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  1. Hey, I'm Lissa! Maybe you've seen me around, I'unno. None of the group roleplays are interesting me at the moment yet I need something to justify me checking around every day or so, so here's this thread!

    I'm lookin' to play some fandoms! Or...Something. I'm willing to play with either canon characters (and AUs thereof) or fandom OCs! Just two things to get outta' the way first:

    1. I'm not looking for a romance RP. If you want pure shipping, there's probably a bunch of other threads you can look at. I just want a light little 1x1 with adventure and character interactions (though if it turns into something, great!) and...Stuff. Sorry!
    2. If you wanna do a fandom OC, fantastic! Just realize if you use an OC, I will use one as well. It's kind of just a personal preference of mine, I don't really like blending OCs and canon characters. It feels weird to me. Shrug.

    Also, if any of my mentioned OCs pique your interest, feel free to ask for more information! I just don't wanna get to rambly here. I'm going on enough tangents as is.

    Anyway, with that out of the way...Peek into these helpfully-labeled Fandom FoldersTM and see what'cha like. Or don't like, or something.

    Undertale (open)

    I can RP Papyrus, W. D. Gaster, and Muffet. Eclectic bunch, yeah.

    However, as for AUs...Well, I've kind of been into Error!Sans recently, but he's probably a beast to RP with. I've also done Broalgamate (as the titular blob of sad), Underfell!Mettaton (of all people) and King!Papyrus. But if there's any other AU you want me to look at and/or RP, I am open to suggestion!

    As for OCs, I only have one. His name is Mercen. He's a clam man.

    Steven Universe (open)

    I will only RP OCs for this one. This is mostly because I don't think I'm particularly good at any canon characters from my dabbles in RPing them.

    My SU OCs are Aventurine (Yellow Diamond following businesswoman with a gem in her eye), Oligoclase (monster maker who is a jerk for the sake of being a jerk), Morenci Turquoise (Oligoclase's helper, an emotionless shell powering a machine) and Red Coral (narcissist who has a cult of humans worshipping her). Hope those sound at least a little interesting.

    Five Nights at Freddy's (open)

    I can't leave this animatronic trash can. Someone help.

    I'll do Marionette mostly, but I've dabbled in Shadow Bonnie and Phone Guy as well. I also have my own version of the nightguard from game three (named Kenneth Talbot) and my own versions of most of the other guards as well (mostly Jeremy Fitzgerald and Mike Schmidt).

    Don't really have OCs for this one. Sorry. Unless you count Kenneth?

    Homestuck (open)

    I haven't done this in eons.

    Anyway, I'm usually Eridan Ampora and Doc Scratch. Also an eclectic pair. Also, I know I mentioned this before, but I don't wanna do romance really, and please please no EriSol in a romantic sense. I don't ship it. Sorry.

    OCs...Urk. There's a lot. Buckle up. We have Mallam Lammal (redblood male with a redundancy gimmick, tautologicalAnswer [TA], Prince of Time), Telaps Ecresh (brownblood female cheerleader with a petty side, acrobaticChallenger [AC], Thief of Void), Concin Sutcef (yellowblood female who like straightness and symmetry, adroitGallimaufry [AG], Maid of Mind), and Voluto Membra (violetblood male who's an author and a literature dork, circumlittoralTuism [CT], Seer of Rage). Also on the human side of things there's Ella Gambale (female who likes dorky pop culture from the eighties and nineties and pretty much only that, gelogenicTrifle [GT], god tier not yet decided).

    Whoo boy.

    Pokemon (open)

    Gijinkas, gijinkas, gijinkas. I'll do gijinkas.

    I have kind of an obnoxious amount of gijinkas from a variety of different games and types, so you might be better off asking me about this if you're interested.

    I'm also happy to do some OC trainers / rangers, but those'll be made a little more off-the-cuff.

    Misc (open)

    Here's a bunch of misc characters I have / want to RP. So if any of these seem cool to you too, feel free to mention them. Maybe a multiverse crossover RP or a smaller RP with one'a these losers.

    - Fred Bonaparte [Psychonauts]
    - Peacock [Skullgirls]
    - RGB [The Property of Hate]
    - Simon Petrikov [Adventure Time]
    - Fiddleford McGucket (usually young / Society of the Blind Eye) [Gravity Falls]
    - Wirt [Over the Garden Wall]
    - Friend Computer [Paranoia]
    - Catherine / Gregory [Gregory Horror Show]
    - Oshare Bones [Puyo Puyo]
    - Tony the Talking Clock / Shrignold the Butterfly [Don't Hug Me I'm Scared]
    - Employee #247, Stanley [The Stanley Parable]
    - The Batter [OFF]

    Sooooooo yeah! I know it's a lot of rambling, but I hope you saw something you like! Or maybe you didn't. In which case, that's also fine.​
  2. You are absolutely amazing! I love love love Gijinkas I think they are adorable. I'm interested in doing a Pokemon Roleplay with you. I believe it would be fun.
  3. Pokemon Rangers! Haven't ever had an rp with rangers in it! I'm very interested!
  4. Ahh, sorry I haven't been around! Midterms and stuff, bleck.

    But great! I'll totally RP with both of you I am pumped for this.

    @MusicalMegLove and @AshenAngel, you guys want me to set up conversations so we can talk details? ^^
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