What a cool site! Hope to meet some new RP partners!

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  1. Hi!

    Thanks for stopping by! I just joined this site, I used to RP on Yaoidreams (if anyone knows the site?) it was fun, but not a lot of partners, and I would love to branch out and RP as female characters, it has been years since I did, so please bear with me as I adjust. Also adjusting to different pairings and people besides just males in the plot... But yeah, I found this site, and it looked interesting! Seems like people have a lot of fun here!

    So yes, a little about me!

    -I love writing long posts, I enjoy detail and focusing on adding different dimensions to the RP I typically do long term RP's so I hope that isn't a problem!
    -I never use text chat in real life, so I definitely never use it in a RP (with the exception of the characters are texting and it fits with the character)
    -I don't limit myself to certain things, so if I don't post them on here, don't assume it is not possible, I love testing my limits as a writer and so I am fairly chill with most things!
    -It is not a requirement but I enjoy messaging people outside the RP to add ideas, and just get to know each other a bit, it gives the RP a bit more... texture if you know what I mean?

    I have not seen people posting characters or anything, just plot ideas/pairings... which I never understood I always forget tons of pairings, but here is me attempting to conform! I hope to chat with you soon!

    My loves:

    ~Fantasy, pretty much any kind, I am obsessed with Fae, so if you want to try something with that too its all fun!
    ~Modern day detective or slice of life
    ~ Recently I've gotten into dystopia societies (still a little rusty)
    ~I do some of the darker themes as well they just have to be a bit more thought out. (Tougher for me to jump in)
    -note, most of my characters fall under pansexual just because I feel like they shouldn't limit themselves
    ~I usually do romance, but I am up to trying other types!
    ~Pretty much anything honestly... I have yet to find something I didn't enjoy... :D

    I hope this is an acceptable search thread, I looked at a few before posting. Please let me know if I made an error or posted wrong. (Please forgive my newbieness!)
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  2. So I'm into a various amount of things like yourself such as:
    *Dark themes (Murders, Serial Killer, and etc.)
    *Horror (Silent Hill, and other like it)
    *And etc.
    I would be highly interested in RPing any of those. I'd like to talk a little about the RP before being dropped into it so if you have an idea just PM me and we'll discuss it. I look forward to talking to you.
  3. I'm not sure how to edit a post yet... so I'll add this here.

    I have some cool characters I've been dying to use... so I'll post them here with my search thread if that is okay? If not please let me know!

    [img width=600 height=425]http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/dd271/rascal609/Anime%20guys/1080557_zpse1e5d508.jpg[/img]
    Name: Chiaki Honya
    Age: 25
    Abilities: Writing, horseback riding and cooking.
    Bio: He has been writing stories since he was 9, he loves to develop complex characters and unique situations. He obsesses over the Fae genre loving to mix it with other modern day genre. Detective stories are his favorite to mix with, occasionally adding a historical element.
    He is a New York Times best seller for some of his more modern day works involving normal humans. But he has gotten acclaims for his more fantasy related works. He is in the middle of a series idea right now. Though due to writers block he moved to his country home to kind of figure out what he is doing with the plot and avoid people.
    He grew up in a loving and wonderful home, and as such is a genuinely well rounded person. He cares about people, but is very cautious especially as an author after dealing with some crazy fans.
    Personality: Quiet, gentle, calm and caring. He is friendly and open though when he focuses on something nothing else exists so it seems like he ignores people a lot.

    [img width=600 height=600]http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/dd271/rascal609/Anime%20guys/Full10_zpseaf782a9.jpg[/img]
    Name: Kiel (No last name)
    Age: Unknown (1000's of years)
    Abilities: Flight, lightning attacks, superior strength, eternal youth and glamour.
    Bio: He was an angel, long ago in the beginning, and he was good, not one of the top angels, but he guarded his charges was ever cautious.... Until about 700 years ago when a wizard caught him in his trap. (trap to be determined depending on the plot chosen)
    The wizard tore away his halo, sentencing him to a fallen angel. If that were not bad enough, he was then chained via spell to serve the wizard for all eternity. The wizard siphoned off Kiel's energy to maintain his youth. Eternal servitude of a much worse kind than he started out with, subjugated to the mans every whim.
    Kiel hated it, rebelling at every chance, no matter the loophole in the order if he could find it he would.
    Personality: He used to be light and caring, sweet and open. Now he is cold and sad, he can no longer find beauty in the world around him. Even the sight of his once beautiful wings, now black and falling apart sickens him. If he had his way he would have ended it centuries ago, but orders wouldn't allow him to.

    [img width=591 height=650]http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/dd271/rascal609/Anime%20guys/full-1.jpg[/img]
    Name: Karim Maclin
    Age: 19
    Abilities: (None, regular human)
    Bio: He was raised by a single mom until he was 12 and then she passed away due to an illness she couldn't get over because she worked 2 jobs to support them. After that he moved in with his Aunt and Uncle, who had 3 other kids, so he mostly kept to himself, getting a job at 14 and paying his own way for the most part. He asked for little, and took care of himself.
    When he graduated high school, he thanked them and moved out finding his own place and full time employment. He got a night job, and enrolled in courses at the community college near him. He got a scholarship due to good grades to the University nearby and has just transferred to the University. He gets good grades and works his jobs at night.
    (Why the eye patch? Well when he was walking home one morning he witnessed a mugging, he got involved, and the man stabbed him in the eye, he can no longer see out of it, and it healed but it looks cloudy and freaks people out so he keeps it hidden)
    Personality: Friendly, he is the type that everyone considers their best friend but they couldn't even tell you where he lived. He is kind and gentle, but strong. He has a heart of gold and looks out for everyone, he hates bullies and he relates well with almost any situation.

    [img width=551 height=544]http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/dd271/rascal609/Anime%20guys/AnimeGuy_zpsb272cb3e.jpg[/img]
    Name: Kenshin Ryotsuke
    Age: 21
    Abilities: Communing with ghosts and non-corporal creatures from the weak demons to the demons possessing humans and controlling them. He can see angels, fae all of the creatures that hide in plain sight from humans.
    Bio: He was born to a half youkai father and a human mother, with that came certain gifts. His father protected him from the creatures until he was old enough and strong enough to keep them from possessing him or controlling him. Now he can exercize them, control the minor ones, and live a relatively normal life.
    His parents passed away, he was not there so he couldn't be sure but he thought it was a Youkai. They were too young to have heart attacks, and the same week... quite strange. But now he wanders the lands traveling and getting rid of certain demons that are causing more problems then is acceptable.
    Personality: Surprisingly upbeat, he is always joking and relaxed. But this is in contrast with his hyper vigilance. He seems jovial but is scanning for the danger. He is a master manipulator. But he is loyal and protective. He feels it is his job to protect humanity.
  4. I am into all of these things and I have a deep craving for fantasy atm, I think we should discuss some plot ideas and see where things go :D
  5. i love to rp with you some time i have a few ideas and twist to the ones you listed
  6. welcome to the site! It would be awesome to rp with you sometime :]
  7. We have a lot of the same intrests! I'd love to rp with you some time!
  8. I'd be willing to RP with you~! Feel free to shoot me a PM! I love romance, and love supernatural and fantasy ideas just the same.~!
  9. I'd love to do angels/demons or mythology.
  10. Hey you guys I noticed that you all had great ideas. Id love if you took a look at an Rp we had just created and see if it sparks some interest in you. Currently we are looking for an Archangel of the Moon character, Centurione Lizard which is Attachment Character, and a couple of more humans. Here is the link to the Rp if you want to check it out>> Follow your destiny.

    If your interested or just need a little bit more info feel free to pm me I'll be glad to help you out. :jump:
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