Western Forest of Faevrellis

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    Welcome to the Western Forests of Faevrellis, with size comparisons unmatched the trees within this forest give skyscrapers a run for their money. A canopy that only allows for five actual hours of light to filter through, and while the trees and surrounding elements within seem calm and at peace, it's never wise to venture in alone. Creatures and Plant-life alike can spring out to try and kill you, not to mention the random sparks of light that are so pretty, are actually spontaneous combustions from the Fire ley Line below the forest's earth. Sometimes these flares can cause vast forest fires. But most feared of all are the creatures that call this forest their home, Kabits. Large cat like ears, rabbit like legs and retractable claws paired with a cheshire cat's magic qualities paired with their hippie-esk nature they will kill any whom bring harm to their forests, secretive and mischief you my fellow wander have been warned, enter upon your own risk.


    Alrighty rules are simple
    It's a jump in no Profile Required, if you wish to place one however do so here.
    ORIGINAL CHARACTERS ONLY I can't stand Canons or Celebs running around an rp.
    No post length set though try to keep up and also don't give us walls, we're here for fun now not a week from now.
    Oneliners will however be ignored

    Settings / Genre are very flexible even though we're in a big ass forest. Medieval fantasy as well as Sci Fi elements are allowed however for every step up the Tech takes, the Magic level will also raise. So if you come in with a bunch of weaponry, and try to go nuclear we can always zap your ass into an alternate reality pocket with which you cannot escape. ^.^ Magic is so much fun ^.^.

    We're here for fun so lets have some, any problems arise get over them! ENJOY!

  2. The forest spread out endless, a verdant ocean laced with pathways like a spider’s thread through massive stems. Footsteps muffled by a thick carpet of cast-off leaves the armored mount made slow headway, picking carefully a meandering route under and between cascading roots that could easily pass for bridges while some laced so tightly together that their shadowed underside served as an odd tunnel through the brush. Beneath one of these it now passed, the scent of earthen rot thick upon air made close and dank.
    Who rode it sat almost lounging across the biped’s spine, draped in ebon folds of cloth that drank in what light there was like wine, the effect here in the tunnel making a frame already hidden seem to vanish against organic contours. If not for the flash of silver adornment and polished armor plates both rider and mount could conceivably pass through an army camp unnoticed save for the hint of cinnamon that hung in their wake. Upon emergence from the tunnel’s far end the rider sat straight, movement bringing down the cowl it wore in a slither of liquid motion.
    Irises white amidst surrounding black turned slowly amongst the tree, set deep amidst ivory features carved seemingly from glass filled from within by white smoke. By some command unheard, unseen the mount came to a stop as with careful deliberation its rider attempted to discern where the oft-overgrown path continued. A snowy lock of hair decided then to slip its mooring from behind one ear to fall into the rider’s sight, gloved fingers rising to push it back into place. A moment longer, then two passed in unbroken silence until, with course plotted the rider’s mount was urged forward once more.
    • The rider’s entrance into the forest hadn’t gone unnoticed, several larger things were moving to hiding places, while smaller things scurried away, many of these things happening long before the rider and it’s mount were within eye shot of them. This forest was alert and smart. But one such creature, one of the most intelligent in the forest could not but help watch the rider as they progressed into a tunnel.
    • Swift movements above passed shadows threw the shafts of light, vanishing as quick as a wink. The sound of claw’s tearing into wood could be heard from above and a few spare clippings rained down upon the rider as they started on their way again. The scurrying sound ended their and if the rider followed it’s sound would notice high above, perched on a branch the silvery glow of vertical pupils illuminated from a pool of aqua cerulean. Most of this creature was still concealed but a tasseled plume hung over the edge of the tree leading from a large golden orb. This hair matched the color of the eyes. A low and feral growl of warning echoed.
    • “What business have you in Faevrellis” The feminine voice called out with a slight hiss behind it. She had been stationed within the outskirts for three days now by her uncle and it had been growing wearisome, but here she was and here this very interesting rider was. Who could fault her for her curiousity.

  3. A rain of wood particles, the sound of scrabbling members carried above did not go unmarked and indeed brought the rider’s gaze about to rest upon the figure half-hidden. A voice painted in feral tones combined with the altogether alien environs of this place made mythical by stories passed from mouth to ear might be enough to put another on edge but the rider was unmoved. Despite this the answer given was forthright, any thought of deception far from its mind.
    “A search,” came a voice, low and soft. “For something lost in these lands.”
    The pronoun game perhaps would be enough to stave further detail, what tales had been gleamed told in hushed whispers. Such hesitancy on the part of those who had never been beneath the trees was enough to warrant caution when speaking to those who spent there lives here, the rider would best be served in avoiding any potential taboos. From beneath the voluminous folds that shrouded it was produced a small slip of vellum, carefully unrolled from the protective tube in which it was stored. Holding this up and trusting in the keenness of the stalker’s eyes the rider waited for her response to a sigil burned upon the leaf.
  4. (Would more than one character be allowed?)
    Name: Scarlet Rosary
    Job/Occupation: Hunter, Ex-Assassin
    Background: Survivor of a caravan sent to scout the forest.

    Scarlet let the arrow fly, and it stayed true to its path, as it thudded into a water fowl, which gave one more quack before it fell down to the ground, dead. Rushing to it, she plucked the arrow out of it, before a snarl came from the bushes. Drawing her knife, Scarlet dropped to one knee as a wolf pounced at her. Rolling to her back, she stabbed the wolf in the throat, the sharp blade easily cutting to the bone. Rolling with the dying wolf, the two landed in shallow water, mud going all over the hunter and prey. She stabbed it in head, ending its pain. Panting, she stood back seeing her handy work, eager to skin the wolf and make a new bag. She fell back onto the land, as the wolf was dragged into deeper water, a strange scaled creature pulling it. Sighing, she felt a stinging on her arm, and noticed the claw marks. During the adrenaline rush, she failed to notice the wolf's claw scratch her. Sighing once more, she approached the water fowl and picked it up and headed back to her camp, which was up above the water, ontop of a massive root/
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