting a few relatives for a month in South Korea, Angela would find herself trapped in her Workplace, where she is scared for both herself and her unborn child. She hopes to escape alive as she wants her child to have a chance at life.

    HISTORY(How and why they're at the office): After getting her Degree in Business Administration, Angela soon found herself working at the Local Office. At first it was an Internship, but she was able to land a job with the company. Four years later, Angela had to stop with the overworking and overachieving in order to keep more stress free...Especially with a 'bun in the oven'.

    East-Asian Female, Brown Hair, 5' 6" Tall, Sitting at around 145 lbs., Expecting Mother (Seven Months Pregnant), frequently seen wearing a diamond bracelet, gold gemstone bracelet, wedding ring necklace, purple maternity dress, white stockings, black slippers and feather earrings. To keep warm, she wears a black cardigan, but when not in cold environments, she keeps the sleeves raised.

    Personality: Since High School, Angela tends to be very shy and is hard to approach. If one can look past her shyness, Angela is a nice and caring person. She is generally easygoing and lenient with people she meets.
    Likes: Spending time with her Family & Friends, Reading, Relaxing, Cuddling, playing with Animals (Especially cats and dogs), cleaning, writing, socializing
    Dislikes: People touching her (This only amplified when she got pregnant), sharp objects, foods with a strong smell, spiders, rodents, cigarettes
    Strengths: Solving Mysteries, makes a good Therapist, tries to keep in high spirits (Because Stress is bad for her and her baby), Well-Prepared for most situations, Nice and Caring, Athletic, Multilingual (Knows English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese, also Fluent in Russian, Portuguese, French, German, and Spanish), can reach out to people
    Weaknesses: Pregnancy (Well, you can't really do much when there's a baby inside you), Aichmophobia (Fear of Sharp Objects), Constantly has Nightmares about C-Sections as a result of Aichmophobia, Mood Swings (She's having a baby, she can't help it), Insomnia, Heartburn, Backache, Uncomfortable with Heights

    Date of Birth: May 30 1989
    Time of Birth: 5:30pm
    Place of Birth: Seattle, WA
    -Parents: Retired and moved back to South Korea after she had graduated from College
    -Two Older Siblings: Has an Older Brother in South Korea working as a Police Officer and an Older Sister who is a Nurse and taking care of their now Elderly Parents.
    -Two Younger Siblings: Has one younger brother who is studying Computer Engineering in Oklahoma and a Younger Sister who is a nurse.
    -Husband: Dated for Seven Years, Engaged for Two, Married two years. Now expecting their first child. Worried sick for his wife and child since they have yet to arrive home.
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  10. By the way, you should probably throw up a character sheet for the rest of them...Including you ^^
  11. Excellent idea, Minamoto! (I typod Miyamoto ;-;) I will do so!
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