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    Welcome to the Western Forests of Faevrellis, with size comparisons unmatched the trees within this forest give skyscrapers a run for their money. A canopy that only allows for five actual hours of light to filter through, and while the trees and surrounding elements within seem calm and at peace, it's never wise to venture in alone. Creatures and Plant-life alike can spring out to try and kill you, not to mention the random sparks of light that are so pretty, are actually spontaneous combustions from the Fire ley Line below the forest's earth. Sometimes these flares can cause vast forest fires. But most feared of all are the creatures that call this forest their home, Kabits. Large cat like ears, rabbit like legs and retractable claws paired with a cheshire cat's magic qualities paired with their hippie-esk nature they will kill any whom bring harm to their forests, secretive and mischief you my fellow wander have been warned, enter upon your own risk.


    Alrighty rules are simple
    It's a jump in no Profile Required, if you wish to place one however do so here.
    ORIGINAL CHARACTERS ONLY I can't stand Canons or Celebs running around an rp.
    No post length set though try to keep up and also don't give us walls, we're here for fun now not a week from now.
    Oneliners will however be ignored

    Settings / Genre are very flexible even though we're in a big ass forest. Medieval fantasy as well as Sci Fi elements are allowed however for every step up the Tech takes, the Magic level will also raise. So if you come in with a bunch of weaponry, and try to go nuclear we can always zap your ass into an alternate reality pocket with which you cannot escape. ^.^ Magic is so much fun ^.^.

    We're here for fun so lets have some, any problems arise get over them! ENJOY!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.