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  1. It might seem like a random question, but what your character eats can give extra insights to their personality and their daily lifestyle! Picky eaters are likely to be picky about many things. Perhaps your character refuses to eat meat, cause they are an animal lover! Are they really conscientious about their health or do they gobble up whatever they get their hands on? Do they eat people, or are people just too chewy for them?

    What is your character's favorite thing to eat, and how does that reflect on their personality? What do they HATE to eat?
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  4. Paorou doesn't need to eat, as he is literally formed from mud, ash, dirt and particles of Iwaku's reality (hence, this is his 'food'). He only 'eats' to experience the pleasure of various tastes. (A result of leftover sensations from once being human) as such he prefers high class cuisine.

    However, he can really eat anything.
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  6. Ryker eats whatever he can get his hands on. Being a man of the world he's not picky. He always drinks whisky with whatever he chooses.

    Chief Rierson likes fast food. Due to a condition brought upon by 'The Usual' Rierson doesn't seem to gain weight from the greasiest of foods.

    Archetype has developed a taste for human flesh. S/he will eat it raw or cooked. Hir daughters have some of the same tastes.

    Scavenger likes MRE rations. He just can't seem to get enough of them.

    Carl is addicted to kebabs. It's his second addiction next to coffee.

    Desolator likes the taste of DEXRON, however it gives him bad emissions.

    Road Rage likes brisket the most, although he has been known to kill and cook whole cows on the spot.

    Lieutenant Travis is banned from most national parks as he has a tendency to either stalk and kill deers or sit in bodies of water and release an electrical charge to fish at his leisure.

    Top eats recruits alive. He also eats whole pineapples without peeling them.

    No Fear and No Mercy eat TV dinners.

    Sam/Arsenal has no need for food, being a demi-god.

    Firezone loves Japanese cuisine, particularly when it's eaten off the naked body of a woman. He usually calls dibs on 'desert.'

    Lockdown has a taste for 'diet' sausage. Don't ask what's in it, just know that it tastes like bratwurst.

    Captain Vasilev eats everything with vodka. Either as a sauce or as a meal in itself.
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