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  1. This is a pretty simple concept. The story is that Tawny Shay opened up a bar sometime in the 1940's for people to go to when they had nowhere else and he welcomes all kinds of customers, so long as they remain respectful of the people around them. But he also seems to be something much more than an old bartender. . .


    • Remain respectful at all times! But in-character, anything goes, just so long as it follows with the site rules!
    • This is a modern fantasy roleplay, yes, but there is a catch! I don't want any blatant magical elements present, conjuring up fireballs and outright saying your character is so-and-so race. I want it to be subtle, hinted at, much like I did in my original post! But you're welcome to be any type of character you want!
    • As always, have fun!
    The full genre of this roleplay would be something like Modern-Fantasy-Noir. If you don't know what noir is, feel free to read up on it here!:

    Hardboiled (or noir!)

    Hope to see you all there! :D
  2. Just to put it out there, I've got some events coming up for the next couple of days, so I won't be able to post, but that being said; feel free to continue on without me! I'll work it into the story and everything. Play on! :D