West hills high: Please don't learn my secrets

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  1. Best friends since diapers? Emily couldn't stand to be away from him, he was the bad boy and she was the "good girl" although, she loved him, he was her absolute best friend. Emily's parents recently just abandoned her so she has been trying to pay the bills in her little one room apartment she had to get. She has never been so close to him. She did love him and she was in love with him, really, madly, in love with him, however, there were a few problems in her way, he was her BEST FRIEND she felt weird even knowing she felt that way about him was she crazy? He would NEVER feel the same for her, he was gorgeous and while there were guys pining after her, she never felt like she was really in his league. Last but not least, she had a boyfriend, Jace, they had been dating for a year, and the two guys absolutely hated each other, had ever since they met four years ago. So how will this all unravel when they can't keep it in any longer and what is gonna happen when Emily's best friend learns her big secret? she's been being abused for months and didn't tell him. Little does Emily know her best friend has been keeping a secret from her too, he is uncontrollably in love with her