(Western Fantasy) Bulhit Town [OOC]

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  1. (Uh, I sorta need to tell what that letter says...)
  2. (Nah, you're good XD I'm going to wait to see what chrono does first. I have to sleep. Got a test at, like 7:45 am tomorrow xp I hate algebra... and geometry. Freaking triangles.)
  3. (Brad stops at one, but why did you have to actually kill one of the characters @Cheselth ? I'm sorry, but that just makes me really mad for some reason... Don't take any offence, but I'd find it extremely upsetting if my character died because of someone else.)
  4. -and you can bloody well shut your mouth. Going off on Cheselth like that for no bloody reason what so ever is decidedly uncool. Think before speaking.

    Also, anything further should be in the OOC
  5. ((Sorry, busy. Will post as soon as possible))
  6. ((I have comprised a small poem for all of the characters!
    Lilith is illest when she is in rain,
    Sahra is shot, and dying in pain,
    Jack, is whack, with that red glowing eye,
    But Bones is pissed, and no one knows why.
    Theo is real and he's stuck with Laegon,
    and Brad is the same, but John was just gone,
    Jake is a fake criminal with his wee rock,
    and Skull is known because he eats rock.

    That's all I've got so far. :P))
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  7. ((Sorry, but theres not really all that much happening for lilith or jack to respond to. Also this is my last OOC post in this thread, ant further ooc will be in the ooc thread.))
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