Werewolves, Vampires, and Clockwork - King and Lionheart (MxF)

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    Coracinus Castle - Year 1743, April
    This is the last vestige of the Leocaelum kingdom. A dilapidated city with bleak amounts of industry and food, and bleaker still future's in store. Built on a craggy outcropping years ago during some forgotten war, it has been a naval port since, hardly surviving on what gold comes in and out through the sea. This very construction is the only reason it still stands however, as the rest of the country suffers and sinks into the sea, afflicted by something yet unknown and eldritch in nature. This is the city from which a kingdom will be born, or where one of the oldest bloodlines in the world will trickle with a whimper into the sea.

    You are the only remaining Lionheart, a bodyguard sworn to the king in his majesty's own blood, worn stained upon the cloth bound to your arm for the length of your service, or until death. Pushed to the final vestige of the kingdom, there's no more room to run, and the only option to save the bloodline is to march upon the kingdom of Ensiscaelum. Once, and possibly still the rulers of Leocaelum had a claim to their lands, the two kingdoms originating from an ancient pair of brothers as the legend goes.

    Now however, this legend may be the only thing able to keep this desperate kingdom alive, and turn back the invading darkness.

    This RP will be taking place in a dark steampunk fantasy world I've used for several other RP's, and it'll eventually tie back into it as well for a major part in a group RP. I've had the idea for this RP in my head for a while, and the song "King and Lionheart" from Of Monsters and Men finally got me to get around to starting it up.

    Before you PM me, I have a few things I want you to read:
    1. No one-liners unless there is ABSOLUTELY no way around it, it'll be obvious when that's okay, but otherwise, just don't. These characters are eventually going to play a major part in a bigger roleplay, they need to be well fleshed out and played.
    2. This is going to be MxF, the F spot is open, but I dont care about your actual gender so long as the character is played well.
    3. OC's created for this only. I'm willing to help with how to work in how they became a Lionheart in PM.
    4. I will be giving further details on the world and what to think of in PM's, dont ask for those details here.
    5. This RP can be done with more than one person, so it'll stay open, but only one will become the 'canon' character as the Lionheart for the larger group RP later.
    6. This isn't nessecarily going to become a romance, but it could, it'll form however it develops. It's in the Libertine category because the group RP and this one will contain mature themes in excess.
  2. I am definitely interested!
  3. Any other takers?
  4. Definitely sounds intriguing.
  5. Any more?
  6. I would be interested! Shoot me a PM if the spot is still available :)
  7. I'm open to it shoot me a pm.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.