Westbay Boarding School.

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    ~Let's get started~

    Kishi and Sabah walked into the old rustic building of Westbay Boarding School was a large octogon with many windows, however, it wasn't the largest building on campus. The entrance ceremony was going to start soon. They found themselves a seat in the back looking over all the other students gathered. Sabah cringles his nose and runs his fingers through his bright blonde hair as he sees all the people entering the room looking over at Kishi he frowns. "Really? This is to many people in one room for my liking." He states his voice sounded deep but it had a soft tone to it. Kishi just shurged her shoulders and smiled at him.
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  2. Key was dragging no for real dragging Grimm into the ceremony room with a big smile on her face. "Lets go young Lady" Key said forgeting who she talking to. Grimm looked at her and said slowly "Ok." Key let go of her "Yeah thats the spirt." which then Grimm fell to the ground compleatly. Before Key knew it Grimm ready at the stage looking for the prufrice place to die. She already had the rope out. Key runs up to her, jumped her and then went back to dragging her. and the shocking thing was that no one cared they know her so well that they dont baother. "But you wanted me to go" she said as Key sat her next to a kid with blonde hair. "No i didnt" Key said to her then looked at the other kids smiling apolaget to tham"sorry She just wouldnt stop trying to die" then facing Grimm "Dont you try anything Fun now"
  3. Sabah looked at the girl now sitting next to him. Kishi looked over at the new girls. "Hello. I'm Kishi, that's Sabah. It's alright." Kishi said friendly to the girls. "Are you new here as well?" Sabah watches them talk as he slips so head phones on his head turning on his Ipod to Suit and Tie by Justin Timberlake. Kishi shakes her head at her brother. "I'm sorry about him. He's not to friendly or happy in large crowds." She smiles at them and looks over at the crowds still filtering in.
  4. Key smiled "Its alright I have the same peroblam right here" she pounts to Grimm with a smile. as they taked Grimm looks at the guy back then flips over so her lags in the air and her haed is hanging off the chair sit. But she looked at him gaving the drity eye. then said out loud randomly "I like him" she smiled for the first time. Which shocked Key out of her set.
  5. Kishi laughs softly. "Oh. That's great!" She shakes Sabah making him take off his head phones. "What?" He says angry but voice still soft. Kishi smiles and points at the flipped over girl. Sabah glances at her taking her in. "Hi." He says with a raised eyebrow not knowing what she had to do with his sisters annoying him.
  6. Key faceplams herself and says to Griim "sit upright and what he hell you dont just tell people you like tham at first site Idoit" she pushed Grim who was still upside down. "but its fun all the blood rush to your head and then pop you head gose off." She pertand not to hear the other comeant abut her not saying to tell people she like tham but then she could but that wont shut jer up. "Im goingo shut you up now" she then takes her ear buds and putham on and starts to play the song 'wonderland' - natlie killes
  7. Sabah blinks at the girls bickering and the corners turn up a bit. He looks at Kishi. "Did she say she liked me?" he asks not shocked but just surprised by the girl. He actually thought she was cute, but he wouldn't admit it. Kishi nods at him. "Yeah. Just right off the bat like that." Sabah nods and looks at the girl again. Clearing his throat, "I'm Sabah. What's your name?" He looks at the black haired girl still upside down.
  8. she cant hear you she shuting me up again she does this all the time when I take to much" she shakes her haed and sighs "her name is Grimm Im Key" she smiled at him.Grimm huffed and turned her misce louder. "Real Wonderland you leason to that somany times its geting sick" Grimm looksat her and pulls out her phone and texts 'u talk to much' "Do not do i tLk to much" Grimm looks at tham she cant hear tham but can read there lipes
  9. Sabah stares at them slightly shocked but his face doesn't show it. He puts his headphones back on and listens to 'Howl's Moving Castle' by Joe Hisaishi. His fingers move like he's playing a piano. Kishi sighs and smiles at Key. "Well I hope we can be friends Key." Kishi says happily while Sabah's fingers still play the imaginary piano.
  10. "Realy? I mean I would love to be friends" Key smiled back. Igoring Grimms staering at her. But soon afterGrimm notice his fingers and said "howls moving castle marry go round amazing can you play it on the piano" she tock out herear buds and sat up right. "I love that song i can even play it" «tree fact» she smiled
  11. Kishi taps on Sabah shoulder and points to Grimm. Sabah removes his headphones and looks at Grimm. "Yes?" He asks not have heard her. Kishi smiles at Key. "That's great!" Sabah blinks at the girl head cocked to the side a bit in a wondering way.
  12. "I said Amazing you know marry go round from howls moving castle" Grimm said "what other songs you got?" 'Omg my fist real friend beside this wierdo' key said so exsidely in her head but not showing it "Amazing I say" Grimm mumbuls. Grimm looked at Key weirdly then back at the guy. "your name is Saba? Did i say it right?"
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  13. Sabah nods, "Yeah. You said it right. I only have that song by him. But I have other songs." Kishi stares at him surprised at how much he's talking to this girl. Sabah hands her is Ipod. "Be careful." Kishi get's up and goes to sit next to Key so they could talk. "Wow. I'm shocked at how much he's talking to her." She tells Key watching the two.
  14. Im shocked she even talking and smiling first time a few mins ago" Key sighs "Im worried for her sometimes she just so dark at times like a few mens ago did you see hat she tried to do to herself Im a little worried ok lie a lot worried" Key said looking at Grimm who was not pay ny atacon to tham. she takes it and wanted to play a little joke on him. so once she was finshed looking at all his songs. She started fumbles a little then makes it look lke she droped it which she didnt. then hands it back
  15. Sabah eyes goes wide when she starts to fumble with it but once she hands it back he grabs it and lets out a breath he didn't know he was holding. "So what do you think?" He asks playing with the light of his Ipod. Kishi smiles, "That's good. Sabah doesn't talk this much unless it's me." She smiles.
  16. think of what?" she asked her hesd tiled a little confused of what he asked. she thinks 'What am I doning...... he cute from is angle....... Shut up Grimm' Key smiles back and sighs "What a life dont you say you have a twin i can tell you two are twines whats next you guys got powers too" she cover her moth and pertand she didnt say that last part "Ya they do" Grimm said out loud she saw tham us it a before they real did.
  17. Sabah stared at her. "Yeah, we have powers and we are twins. Why else would we be here?" Sabah asks. "And what do you think of my music?" Kishi looks at her, "Yeah, I control shadows and he controls light."
  18. "i like tham and i know Saba can control light and Kishi can controls shadows. I can see ahade of time" she aaid with asmile "thats why i want to die i always know someones goingo stop me" she coverd her mouth. 'Shit' "Why did you not tell me there powers how long have you know" she igord the last coment. "the first time i sat down thats how long nowi want fish" s said makeing '-.-' this face
  19. Sabah nods. "That's cool." He turns on his Ipods light and pulls it into his hand turning the light into light animals that run around his hand. "I can only make non-solid things at the moment. I hope to make them solid one day." Kishi pulls the shadow from under her seat making little animals as well.
  20. "here it comes" Grimm mutterd under her breath. which then Key smiled and chough which made the wind blow hard.in Grimms face meessiing up her chothing a linemeant not like she hade one and hair. but that was another Fuater but everyone say. her outfit was still back as it was and her hair was fine. "Ow" she holds her stomic. "You cansled a feuter what do you think was going to happen"