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  1. Hello. Welcome to Westbay boarding school for those who wish to be the best. Anyone can come. And you can be anything, whether that is a human, superhuman, or something supernatural. Westbay Boarding school is set on the outskirts of Westbay, Maine. The school itself is an old castle siting on the edge of a lake. Having almost everything everyone would want it is an ideal place for everyone.

    The signup form:

    Extra bits:

    A few Rules:
    -Keep Cursing to reasonable amount
    -No Godmoding
    -Don't be rude, respect each other
    -Come on at least twice a week. If you can't just tell us here.
    Thanks :)

    About the school:
    Main building: holds all classes and the staff offices. its three stories tall and has a lot of windows. It's the second biggest building on the school ground. Its shaped like a octagon. It also holds the cafeteria.
    Dorms: As it sates this is where the students stay. It is the biggest, it has four floors. The first being the lobby and other fun rooms such as an arcade, computer lab, and two theatre one for plays and one for movies.
    Gym: The gym holds basketball courts, a pool, weight room, dance rooms, and anything else you can think of.
    The grounds: Is multiple cobblestone paths leading to each buildings as well as parks and a small forest. Wild animals can be seen on the ground at any given moment, from small things like frogs and rabbits to large ones like deer and elk. No predators are living on the grounds
    This is a freeform RP so we will let it take us where it wants to go. PM me if you want to be a teacher or other staff member.

    Roleplay Thread

    Sorry it took so long guys :3
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  2. Name: Cornelia Blair
    Age: 17
    Race/Power: Mermaid
    Out of Water:
    Show Spoiler

    In Water:
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Very optimistic and fun, but does get angry. On some days she has a short fuse, and on others it'd take forever to bother her. If she's ever angry or needs some space for a while she'll normally go to the lake.
    Hobbies: Playing her Harp, Singing, Swimming, and Writing.
    Extra bits: She wishes she had wings.
  3. name key

    age: 16 turning 17

    agerave/powers she could use the wind and the eather and trnsform for short prodids of time in to trees (she turly say a tree for longer time then an animle)or animle mostly a jager

    apperearance: her hair is green with pink it her es are windly blue but her eyes look like they are the wind. her skin is pale as snow or a ghost she mostly wares hoddies and jeans a skint whit black strips and pink or purple strips as well

    personality she shy at firsts but soon after she not so shy and starts to fools around with who ever she gets us to it at times. shes silly at time and other times acts like a ghost

    exrta bit Key is not her real name but she likes that name oh she has a tattoos on her hole body but her face. [​IMG] <------ this is what it looks like just not on her hands and face or feet
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  4. Name: Sparrow
    Age: 19
    Race/Power: Witch/Necromancy

    Personality: Sparrow prefers to keep to herself,but can be social at times. Sparrow has a grim outlook on life, looking forward to the after-life then actually living life, Sparrow is Sarcastic most of the time when spoken to unless asked about about Necromancy.

    Hobbies: Reading old History books, Practising Necromancy on dead animals she finds, Cleaning her syth despite the fact she never uses it.

    Extra bits: Sparrow is always followed by her black cat Dante, He was her first successful "Reincarnation".

  5. [MENTION=4746]~PIXE~[/MENTION] Accepted.

    Name: Kishi & Sabah
    Age: 17
    Race/Power: Kishi: Controls Shadows Sabah: Controls Light
    Appearance: look at pictures
    Personality: Kishi: Is friendly and caring. She loves the company of others. Sabah: Is cold and not friendly. He dislikes interaction with people if it can be helped.
    Hobbies: Kishi: Singing and listening music. Sabah: Likes to draw and listening to music.
    Extra bits: They are twins.

    Kishi's Picture (open)

    Sabah's Picture (open)
  6. is it ok to make a 2ed chara
  7. thanks and ahhh when do you think this rp will start?
  8. name Grimm
    age 17
    personlaitly .......... im thinking (very big pease) im thinking «-----------she slow glomly and just hopes everything would die mostly herself and enything you say she would find away to make it sound like she would die (Exp "hey man lets go" in her haed lets go » dont desrave to live» must die "ok i understand" note to self make sure someone stops her)
    Apper: [​IMG]
    power: she the haed of time. see ten sec ahade wich does nothing to her health canle whats to come she gets the feeling the person was aspost to feel but does not die
    exta bit: she slowly at talking but fast at runing and when she says lets go she means lets die
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  9. Is this ever going to start up?
  10. Name: Riley Korvan
    Age: 16
    Race/Power: Vampire/Werewolf Hybdrid
    Appearance: Human form:[​IMG]
    Hybrid form:[​IMG]
    Personality: Can be quite the ladies man at times, because of his looks, how sweet he is, and because of his musical talents, but he has a short temper, and won't hesitate to kill.
    Hobbies: Plays guitar and piano and sings with a smooth voice. Plays football, and loves hunting in human form and in hybrid form.
    Extra bits: (None Really)
  11. Are we starting now? Please say yes TT^TT
  12. Im going to go Runs around my house looking like a wirdo now XD *dose just that*
  13. XD i did it i posted im going to cry now as well finly we start "let the games began"- hunger games i think lolz XD