Werewolves. 'Nuff said.

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  1. Alright, I can't take it anymore. I wanna do something with some werewolves. I've roleplayed with werewolves in the plot and each time it turned out great for me, so why not try something here? I have a bunch of ideas for some plots, and was wondering if anyone was interested. I'm not sure if I want this to be a group rp or a oneXone because when I do groups they don't seem to turn out well. It always gets to complicated. Anyways, here's a list of my ideas, PM or reply if interested or can think of any ideas to add.

    1) Modern Day Werewolves
    This would take place in the present of course, possibly with some romance~ >w< There's two ways I can think of that this could go with. One: A newly turned werewolf has absolutely no idea what to do, and has no control over the beast that he is. He meets a good friend (Or Friends), but would he/she (Or they) still help him after (He/she) or they find out what he is? Would he hurt (Him/Her?) them? Two: During a move, a guy gets turned into a werewolf. Later on after his first transformation, a pack of werewolves seek him out, and reveal that they did this to him. They offer to let him join their pack, for they think no one would except him as he is now. Could he adjust to this life easily? What if he didn't?

    2) Medieval Times Werewolves
    I read a story a guy made based on this, and absolutely loved it. The ideas I would put in later would be highly based on it. Could also contain romance. For this type of werewolf plot I have two ways this could be carried out too. One: A werewolf has turned nomad because of the threats of suspicious people and bounties set on his head. No ones it's him yet, but someone could find out if he's not careful. Upon coming into a kingdom, he is spotted by someone. Was it a knight, bent on killing him as soon as possible? A simple peasant that would rat him out right away? Or maybe for the first time... Someone who isn't afraid. Someone who is a bit more understanding of him. Even if it was, the looming shadow of being hunted still hangs over him. Could he survive? Two: A well none citizen of a kingdom, such as a noble knight or a friendly peasant, is turned into a werewolf. He couldn't let anyone find out. What would they think? Would they kill him, seeing only the beast not the person he was? How long could he keep the secret...?

    And that's it. If I think of anything else I'll add it later. I can't come up with anything right now. XD Also, I'll check on the site at least once a day, but I can't guarantee a set time. I'm not slow to post, but things can come up. I was bored, and hope this catches someone's interested. ^w^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.