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This is a werewolf place. you can be a hybrid, but you have to be related to one. Happy hunting! Make a character description if you like, but it's not required. People, if you look at this and want to join just jump in.
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My RP character's name is Willow. She is 16 years old and is extremely shy. She is a werewolf and is not afraid to defend herself. She is very small for her age. Do not mess with her. Her size makes her extremely fast and sneaky. Her wolf form is black with blue flashes. She can disappear at a moments notice and will probably be that way unless she is comfortable around you. She heals almost immediately, so she basically cannot be killed. My pic is her human form. Don't ask about family. She can control the weather, but doesn't know that she can. By the way, she might be an Alpha werewolf...

(Random stuff may be added to Willow's character as the RP goes on. Random epic stuff.)
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Now to start this RP.

Willow was wandering around the wood near the mountain that she lived upon. It was very snowy. She was becoming very cold, and she knew that she had to find shelter soon because if she was even cold in her wolf form, then it was extremely cold. She came upon a cave that looked abandoned, so she went inside. She curled up and went to sleep.
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(Not sure if you want me to make a character description.)

Xavier tensed when he heard the paws of a wolf entering his territory. He stayed hidden in the shadows and watched the small wolf falling asleep. She was small and by sniffing the air quietly, he could tell that she was a werewolf like himself. He shifted to his own wolf form, a colour of fur that was the colour of the night, walking slowly over to the unknown intruder. Xavier growled slightly, pushing the wolf with his paw.
Willow woke up and noticed another wolf. She became invisible, but stayed where she was.

(You can make a character description if you want to.)
Xavier's eyes widened. He had only heard of werewolves that could do that. He nodded his head respectively, looking around as he wondered where she had disappeared to. He bit his lip, his human voice coming out. "You may sleep in my cave, but please let me know why you are here." He said, huskily.
Willow whispered, "I did not know that this was your cave, but the storm is extremely bad out there, and I had to find shelter."
It was only now that he noticed the extreme weather outside and he nodded, understanding. He smiled, sitting down with his paws in front. "Show yourself."
"Why?" she asked, but became visible anyway.
Xavier smiled as she saw the small wolf reappear. "Well, I'd like to see the wolf I'd be spending my night with." He laughed a little as he leant his head down to that cold floor. "What's your name?"
"My name is Willow." she whispered, curling up tighter.
Xavier smiled at the younger wolf. "I'm Xavier, nice to meet you."
Rayne ran through the snowy woods, her pure white fur making it so she was nearly invisible. The storm was getting worse the further she ran. She needed to get inside, somewhere safe. Rayne was what some, who were like her, might call a mutt. She had no pack, or anywhere to really call home. Her icy blue eyes pierced the night, and she found a small hole in the mountain. "Finally" she said softly to herself. She made her way to the cave, as she ran a bolt of lightning came down and struck a tree, making part of it crash much too close to her. She yelped loudly, then bolted into the cave. Breathing heavily, she stood at the entrance staring at the two who already occupied the cave.
Willow immediately disappeared when the other wolf dashed in. She really doesn't like being surprised.
Khan trudged through the muddy wilderness. The rain and wind made it hard to track the elusive creatures he hunted. His crossbow in his hands was a threatening sight when the lightning struck and illuminated the terrain. Despite his eyepatch he could see just fine in the dark. He could see a wolf standing at the entrance of a cave. He smiled and chuckled as he moved in its direction. Luckily this storm was masking his scent.
Rayne watched in surprise as the smaller of the two disappeared in front of her eyes. She had never seen that before. Rayne had her own special powers, though they mostly made her an incredible tracker since she never really learned to use them correctly. Her ears flattened to her head, but she didn't growl or snarl at the others, instead she bowed her head in a way that showed she was not aggressive or looking for trouble. As she lowered her head, a very slight sent filled her nose, and she perked up her ears, listening toward the cave entrance. She sniffed, trying to catch the sent again but with the ongoing storm and the new wolves in front or her, she couldn't.
Willow noted that the new wolf was not trying to be aggressive, but she stayed hidden. She still doesn't automatically trust people. Willow also noted that this new wolf seemed to have smelled or heard something. She decided to be wary.
Khan crept up behind the wolf at the entrance. He was still several yards back but could still see two others inside the cave. He smiled and shouldered his crossbow, aiming at the back of the head of the white one. "Like fish in a barrel." He pulled the trigger and let the arrow fly.
Willow saw the arrow before it hit it's mark. She jumped up still invisible and snatched it out of the air. She broke the arrow. "Xavier, there is a werewolf hunter somewhere."
Khan quickly reloaded and fired a second arrow. This one was modified. It split down the middle mid-flight and became two arrows. Khan fired three more, so now there were 8 arrows flying the wolf.
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