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  1. "You should stop talking before I change my mind."
  2. Oh yes, please! I can never get a good plot down for a western, but I would totally join one is there was one...
  3. Same boat. I'd love to join one just can't think of a good one.
  4. Astorath kissed up to her thighs and began to slowly open them wider.
  5. Kunari hesitate slightly before letting him take the lead.

  7. DAMNIT! I swear to god people are psychic and know when I'm planning a plot, and they they do it before I get mine up! D:<

    YES PLEASE. I would like a western.
  8. If there's room for comic relief or a larger-than-life bountyhunter/snake oil salesman with an improbable past, then I've already formed a concept.

    Oh, and as long as a picture isn't mandatory.
  9. The opening song of this thing started like an educational adventure, and now I feel like I'm going to war.
  10. He gave her a quick kiss before letting up, but still straddling her. "Then don't be a tease."
  11. [​IMG]
    Information is power, and power is easily acquired. It can be bought, inherited, or even sold for the right price.

    To that, money is the catalyst for power. It is the universal tangibility to denote status.

    Weapons are the tools that power uses be it inanimate or living. Evidence riddles the land in more ways than darkness.

    All of these things are visible. Tangible. But there is something far more valuable: invisibility.

    A count may fall prey to the sifting of grain slipping from their grasp, their power lost.

    A duke may find his purse featherlight with the disappearance of coin.

    A dull blade in the hands of the oppressors cannot cut through flesh nor uprising.

    We are the stick that stirs the pot; the whispers that form cohesion. We are the shift in the peripheral and the unsolved upon the mind.

    We are The Cult of Thieves.

    Through the forgotten catacombs of the Labyrinth deep within the Underbelly of Windfeld presides what is fabled to be the Cult of Thieves lair. They are the antiheroes of Faledrin who target the kingdom's true flaws: its upper class. No one knows their true motives, but citizens like to believe they are for the common folk as their work tends to favor the needy and downtrodden. Its members hide in plain sight, and the only reason why they are even known throughout the land is through rumors both by witness accounts and by ones they incite themselves. Their members, however, remain anonymous and thus remain a mysterious enigma.

    Every member of the Cult of Thieves is voted into by way of unanimous vote. Any new member must be approved by veterans and carefully considered before the vote is cast. It is even common practice for members to find ways to interact with their prospects before voting them in to join to get a better feel for who they're allowing within their ranks. Comradery and teamwork are of the utmost importance, and within this concept there is no true leader. Every member, despite their specialization, holds equal sway with every decision.

    They're never hired for work, and rather work falls into their lap via the Organizer. Any profit they make for a particular job is given back to the citizens, and so members are forced to find real work outside of the Cult of Thieves. This allows each member to hold a front and to give them a means of income honorably. And despite their gray morality, they do believe in equality, honor, and respect for those who deserve it.​
  12. You know it's gonna end a lot sooner if you put skills asmo, you wouldn't want people thinking about hteir actions besides "I shoot guy, he dies lol"

    Count me in for using Wushu though.
  13. Kunari shrug, "You gave me the idea."
  14. "Maybe I shouldn't be so gentle." He smiled as he lifted her dress.
  15. Astorath carefully tossed it aside, using telekinesis to fold it.
  16. Hellboy in whut-whut whut?

    Why is no one giving me a straight answer? >:[
  17. He smiled and gave her a peck on the lips.
  18. Footwear for dyslexic Jews.

    Anyway, it all depends on whether you want tense gunfights where you live or die on the roll of a dice, or if you want to create the sense of danger on your own.
  19. Do we get to reroll characters? lolol
  20. Speak for yourself. :P

    More like it. :)

    Short answer.
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    Free, simple system. Guided freeform. Meant to overcome the clash between wanting to emulate the style of one's favorite genres and the fact that many rule systems overcomplicate this.

    Not so short answer.
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    Free, simple system. Guided freeform. Created by Dan Bayn from the similar a Risus system. Meant to overcome the clash between wanting to emulate the style of one's favorite genres and the fact that many rule systems overcomplicate this. "Style is substance." Narrative control is your real power level, not how much your character can benchpress. I'd explain more, but some of it depends on the GM's intent, and it's actually less confusing to just read the rules. *nervous chuckle*

    During the anti-godmodding spikes of the past, I proposed it as a means to circumvent aversion to other systems while freeing players(both myself and those players I wanted for "high-power" games I wanted to run) from fear of being called godmoders for just wanting to play someone a bit more competent than average or more than a shambling ho-hum anti-sue.

    We had a few fun Wushu games over MSN, mostly run by Paorou, and from his successive tweaks to satisfy players who wanted something more strategic and PvP-friendly, he made Asmo's Greed.

    The link.
    As written, they show a bias towards fast-paced action--it's original purpose. But its actually pretty versatile.

    Your game where the world was full of demonic weirdness after Jesus had returned.

    Jack's character was sort of a Hellboy expy.

    What I don't want...
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    Like needing skill checks to remember to wipe after using the toilet which add to your character's mental stress level. Strength rolls to pull enough sheets. Dexterity rolls to "wield" the paper correctly so as not to stain your hands. Dodge rolls to keep from getting a papercut. Constitution checks to see if the germs on the seat didn't give you some life-threatening plague. Sanity checks to see if you can handle seeing your own fecal matter. Investigation to find the missing soap. Dodge again to avoid being bisected by the swinging door. Ouch! Sorry, you were almost fast enough. Not quite. Now let's roll to see how many health levels you lost. Darn. You're in pretty bad shape. Lost an arm. And according to this chart here, the door's swinging motion tossed your arm into the urinal. Now, roll--

    Actually, that sounds kind of fun in a way. But back to my point, that's interesting, but it isn't Wushu.

    I gave you a straight answer. Here's straighter.

    The last time you supposedly used Wushu it sort of deviated from the core principles "style is substance," "substance is style," "narrative-with stakes as opposed to stakes with narrative." I'm not anti-houseruling*, but your game seemed so different that it came across as just another homebrew skill list oriented thingamabob. Seemed like you were just calling your own idea Wushu in order to lure me in. I was too insecure to question you about that back then, but I'm not now.

    Forsooth, like, what's up with that, dawg?

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    In particular, my favorite Wushu additions:
    -Wushu Coup de Grace rule (the player whose dice roll reduces the threat rating to zero gets the option to make a mod post describing how that particular threat ended).
    -Structured Chargen: There are variations. I think the last one I used was 1Profession-related, 1 Socialization-related, 1 Combat-related, 1 Miscellaneous, and then the weakness. Ranked in whichever order the player considers fitting, though GMs sometimes declare limits like "no combat traits above rank 3" if he wants to make sure physical combat isn't a breeze or that the players use some of their other traits before the game ends. Example:
    Name: AsmoAngelDude
    Motivation: To bring Iwaku into a new Golden Age by any means.
    6 Leader of the People
    AngelDude has a combination of powerful natural charisma, a way with words, and quick-witted cunning. (Social Ability)
    5 Angel
    He has wings, superhuman strength and stamina as well as resistance to disease. (Though it could easily be his Combat Trait, I count this as Misc)
    3 Ugly Pretty Fighting
    On the battlefield, AngelDude is a paradox. A vision of unearthly grace leaving hellish destruction even as he shouts depressing conclusions about the nature of conflict and loss.(Combat Trait. I didn't feel like thinking of a snappy name.)
    1 The Vision All-Consuming
    Sometimes sacrifices must be made. And for his grand vision, AngelDude will risk anything and everything. (The Weakness. Must roll a 1 for any post contradicting this).
    Note:Traits don't have to have snappy titles, it's just fun to do.

    Think I'll try to fit in with a tamer character concept.
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