Weselton High School

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  1. Alice walked through the doors of her new school, her mother moved here from Avondale after all the years of abuse from her father. They came to Weselton in hopes of making a fresh start. She looked at the map and found the cafeteria and got herself some breakfast. She looked all over for a table on one table a bunch of girls chatting about shoes. Alice asked if she could sit with them and one of the girls said: "Not if you look like you got booted out of World War II." A white haired girl said after a bunch of other girls giggled. She walked off as she endured a comment from a boy with black hair with red streaks said "Where did you get that outfit, Grandmas R Us?". She ignored him and finally found a boy to sit with her. He introduced himself as Sam Harrison. "Oh, I'm Alice Ridley." Alice said. They both chatted about where they came from and their families and stuff like that. The bell for homeroom rang. "Oh, I have to get to homeroom." She said. Sam asked who she had and she replied, "Mrs. Pearson." "I have her too, maybe I can walk you to homeroom?" Asked Sam. Alice said yes since she was new and as her and Sam walk to homeroom, she knew that this could be a relationship blooming.
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    Name: nivek

    nivek has an out going, headstrong, loyal, never backs down, slower to catch on than most.
    Hobbies: runing, getting in and out of trouble, just being unlucky personallity. he always saids "just my luck" when he finds himself in a wierd situation that ussually is caused by his own actions by having an unnatural amount of bad luck.

    nivek was yet again being escorted to a new school because of reckless behavor. new schol new friends lnew life he thought to himself as he had security dragging him through the school "just my luck" he sighed "oh guess it was time for a change anyways" he said as he was let loose at the front door.
  3. Alice stepped into Mrs. Pearson's class room, where she found her seat. Across from her, a redhead girl said, "I don't think I ever saw you before, you must be the new girl." Alice gladly introduced herself to the redhead. "Oh, I'm Samantha Andersen." Samantha said, glad to met the new girl, who was part of the student council. The bell rang for her first class which was Computer Concepts. "Oh, you'll met Tom Farnsworth in that class, pretty handy, and a total smartie." Alice nodded realizing Samantha's first class was French and she could talk later. Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 11.57.21 AM.png
  4. nivek wondered the halls not knowing where to go or where hes even supposed to go then just says whatever and goes into a random class room hoping where thats where he is supposed to be and he found hmself in the gym that was empty so nivek shrugged and went to the bleachers and laided on them wondering where he was supposed to be.
  5. Samantha walked down the halls nervously, until she ran into her friend, Brianna Capulet. "What's up, Sammy?" asked Brianna. "Oh, nothing much, except your brother, Anthony texted me again last night." Replied Samantha. "I keep telling you that he totally is into you." Reminded Brianna. Samantha giggled and walked off to French class, but she later ran into Anthony. "I was just going to ask you out to prom." Said Antony. "Well I was going to ask out Sam Harrison." Said Samantha, but Anthony reminded how her and Sam had broken up last week, And how he is her boyfriend. "I have to get to French, so, bye." Anthony waved off to Samantha and though of other girls to ask out.
  6. nivek looking lost just shakes his head once more "just my luck new school and no directions" nivek sighed and thought bout what to do next then had an idea of just kicking doors open untill he found the right one. nivek pondered on this idea then said "why not" and he started to walk twords the class room looking slightly lost, but he had the intent to kick the first door and then the next and so on untill he found the right class room so he walked twords the first door he seen and tried to walk through a crowd to get to it.
  7. Alice walked into the classroom nervously, hoping to make a friend or two. She sat across of the blonde boy and said, "You're Tom Farnsworth, right?" She asked. He looked at Alice and replied "Yup, hey, if you need anything just ask, I almost always get perfects in this class." Alice, trying not to be rude, introduced herself. "Oh, your the new girl that transferred from Avondale?" Tom said. She told him the whole story of why she transferred. "Oh, wow, that's terrible, maybe you should talk to our Guidance Counselor, Miss Tamers about it." "I got Counseling over the summer." Alice replied. "Oh, ok, but if anything else happens, let me or somebody know, Ok?" Alice nodded, as she received her homework. "You think I can handle this?" Alice asked as she looked at Tom. "Um, sure." Said Tom. Suddenly a voice erupted behind them saying "Tom and the new girl sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g." Tom replied "Don't mind him, that's Danny Elliot, he does stuff like that." Alice laughed it off and began to work on her assignment.
  8. nivek got to the class room and kicked the door opened.
  9. Zack break Nivek's legs because he doesn't have manners
  10. nivek just twirld around zach when zach reach for his legs and nivek contiued in the class room
  11. Samantha was in her French class with the same white haired girl from earlier. "Hey, who's that girl that I saw in the cafeteria this morning?" She asked. "Oh, that's Alice Rachelson." She said. Samantha paid no attention to her as she wrote down her notes. The bell rang and the white haired girl told Samantha to not be friends with her. She just let it go and walked off to her next class.
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