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  1. Astropathic Communication 683.39JDP-9/LL31K Phi Sigma Mu +Decrypting Transmission... Complete+

    Orders for Cell Achates

    The Scaevola system has had a recent increase in the number of people reported missing. While this is normally a task beneath His Majesty's Holy Ordos, there is an alarming trend among the observed cases: all of the victims possess minor mutations [classification Ab Humanis, Mutatio Minor; improper digit count, unnatural hair, eye or skin pigmentation, etc.]. Local authorities either haven't noticed or have failed to act due to the nature of the missing persons, and planetary authorities have not yet detected this trend.

    Your orders are to investigate these disappearances and determine if and how they are related. You are charged with the full authority of the Inquisition for the duration of your investigation and may execute your orders as you see fit. Travel to Scaevola Prime and make contact with Lucius Fantz, a local merchant. He owes our organization a favor and will provide you with necessary information and equipment to start your investigation. Report back via [Astropathic Channel 297.4K66H-E, Cypher Jaelamon 8V5L5] for further orders once you conclude the investigation or if the situation develops.

    Serve our Mistress well. She brooks no weakness.
    -Interrogator Ravius Skalterion, Ordo Hereticus

    +Wield the Emperor's Light like a torch and with it, banish the shadows.+

    Whatever life you led before this, now you serve the Inquisition. You are a new Acolyte of Inquisitor Heneria Case, one of many in her sprawling network of spies and agents. After going through some basic training and introduction to the inner workings of the Inquisition, you have been assigned to Cell Achates, a group of other new Acolytes, and have been given your first assignment by Interrogator Ravius Skalterion, one of Inquisitor Case's lieutenants. Now the fate of worlds lies in your hands; failure is not an option.

    GAME RULES. Please make yourself decently familiar with the rules. It's a considerable read and is rather unintuitive, and so will require regular referencing. You may want to consider downloading it.

    A Discord Channel has been set up, check it out HERE.

    IC Thread.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Appearance: (Pic or paragraph)
    Homeworld, Background and Specialization:
    History: (at least two healthy paragraphs, include how you came into the Inquisition's service)










    Total TB:
    Characteristic Advances:
    Weapon Training:

    Character Setup
    • Characteristics will be rolled up using the Allocation method: All Characteristics start at 25, except for + Characteristics (as noted in Homeworld selection) which will start at 30. You then get 60 points to allocate as you choose. However, no Characteristic may exceed 40.
    • Characters start with 1000 xp to be spent as they see fit.
    • Characters start with any 3 items of their choosing of Scare availability or more common. The availability can be modified by background choices (Administratum and Mechanicus specifically).
    • Roll for Fate and Wounds on your CS. Roll 1d5 for wounds and 1d10 for fate.
    • Also roll a d100 for your divination.

    Dice Rules
    • In order to roll, click on the 'More Options' button of your post and click the 'Throw a Dice' button. Be sure to list what you're rolling for and to make the number of sides accurate. Inaccurately sided dice will not count.
    • In order to roll a d100, roll two ten sided dice. Use the first result as the 10s digit and the second result as the 1s digit. Rolling a ten counts as rolling 0. If both dice roll 10s, it counts as rolling 100.
    • In order to roll a d10, simply roll a ten sided dice. A roll of 10 counts as 10.
    • In order to roll a d5, roll a five sided dice.

    RP Structure
    • Please try to post once a week. If you can't, let me know so we can move on without thinking you're inactive.
    • I will not be using initiative in combat so as to streamline battles. Everyone goes in whatever order they want to post in (and I'll keep everyone updated with the results of their actions).
    • 1 paragraph post minimum.

    General Rules
    • Standard 'I'm the GM, what I say goes' statement. That said, if you think I do something unfair (rules-wise or otherwise), feel free to call me out on it. I'm an understanding guy and like to sort out issues neatly and civilly.
    • If you have a problem with someone, take it to me. I want to avoid any and all drama that might arise.
    • Use proper grammar and spelling. It's just common courtesy for everyone reading your posts.
    • If you need help with anything, just ask me.

    Tips and Tricks
    • When the bullets start flying, take cover.
    • Think about taking Imperial Guard Flak Armor as one of your starting items, if you don't already start with it.
    • When in doubt, use grenade.
    • Running away is a legitimate strategy.

    Accepted Characters
    Sister Initiate Elleantra Theresa, Order of the Sacred Rose - Feudal World Adepta Sororitas Heirophant - Played by @DeadAxl
    Wilhelm von Cavendish the XXXIII - Highborn Mutant Assassin - Played by @Kadaeux
    Guardsman Merrez Kora - Forge World Imperial Guard Warrior - Played by @Z'Greel
    Arbitrator Iudex Gundyr - Hive World Adeptus Arbites Seeker - Played by @Potatocat
    Arbitrator Canto Azorius - Forge World Adeptus Arbites Desperado - Played by @Blighted_Agent
    Scribe Phillipe Kelman - Shrine World Adeptus Administratum Sage - Played by @Kadaeux
    Chirurgeon Larl Galliach - Forge World Adeptus Mechanicus Chirurgeon - Played by @West
    Rogue Psyker Tessera Harlocke - Feudal World Mutant Warrior - Played by @Sai Zhang

    Inactive Characters

    Dead Characters
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  2. NPCs
    Inquisitor Case

    Inquisitor Heneria Case, Ordo Hereticus

    Heneria served as the favored Acolyte and data coordinator of Inquisitor Paul Makoi, who was known as the Terminus of Dix for his involvement in the three Dix Incidents. When her master passed away, Heneria inherited her master's Rosette and disappeared. She re-emerged several years later, leading a sprawling network of spies and Acolytes.

    Inquisitor Case prefers a hands-off style of command, employing her spies to identify potential threats and her Acolytes to investigate them, usually allowing them to pursue their goals as they see fit, as she does not have the time to guide every band personally. She ascribes to the belief that the Imperium needs as many loyal servants as possible to combat heresy, and commands hundreds of Acolytes, divided into dozens of Cells. Each Acolyte band operates alone and often without support until they have proven themselves loyal in her eyes. Veteran agents are entrusted with more sensitive tasks, sometimes run by Heneria herself, and her senior-most agents help with various duties, such as commanding and coordinating Cells, the recruitment and training of new Acolytes, or working in one of Heneria's several specialized kill-squads.

    The location of Inquisitor Case's headquarters, referred to as 'Orbis', is unknown to all but her most trusted servants. Many speculate it to be some kind of voidship or warp travel capable space hulk or void station. Few of Heneria's subordinates have actually seen her in person; most of the orders are disseminated through her Interrogators and trusted agents.

    Interrogator Skalter

    Interrogator Ravius Skalterion, Ordo Hereticus

    Ravius Skalterion was an orphan raised by a Mechanicus Synod until his teen years. Craving excitement that Mechanicus life could not supply, he left and began to ply his trade at data hustling, illegally accessing and/or altering Administratum records. After being commissioned by Inquisitor Case's agents during an investigation, she offered him a position among his retinue. He accepted, not just because refusing would bring the Inquisitions might down upon him, but because it was even more exciting than what he was doing then.

    Interrogator Skalterion has faithfully served Inquisitor Case for over ten years, and ascribes his style of leadership to his master's training. He is tasked with leading several cells of acolytes and prefers to do so from the shadows. One of Inquisitor Case's proteges, he has little interest in advancing to the rank of Inquisitor, claiming that 'things are exciting enough'. Despite appearing relatively unaugmented, Ravius is host to many discreet high-quality cybernetics.

    Ravius' thrill-seeking nature has since been tempered by experience, though hardly quenched. As much as he enjoys his line of work, he does take it quite seriously. Though usually stiff and professional, he will often let the hint of a playful smile slip through.

    Custom Weapons

    Sawed-off Double-Barrel Shotgun: (Pistol, 15m, S/2/-, 1d10+4I, Pen 0, Clip 2, Rld Full, Scatter, Reliable, Average)

    Sample CS

    Name: Merret Opal
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Appearance: Merret stands at 5'7'' and is wiry, but expects to bulk up some now that he's getting three meals a day. His skin is very pale and what little hair he has on his face (eyelashes, eyebrows) is white. Despite his voidborn appearance, he acts quite friendly and talks quite fast, almost as if he's trying to hustle everyone he meets.
    Homeworld, Background and Specialization: Voidborn, Outcast, Desperado
    History: Merret was born on the Eighty-Eight Lamentations, a chartist vessel. His parents, ratings on the ship, abandoned him and his twin sister when they stopped at Port Merlan. To this day, Merret doesn't know why; perhaps they didn't want the burden of raising children, or perhaps they hoped their children might live better away from ship life.

    Regardless, Merret and his sister eked out a living in the slums of Port Merlan, finding odd jobs, often criminal, and doing his best to talk his way out of trouble. He often took jobs with pressgang crews, helping point out which people would go without a fuss, and which people were best left alone. To put a twist in their tale, his sister Merren started showing signs of being a psyker. Merret had to work hard enough to feed the both of them and keep the authorities away.

    Unfortunately he couldn't keep it up forever. When the Black Ships arrived at Port Merlan, he took his sister and fled through the Port's tunnel networks for two weeks before finally getting captured. The agent who had led the chase was impressed by his tenacity and will to live, and instead of being executed for harboring a witch like he expected, Merret received an offer to join the Inquisition. He accepted on the condition that his sister could as well.




















    Armor: Armored Bodyglove (2 Body, Arms, Legs)
    Total TB: 3
    Wounds: 9
    Fate: 4
    Aptitudes: Agility, Ballistic Skill, Defense, Fellowship, Finesse, Intelligence, Social
    Characteristic Advances: +5 Agility, +5 Ballistic Skill, +5 Fellowship
    Skills: Charm (Fel), Common Lore (Underworld) (Int), Decieve (Fel), Dodge (Ag), Inquiry (Fel), Parry (WS), Stealth (Ag), Sleight of Hand (Ag)
    Child of the Dark: +30 to moving in Zero-G, has Strong Minded talent
    Strong Minded: May re-roll to resist mental psychic powers
    Never Quit: +2 to TB when determining fatigue
    Quick Draw: May ready a weapon as a free action
    Move and Shoot: May make a standard attack with a pistol as a free action after a move action
    Marksman: No penalties for long range
    Hatred (Adeptus Astra Telepathica): +10 WS against foe, must pass WP test to retreat.

    Weapon Training: Solid Projectile, Chain
    Autopistol: (Pistol, 30m, S/-/6, 1d10+2I, Pen 0, Clip 18, Rld Full) with Red Dot Sight and Silencer
    Chainsword: (Melee, 1d10+2R, Pen 2, Balanced, Tearing)

    Equipment: Injector, 2 doses of Slaught, 3 clips Autopistol ammo, 2 clips Man-Stopper Autopistol Ammo
    XP: 0

    Divination: Be a boon to your allies and a bane to your enemies. Gains Hatred talent.
    Grothnor threw 5-faced die for: Wounds Total: 2 $dice
    Grothnor threw 10-faced die for: Fate Total: 6 $dice
    Grothnor threw 10-faced die for: Divination d100 Total: 6 $dice $dice
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  4. If you need any help, just ask!
  5. So... many... rules..... Hundreds of... pages... *Falls over and dies*

    No, but other than simply it being a pain in the ass to navigate that pdf, no fault of yours of course, I have a character idea that I think would work rather well in this setting. I've been trying to find places for him, but he is a bit too... intense for most RPs I've seen being made. XD
  6. So... If I wanted a grenade launcher.....
  7. You could start with one, but would still need to shell out XP for Launcher Weapon Training.

    Also, walking around with a grenade launcher isn't exactly subtle....
  8. I mean, when are the Adeptus Arbites ever all that subtle...


    Anyway, that might just be a thing for the future. Possibly just strap a grenade launcher attachment to a rifle later.
  9. What page are the weapon skills/training on?
  10. Page 133. It's a Talent that can be taken multiple times for different weapon types. Tier 1, Aptitudes: General and Finesse, so at most it costs 300 xp.
  11. Okay, thanks.
  12. Okay, I got a discord channel up, check it out here.
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  14. It should be an invite to the General server in the Ferret Lounge which is for Iwaku people. The Rp's channel is one of the channels on the Ferret Lounge.
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  16. Thx thx, this should be really good. I'll get to work straight away.
  17. On the one hand, I really want to try this. On the other hand, I'm unsure, due to the whole rulebook that needs to be read before it.... Ngh... I'll have a closer look at the rule and decide!
  18. @Z'Greel Well, all you really need to know is how to play the game and make a character. Most of the stuff is there simply filler text for the sake of immersion in the 40k universe. You probably don't have to read the whole thing so much as skim it.

    Also, welcome.
  19. Name: Wilhelm von Cavendish the XXXIII

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Appearance: At two-hundred and seven centimetres Wilhelm is considered tall for his homeworld of Aquero, his rangy build doesn't seem to convey a real sense of strength, though it may surprise people who expect a weakling. His face is of refined and noble countenance as one would expect from the born son of nobility, his face is graced by a Machiavellian set of facial hair and well groomed head of hair black as midnight. But his most striking feature is his eyes, deep set and wide one could almost call them trusting if they had anything normal about them, however they are jet black orbs that almost seem to have crimson streaks when he's examining anyone.

    Homeworld, Background and Specialization: Highborn, Mutant, Assassin
    Breeding Counts: Any time a highborn character
    would reduce his Influence, he reduces it by
    1 less (to a minimum reduction of 1).

    Twisted Flesh: A Mutant character can always choose to fail
    any test associated with resisting malignancy or mutation.
    Whenever he would gain a malignancy, he may roll on
    Table 8–16: Mutations to gain a mutation instead.

    Sure Kill: In addition to the normal uses of Fate points
    (see page 293), when an Assassin successfully hits with
    an attack, he may spend a Fate point to inflict additional
    damage equal to his degrees of success on the
    attack roll on the first hit the attack inflicts.

    Wilhelm had the great honour (translation, dubious) of being born into house Cavendish, the 15th child of an over-zealous Patriarch of the family, he also had the not even remotely great honour of being born a mutant.
    While normally this would lead to a swift trip down a garbage chute, house Cavendish, ever the bastions of honour, decided instead to pass the unwanted offspring to their master of Assassins instead to be trained to clean up the families messes (or create them), the ineffable logic being that one so high-born into the house, mutant or no, would maintain loyalty to that house.
    Unfortunately for them, while he took to the training well, his mutation the unnerving black eyes with no pupils, iris or whites was the deathsight and so did his work and power in that field were ever greater than expected. The treatment of him by the houses masters remaining cruel and uncaring despite his good work as soon as it devolved into more... heretical... pursuits he secretly funnelled information about it to the Inquisition to buy his way into their service instead in the hopes that one day he'd be able to put a bullet through the right living eye of his father.
    It would be a good day.

    WS: 30

    BS: 45

    S: 30

    T: 40

    Ag: 35

    Per: 30

    Int: 25

    WP: 30

    Fel+: 35

    Inf+: 30
    Heavy Leathers (1)

    Total TB: 4 (5 Unnatural Toughness)

    Wounds: 13

    Fate: 5

    Fellowship, Offence, Agility, Ballistic Skill, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Perception

    Characteristic Advances:
    Simple BS Advance
    Simple Per Advance

    Athletics, Awareness, Intimidate, Forbidden Lore (Mutants), Survival, Operate (Surface) +10, Dodge

    Jaded, Quick Draw, Precision Killer

    Weapon Training:
    Low-Tech, Solid Projectile

    Unnatural Toughness (1)

    Stub Automatic
    Sniper Rifle (Scarce-free), Silencer (Plentiful-Free)

    Grapnel & Line, Heavy Leathers, Combat Vest, 2 Doses of Stimm
    Veloxic Bike with Autogun (Scarce-Free)


    Deathsight: This character’s mind becomes twisted, his eyes showing him countless possible annihilations of anything or anyone he gazes upon for more than a few moments. Once per game session, this character may increase the damage of one attack he has made by his Corruption bonus. If he does so, he gains 1 Corruption point

    XP Total: 1000

    XP Spent: 1000

    Corruption: 10
    Kadaeux threw 5-faced die for: Wounds Total: 4 $dice
    Kadaeux threw 10-faced die for: Fate Total: 1 $dice
    Kadaeux threw 10-faced die for: Divination Tens Dice Total: 9 $dice
    Kadaeux threw 10-faced die for: Divination Ones Dice Total: 1 $dice
    Kadaeux threw 10-faced die for: Mutation Dice 1 Total: 29 $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice
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