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  2. [OOC: Which by default means that the general store, barber Shop, church and other establishments must be doing poorly, that there are no prospectors, stage coaches, trappers, ranchers or farmers coming to town. -and that doesn't even account for drifters and transients. Which begs the question... why is there a town?

    At the very least there should be the piano player, the girls and the stable hands and if business were that bad they'd be in the common room instead of doing their chores.]
  3. [OOC: If you read through the beginning, you'd realize it's the time of year that the bar has no customers.]
  4. [OOC: I'll admit I see that but I don't understand it. It's like Lou's mysterious ability to see through walls. I'm curious as to what time of year this is. When it's not busy, people have nothing to do but come to the tavern. When it is busy they need to drop by the general store and pick up fresh seed, tools for prospecting and the like...

    A western town is a hub for commerce and civilization. It's like saying this is the time of year nobody goes to your local mall. The mall is always filled with people. It just becomes more busy at specific times.
  5. [ OOC: dude, if you don't like it don't join in? There is no pointing joining minds with others to create a story if you're going to just pick holes in everything everyone puts, no Lou cannot see through walls but beleive it or not she's able to look through doorways. if you have a problem with what we are putting why don't you PM is rather than putting a stop to the rp for everyone? :/ I don't mean to sound in anyway offencive what so ever but everyone else seemed to get the general idea of what is happening and everyone else joined in without being rude]
  6. [Its a crime-ridden town. Pretty much all things around here aren't right. Just go with it. (=^ェ^=) jump ins aren't made to be perfect, and confusions can be fixed as it goes. They are made to be simple and quick, unless marked so. I've always seen the bar as mostly empty, as a continuous thing for me]
  7. [OOC: I agree. And I would assume it is winter or maybe even fall. Correct me if I'm wrong, but bars aren't usually too awfully busy in winter.]
  8. [So it is settled then... The bar is almost completely empty except for the people Role Playing, the people in the back room, and that's it. There is also not a sheriff yet, so please stop mentioning him... It's getting annoying. Until someone joins as the Sheriff, he/she has not arrived yet. Now, can we happily (sort of) resume the RP? I can post next if needed.]
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    Don't delete this @redblood , this is important to the people in the RP and there is not an OOC section for me to put this info in.
  11. (OOC: You know what else isn't necessary? Stating something that everyone knows and being rude about it. Colors are to make it interesting. Quit being such a jerk. >:/)
  12. OOC: I'm not being a jerk. You're inferring erroneously. I'm saying that you don't need to apologize for being on a phone or tablet and being unable to effect the usage of colour.
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  15. (No no XD I was just considering it, but my character will be too uncared to be the sheriff. For the moment he's just a rogue that just came into the town. Maybe later he may be an option for the title.)
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