Western Themed Post-Apoc/Sci-Fi Roleplay

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  1. Hello everyone, The Afterman here.

    I am making this interest check to poke around and see who would be interested in this idea I have. The idea itself is a reboot of a roleplay I had back on RolePlayGateway. The setting was a western-themed post apocalyptic world inspired by such works as the Dark Tower book series, Fallout/Borderlands, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Red Dead Revolver/Redemption, etc.

    The setting is a place called Pandorum, the remains of Earth in the aftermath of a horrendous war that ended in the detonation of the "Lightbringer," a mysterious yet powerful atomic weapon that saw the destruction of the world and has since then become something of a myth.

    The world is rebuilding slowly, with ramshackle towns dotting the map, as well as hurriedly-rebuilt cities serving as bustling trade hubs.

    The world around our characters would be like that of a western, with people trying to make their way in this run-down habitat utilizing any means to survive. Outlaws, and the bounty hunters contracted to take them down, are frequent, town sheriffs are a common sight, and the people live simple lives under the heels of the more successful. All in all, it is a place where one is just trying to survive.

    The roleplay will not follow a set, overarching story, but serve to tell the stories of each individual character, follow how those stories evolve, and how they intertwine with other characters'.

    Hopefully this idea sounds appealing, and I'd love to get some feedback on it.

    Thank you for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you.
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  2. I'd join! Would this kinda have the atomic,cyber theme Fallout has with technology and such, or straight cowboy and Indian western? xD
  3. I'm interested. I'll start thinking of a character tomorrow on my day off.
  4. A bit of both. Some things I didn't mention was that I intend to include varying degrees of tech, and weapons and equipment would be distributed via competing industries a la Borderlands. Also, the roleplay will have some humor to it as well, to underline all the grimdark post-apoc stuff.
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  5. I'd be interested
  6. As would I, I have been itching for a western style RP for a while now.
  7. Alright. Glad to see this has picked up traction so quickly. I'll have to draw up the intro sometime over the weekend, but I'll potentially have something to go off of. I'd like to turn this into a collaborative process, adding locations and such.

    But, I'm happy you guys are so on board with the idea and can't wait to begin this roleplay with you.
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