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  1. This is about a village in a mountainous country. The god Hircine, from Skyrim, 'blessed' this village to become his werewolves. These werewolves are massive, humanoid creatures that live to feed their blood lust Now everyone in the village runs rampant throughout other villages, cities, and camps to hunt or while being hunted. (No limits to how many times a person may turn into a werewolf) Werewolves mainly avoid each other with the exception of major hunts or mates. One day, a group of hunters emerges with a sick hobby of killing werewolves. They murder them in cruel ways to amuse themselves and leave their bodies on display for all. A group a werewolves loosely form for vengeance, for fun, or because of fear. Hircine, being unusually generous, granted them a natural cave to use as a sanctuary. He may or may not help a fellow werewolf. He only enjoys the feeling of the hunt.


    Human Form:


    Werewolf form: (Usually Black)


    Family: (Optional)

    True Born or Turned: (Born a werewolf or turned into one by drinking the blood of another werewolf)
  2. Alpha Werewolf

    Human Form: An old, white haired man. He has a white, closed trimmed beard and lives inside the sanctuary. He always wears a white robe.

    Personality: Calm, seems to be in control of his other self. He was chosen by Hircine to lead the hunt. He lends knowledge and wisdom to the young ones of his following.

    Werewolf form: He is the only silver-haired werewolf of his kind. This is another 'gift' from Hircine. His wolf form appears much stronger than his older, human one.

    Age: 62

    Family: Unknown

    He is a True Born
  3. It's not strict or anything. That was just a random thought. We can just wreck a bunch of stuff, too.
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  7. Bio: She doesn't give away any personal information, including her name. She needs to get to know someone to trust them.

    Human Form: A small raven haired woman with bright blue eyes. She wears a black robe of fine silk with the warmest wool inside. She won't reveal where she got it. She usually wears a short pair of leggings and a black tunic, choosing to go barefoot.

    Personality: Quiet and submissive. Easy to give orders to and a great listener. She doesn't speak much unless spoken to and tends to be a very caring young woman. Her transformations scare her and she always becomes withdrawn right after. If you listen she tends to cry late at night when she thinks everyone is asleep.

    Werewolf form: She is a common place black werewolf, but has white on her paws. Her eyes stay the same bright blue as in her human form.

    Age: 20

    Family: All dead

    She was turned into a werewolf against her will.
  8. Sweet bio. Very nice, I don't usually see that kind of bio unless I made it.
  9. Thank you I put quite a bit of thought into it.
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  11. Falc

    Bio: Born in the woods and raised by as a hunter by his father, his mother dieing during child birth. His child hood was spent learning how to hunt, lay traps, archery, and wilderness survival skills. His father was never cruel but was very stern and taught with tough love. Growing up he went into the nearest town often to sell furs and meat that him and his father would get out in the woods. He was well known around the small settlement as him and his father made the two day journey then stayed for a week, before heading into back to the woods, about once a month. Life was good for him. Soon his father grew Ill and could no longer make the hunts, or the trips into town. As time went on he came back from a hunt to find his father dead. Left alone he kept going with his trade not really knowing anything else. For years he carried on, his skill as a hunter growing as soon he was becoming renowned for his ability to hunt, which caught the eye of more then just people. One day as he rested in his cabin a knock came to the door. odd seeing how most people just waited for his monthly trip into towns if they wanted to hire him, also this was the first time in his life that he had ever even had a visitor.

    The Visitor offered him not a job, but a gift, to become the ultimate hunter. He was explained everything that would happen and he agreed. Being changed into a werewolf. He joined them and soon worked for them acting as a sort of scout, going up a head and going into towns as he is very personable and knows how to deal with shop owners.

    Human Form: A tall young man with dirty blond hair, green eyes, and an almost child like smile.

    Personality: Very humble, he rarely talks about him self, but is always quick to join in a conversation and go into a tavern getting all the rumors he can, while getting a little drink in him as well.

    Werewolf form: Large wolf, With fur as dark as night and golden eyes.

    Age: 25
    Family: Deceased

    True Born or Turned: Turned.
  12. oh and on a side note, do they keep any where wolf ablities while in human form, like are the stronger and faster with heightened senses.
  13. Heightened senses, yes. Like a tad bit faster reaction time or something like that, but the abilities are much better developed in wolf form.
  14. word. Just wondering ^.^
  15. Quick question, how does one take a snap shot of a particular scene in a video they are watching? I am watchng anime and suddenly found two characters from another anime in the background. T'was an epic moment.
  16. simplest way would be to pause and print screen. To take an in windows picture you need a video editing program.
  17. Thank you. Hehehe. Now that I'm looking for them, I see a lot more anime characters from different animes in this. They had a statue and battle that was based off of inuyasha. And characters from M.A.R.