Werewolves and Their Wards

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  1. A loud scream was heard from inside the Redwolfs house. Ren Redwolf looked at his watch and sighed knowing the cause of the scream. He watched from his place at the kitchen island as his twenty year old daughter burst through the doors ten minutes later. Her light red hair was in a messy bun. She; herself looked devilish in a navy colored sweater, black tights, her right black boot on, and a backpack hanging off her shoulders.

    “Over slept love,” he asked already knowing the answer to his question. He had already prepared two lunch bags for both his daughter and he. And he had a plate of bagels on the table ready for her as she grabbed the bag with on and a beagle with another hand.

    “Bye dad, love you,”Ceder yelled not even bothering it answer his question. She hopped down the sidewalk with a beagle hanging out of her mouth while her hands where busy making sure her left boot was on. She stopped in front of her 1999 Dodge Neon and quickly fished her beagle. She pulled her keys out of the front pocket of her Blue backpack and quickly got in her car.

    Ceder put her keys in the ignition and turned. But nothing happened. Saying a string of curse words she tried the car again, nothing. Letting out a frustrated moan she shoved the keys in her backpack and got out of her car. She lend against the car and thought for a moment. She could take one of the cars her father own but they were all so expensive and she was a terrible driver. She could ask for a driver, but again it wasn’t something she wanted to do. Pulling out her iPhone she took a quick glance at the time and grinned. She took off down her drive away at a full sprint and headed to the bus stop.

    Ceder panted as she arrived at the bus stop. She looked around and saw no other people there yet. Grinning to herself she sat on the bench and looked at her phone. She was so excited for today. Today would be her first day without her babysitter, or that’s what she called him. She could finally do things without someone following her all the time. But the down side was that Ceder did love the man who used to watch over her. He was like a father to her and made sure she stayed out of trouble. If he was still around she would have been up early and could have already been on her way to her college class.

    Pulling up a game on her phone to play Ceder gave a small smile. She was finally going to get to live her life without someone there to stop her from making mistakes. “Life is good,” She said then pressed play and waited for the bus.
  2. Faolan Lovell had gotten up early. 3am early. He drove over to the marked house and got off his bike, tugging at his gloves as he walked over to his target's car. He slid a slim jim out of his sleeve and looked up and down the street. He knew exactly how suspicious he looked. He liked it. The 30-year-old easily popped the lock in the young woman's car and opened up the door, smirking to himself. Breaking into things was way too easy. He leaned down and popped the hood, then locked the door back and closed it. He stepped back to look at the car before walking over to open up the hood, shaking his head. Surly the old man had the money to get his daughter a nice car. He had honestly expected it to be a convertible or a mustang, but to walk up to her Dodge Neon was a surprise.

    Not like it mattered to him. He wasn't getting paid to analyze her choice in vehicle, or his boss's choice. Whoever paid for the car. Again, it didn't matter. What mattered was the battery terminal that he was disconnecting. He didn't know what sort of a driver she was and didn't want to risk losing her the first day. He quietly closed the hood of her car and looked up at the house. He wasn't really looking forward to this new assignment. He wasn't a babysitter. He was a brawler. But, that was what the old man needed him to do this time. And the pay was better, so he couldn't really complain too much.

    He stuck around until he heard the young woman wake up. Apparently the last guy took the sarcastic term 'babysitter' too literally and woke her up in the mornings and everything else. He had to wonder if the old man expected him to do the same. Fuck that shit. He was a body guard, not a babysitter. She'd have to learn to wake up all by herself.

    As soon as he knew she was awake, he hopped onto his bike and drove off. He passed it off to an old friend of his and waited at the next stop the bus would make. When the bus stopped there, he climbed on and glanced around. It was just him, her, and the bus driver, and he knew he looked a little out of place getting on the bus dressed as he was in such a nice part of town. His hair was longer than appropriate, dark black locks hanging in his vibrantly green eyes. A scar ran from the corner of his left eye down to the corner of his mouth. Under his leather motorcycle jacket (complete with a nice large patch on the back with a wolf howling at the moon and the words 'Lone Wolf' written in the scrolls) he was wearing a black shirt that was pulled tight across his muscled torso. A pair of oil-stained jeans were below all of that with the stereotypical chain connecting his wallet to his pants. And, of course, motorcycle boots. He glanced at her, eyes narrowed, before passing her to sit farther back on the bus. Easier to keep an eye on her that way. He ran his fingers through his hair to try and push it out of his eyes before he pulled out his own iphone and sent a text to her father, letting him know he was there, that he had her in his sights, and that someone should go re-connect the battery terminals of his daughter's car.
  3. Greeting the bus driver Ceder flashed him a smile and quickly found a seat close to the front. She put her backpack beside her as she plopped down on the seat while the bus began to drive again. Ceder scrolled through her contacts until her landed on fathers number. She quickly sent a text to him letting know her car was broken and he needed to fix it. He replied, ‘Your a big girl, you do it.’ Her eye twitched a little and quickly replied back, ‘I don’t know how.’ She starred at her phone for a while before it vibrated again she read the text message three times. ‘Fix my car or I’ll take a bat to yours. Please and thank you daddy,’ she typed furiously.

    How dare he suggest she sell Eddie? Sure he was old and didn’t really fit with her family’s image but Ceder loved Eddie. He had personality and spunk. He was also the only car to last long then a year with her driving. And with that the unbreakable bond between girl and car was forged.

    Flicking through her apps Ceder pulled up SnapChat. She took a picture of her on the bus and sent it to a few people on her contact list. Within seconds she had gotten three replies. The first was from Robin who asked what was with her hair. Ceder looked at her hair using her iPhone camera and laughed she looked like a mad women. Quickly she took her hair out of it holder and redid it. Then pulled up the next one, this one was from Rory asking her what happened to her car. Making a pouty face she took a picture and sent it to her friend explaining it was broken. The last one was from Ethel who asked about the guy in the picture.

    Ceder looked over her shoulder and noticed the man behind her she hadn’t even noticed him when he got on. She made brief eye contact with him before turning around back in her seat and slumping down. Whoever this man was he pulled off the whole ‘I could kill you with a noodle and snap you in two’ attitude off very well. she peeked back at him and decided to avoid him at all cost. Although she might have found him attractive if he did look like he liked to bite the heads off of puppies.

    The bus stopped at the main building of the campus. Ceder gave one last look at the man before getting off the bus. She speed walked to her Trigonometry class and picked a seat in the front. Students filed in and soon a girl sat beside Ceder. She was Ceder’s best friend since she could remember their mothers had meet in a yoga class. Ethel was everything Ceder wasn’t, she was blonde and Ceder was a ginger. She was supper small and Ceder was a average, she was the picture perfect cheerleader and Ceder screamed girl next door. The only thing the two had in common was that they both stood at 5’4.

    “So can I copy your Trig,” Ceder asked?

    Ethel raised her eyebrows,“I thought we were done with this once you got out of high school,”while handing over two pieces of paper.

    “We were but then I had to take college math. And I have yet to find someone who has the patients to explain it to me,” Ceder replied while copying.

    Ethel smiled at her friend, “And that is why you are a studying to be a zoo keeper. Because you can’t do math?”

    Staying quite Ceder copied the answer before giving her blonde friend back the papers. “Why are you worried about it. It’s not like the professors going to check the homework. Also for the last time it’s not a zoo keeper, it a Zoologist.” Before she could say anymore the professor walked in and started class.
  4. Oh, he was sorely tempted to make a face at her when she turned to look at him. He just gave her a look that said what? before looking back down at his own phone. He got a reply from her father that was none too pleasant and rolled his eyes. He didn't have much good to say about the man except that he paid well. He paid really well. And after Faolan's gang was annexed by Mr. Redwolf, well...Faolan needed the money. He cracked his neck when the bus stopped and got up, following her off the bus at a distance. He flipped a pair of sunglasses down over his eyes and watched which building she walked into.

    He waited about five minutes before he also walked into the building. He did a security sweep of the area before walking back outside. He found a tree a conspicuous distance away from the window and leaned against the trunk. He pulled out a nice, shiny cigarette case out of a pocket inside his leather jacket and pulled out a cigarette. A plain, boring bic lighter was next to come out of a pocket. He lit his cigarette and sighed the smoke out through his nose, tucking his cigarette case and lighter back into their respective pockets.

    Now, all he had to do was sit and wait. Fuck he hated babysitting. Just as he thought that thought, a rather attractive woman that smelled of wolf pheromones passed him. Ok. Maybe he didn't mind so much. At least, not on the college campus anyway. He reached up to play with the braided hemp necklace that hung around his neck with four wolf fangs tied into it. He sighed and dropped his hand, trying to focus on the window and the girl he could see through it. He knew her schedule and her typical hang-out spots, and he was going to keep his distance. He didn't need some rich brat making him her errand boy threatening him with 'wait till I tell daddy' all day and all night. Hell no.

    A short, curvy woman walked up to him, glaring. "I saw you looking at her! For all you know, she's your damned daughter! The hell you lookin' at her for?!"

    Faolan sighed. "Ulfa, she's got to be at least 17. I woulda been 13. You know right where I was when I was 13."

    "I don't care." She glared at the girl's back as she walked off. "This is your new job now? Your new assignment?"

    "No, that is." He said, pointing towards the window."

    She snorted and folded her arms, looking through the window. Her eyes widened and she suddenly switched to speaking a different language. {Oh shit. That's the boss's daughter, isn't it, Ace?}

    He nodded. {Yeah, it is. And I'm not happy babysitting, so don't think I'm happy to be out here-}

    {Surrounded by young, attractive women...}

    {Knock it off, would you? Aren't you supposed to be with the pups anyway?}

    {Left 'em with their uncle Syl.}

    {YOU LEFT THEM WITH SYLVESTER?!} He barked, pushing himself up off the tree.

    {There's nothing wrong with Sylvester!}

    {Get back home, damn it!} He said, taking a step towards her.

    {Alright, alright! Shit! Actin' like you own the damn world...}

    {I'm still your alpha, Ulfa.}

    The woman huffed and started walking, flipping him off as she left.

    Faolan sighed and leaned back against the tree, looking at his cigarette that had gone out. He sighed and relit it, looking back up at the window.
  5. Ceder looked out the window to see a familiar face. She squinted her eyes and noticed it was the same man from the bus. A small little voice in her head said something was up, but Ceder choose to ignore that voice and decided to ask Ethel about it.

    “Ethel do you see that guy. He’s the same one from the bus I think,” Ceder whispered and pulled on the other girl’s sleeve. Ethel looked out the window and shrugged. Ceder sighed and looked at the man again. This time he was talking to a woman it looked like they were arguing. 'Lovers coral maybe' she thought turning back around and listened to her professor drone on and on about math. Soon Ceder laid her head down on the desk she was sitting in. She felt her eyes slowly close. “Just a few seconds,” she mumbled as she let herself be embarrassed by the darkness.

    Ethel looked over to see her friend sleeping and gave a giant sigh. She took her pen and poked her face. Ceder twitched a little but that was it. Ethel always love that Ceder had a couple light freckles dusting a crossed her nose. Taking her pen, Ethel began to play connect the dot on Ceder face. Ceder woke up after had had successfully made a star in her face.

    “Ethel what are you doing, is class over already” Ceder asked stretching out her arms. She looked around the class room and noticed that everyone was leaving.

    “Ya class is done. The professor let us out early. Yes you can copy my notes, and yes I did write the homework down for you. Before you even ask anything else can we go get something to eat,” Ethel said cutting Ceder off completely. She wanted to see how long it would be till Ceder noticed the small blue star on her cheek. Ceder grinned at her friend and the two linked arms and headed out the door.

    The two girls arrived in the cafeteria where they were greeted by two other girls. One was a brunette and the other was a girl with hair so black it looked blue. They said their hellos and went to a table to sit down. One by one they pulled out bagged lunches and began to eat. Ceder pulled out the apple slices and peanut butter and then handed the rest to Ethel. Her and Ethel had shared lunches since they were little. “Dad packed you your favorite today Ell,” Ceder said.

    The girls chatted happily for a while before the brunette who name was Robin spoke up, “It’s weird without Pops here to father us. Like Normally he would have yelled at me for my fucking language and complain because Rory and Ceder are eating pussy food and not food to make them grow hair on their chests. Lastly he would be telling Ethel we are bad influences and to go find different friends.”

    The table fell quite. Each of the girls looked at each other all thinking of the man who was with them until today. Finally Ceder spoke up, “I miss him too guys. But were big girls now. So stop being babies,” The girls all laughed and began eating again. Ceder took a bite of her apple and thought about the man who called himself her body guard. She really did truly miss him. He had had acted like a father, that why he was given the nickname Pops. Granted he frequently complained about following her everywhere she went, Ceder always knew he had a soft spot for her.

    Ceder played with the rest of her apple and half listened to her friends as the continued to eat. Maybe she would stop on her way and visit him. But she didn't even know where he lived so that would be a small problem.
  6. Faolan was honestly happy when they headed to the cafeteria. He ate after he woke up but again, that was at three in the morning and now it was around noon. He walked in a few minutes after her, pushing his sunglasses up onto his head. He looked around until he found her, then kept an eye on her as he found something he could stomach. He hated processed food, but seeing as how the cafeteria was full of fast food joints, it looked like that was what he was going to get. Unless he wanted a salad. Apparently they had a huge salad bar. Gross. He settled on a couple hamburgers and sat down at a table off in the corner. He kept her in his sights and kept an ear towards them to make sure she wasn't making any plans for that evening or after class or whatever. He needed to know if her normal daily routine changed so he could adjust his own plans accordingly.

    He took a bite of his burger and made a face. He looked down at it, sighed, and took another bite. The things humans did to meat was deplorable. They took all of the taste out of it and cooked out whatever taste they didn't process out. Not that he was against cooked meat, but fast food burgers were terrible. His phone rang in his pocket and he picked it up, holding it to his ear. "Syl, calm down. Trust me. I already know she's mad.....Because she came and yelled at me first!.....No, I don't know why she's on the war-path...because I didn't do anythi---ooohhhh wait. Yes I did.......the smell's faint, but.....heh thanks. Don't know if congratulations are really in order, but thanks anyway...." He looked over at Ceder's table, then back at his burger. "Hey, tell the younger ones to go out on a hunt. I need some meat that's still actually meat for dinner.....yeah, I'm allowed to have dinner. If nothing else, I'll have one of the young ones bring it to me....alright, later." He said, hanging up. He looked at his phone for a minute before tucking it away, letting out a long sigh.
  7. Ceder shivered as she felt someone watching her. She did a quick sweep of the cafeteria before her eyes landed on the man she saw earlier. She stared at him for a while before turning back to her friends.

    “I need to go to the library guys. Ill chat with you later,” she mumbled. Grabbing her bag she quickly walked out of the cafeteria without even hearing her friends answer. She didn’t know who this guy was but if he was following her, Ceder planned to find out what he wanted.

    It took her a full ten minutes to get to the library. She made sudden lefts and right, when up and down lots of stair cases and even cut through a few class rooms. Once she made it to the library she smiled at the student aid in the front desk and began to head to the third floor. The third floor of the library was filled with super old books that students very rarely used. Students only used the third floor when they wanted to make out.

    Ceder walked to a random isle and when down it and pulled a book out. Her phone vibrated and she cursed setting the book down she pulled it out and read the text, debating if it was worth telling her father about. Lately Ceder was getting more and more texts from unknown numbers telling her that they had a plans for her or that she was being watched. Normally Ceder would have told someone about them but when she was about to tell her father the first time they sent a picture of her father and under it had the words, Tell anyone and he dies.

    If the man following her today was the one who was sending the text messages Ceder was going punch him. She did not like the fact someone was threatening her, but to threaten her father was a death wish. her father couldn't even harm a bunny. She lead against the books case listening for anything.
  8. The library? Boring. But, at least Ulfa wouldn't find him there and yell at him. At least, it would be the last place she looked. He hated it when she was pregnant. He got up and left after she did. He headed to the library, not bothering to follow her directly. He found a place just inside and watched the door for her. He watched her walk in and waited a little bit before getting up and following her. All he needed was her scent, honestly, and she smelled enough like her father that she wasn't hard to track.

    He stretched as he walked up onto the third floor and started looking around. Weird. It looked like they were mostly old law books. She was going for a degree in zoology (which, he had to admit, he found attractive) not law. His ears perked when he heard her phone and he headed that way. He picked her out through the shelves as he walked and once he got sight of her, he grabbed his own book and sat down at a table. He bent over it, opening it up and flipping through it. Fuck if that wasn't hard as hell to read. So dry and boring and he honestly had no idea what half of the words meant. Whatever. All he had to do was make it not look like he was following her...despite knowing she saw him on the bus and in the cafeteria, and probably outside her class thanks to Ulfa's yelling. Stupid bitch. She was so hard to deal with half the time. But, she was a strong leader in her own right. Pregnancy just really didn't agree with her. He looked up and out the window, frowning. No, she had a few weeks before she needed to stay in her wolf form. Good. He looked back down at his book and sighed through his nose. This assignment sucked. He had so many other things he needed to be doing...
  9. Ceder moved a few books and peeked through the book shelve. She glared at the man who pretended to read a book he was holding. The fact he was in the library proved that he was a stalker. Maybe it was the messages she had been getting lately that were causing her to act a little crazy lately. But they did set her on edged. Grabbing her book she walked over to the table the man was sitting at.

    “Mind if I sit here,” she asked? Not bothering to wait for his answer, she sat down. She opened the book to a random paged and stared at the words for a few minutes. Ceder wasn’t quite sure how she was going to confront her stalker. Normally should would have told Pops or her father and they would have suggested what she do. Of course usually that meant they would have done it for her also. Leaving her with just their advice and no experience

    Sighing she closed her book and looked the man right in his very green eyes. She stopped for a moment. How come he had the sexiest pare of green eyes she had ever seen. Her eyes were just a murky brown with a little bit of green. She wondered if he wore contacts to make his eyes like that. And he had that scar which made him look like a total bad ass. The only thing Ceder had that was even slightly cool about her face was her freckles. She was slightly jealous of him now. Ceder tried to picture her as a bad ass but the thought brought a small snicker from herself.

    Focus Ceder mentally yelled at herself “You have nice eyes,” she said looking at the man. Ceder mentally screamed at herself. She was an adult now, why couldn’t she confront this guy. Instead of focusing she just told him what she was thinking.

    “No, I didn’t mean that! Actually I did mean that, but that is not why I am here,” She rambled on. Ceder cursed and glared at the guy. This was his fault she couldn’t get it strait. He was sending his ‘I eat puppies head for breakfast’ vibe.

    Ceder stopped talked and took a deep breath and gathered herself up, “Why are you following me? I might not look it but I could kick your butt. You better stop.” She leaned back against the chair and tried very hard to mick the male in front of her. She hoped her vibe screamed ‘You might eat puppies heads but I eat kittens heads.’
  10. He needed to be overseeing the pups. He needed to be patrolling his neighborhood. He needed to be keeping Ulfa in check...wait, was her scent getting closer? His ears pricked when she spoke and he looked up, more confusing on his face than he would like to admit. She was observant for a spoiled little rich girl. "Uh, no. Go ahead." He shrugged and looked back down at his own book. He really wasn't sure what he was reading, but he was fairly certain it said something about being illegal to molest butterflies. Weird.

    When she spoke again, he looked up again, raising an eyebrow. His eyes were nice? Weird. That was an adjective he hadn't heard to describe him since he was younger. Human teenager women usually said they were nice or cool, but mostly he got weird, sharp, penetrating, or scary. Heh. She was kinda cute when she rambled on.

    "You could kick my butt?" He sat back in his chair, smirking, crossing his arms across his chest. "I'd like to see that..." He looked down at his book and flipped it closed. There was no use in pretending if he had been caught. "I am following you, Miss Redwolf, because your father thinks I have nothing better to do." He looked back at her, right into her eyes. She had really nice eyes. They were such a soft brown and with the little flecks of green they reminded him of the forest. "He thinks I'm better suited for this job than the one I held previously. By the way, your car will work tomorrow morning, and I suggest using that phone of yours to set an alarm so you get up on time. I'm not a babysitter. I'm a bodyguard. I'm not here to wipe your ass and run your errands. I'm here to bust the face of anyone that tries anything with you." He thought for a second, glancing out the window before looking back at her. "Unless it's sex. Have at it. Just let me know that's what's going on so I don't freak out and end up bustin' in and seeing something I'd really, honestly, rather not see."
  11. Ceder’s mouth fell open. She thought she was done with bodyguards when Pops retired. Now she had a new one. Her father was not only going to hear about this he was going to regret the day he hired this man. “You services are no longer needed. Whatever my father had you doing you can go back to doing,” she glared at the man. Ceder actually didn't even know what her father did for a living. She just knew that he was always there when she needed him. He was always at parents day, choir concerts, football games, swim meets, any anything else she could think of. He was always there and that was all that mattered to her.

    There was a beat of silence before her eyes widened and she slammed her hands on the table and stood up. “You hurt Eddie! Don’t you ever touch him again! We have something special and I might not understand what he is thinking and he might not like my driving but he is a great car. He might be old and maybe a little cranky in the morning but I love him. You ever touch Eddie again and I promise you, it wont be pretty.” by this point Ceder was almost growling. She began to walk away but stopped and lend down next to the man who claimed to be her bodyguard.

    “You might be good” she snickered, “but I am better.” With that, Ceder walked away. She pulled out her phone and quickly sent a text to her friends. She was going to test how good her new bodyguard was at his job. She let out a small giggle. The plan in her mind began to develop. She spent the rest of her day in classes and then went home.

    Once home Ceder started on her paper for Biology. She left the light on her room and made sure that if her new found babysitter was watching he could see she was not going to do anything tonight. Or that’s what she wanted him to think. It was time she put her skills to a new test. The thought got her excited. Stretching her arms and laughed it was time.
  12. "I'm sure that'll fly with your old man." He said, standing up and following her out. "I'll call him up right now." He pulled his phone out of his pocket and put it up to his ear without dialing or anything. "Heeeeey, Mr. Redwolf! It's Ace. Yeaaaah, your daughter said I could stop watching her, so I'm gonna bounce. Have fun scraping her guts off the pavement after she gets in a wreck with the way she drives!" He flipped his phone back into his pocket and gave her a rather wicked grin. It was almost like he should have fangs, or just really long canine teeth.

    At her outburst about Eddie, he was honestly confused until she started talking about her driving. He didn't hurt Eddie. He just put Eddie to sleep for a while. Killed him painlessly and in a way he could be revived later. At her little challenge, he gave her another wolfish grin and grabbed her arm. He pulled her up nice and close to his chest and whispered in her ear. "Try me."

    And with that, he let her go and watched her walk off. He left before she did, leaving one of his pack to keep an eye on her while he went back to her house and left a note on her dashboard. Kissed Eddie's booboo and made it all better. I hope you can give me a challenge, little one. I've been itching for one lately.

    And with that, he left. He left his packmate in charge of her while he went to check on his own business dealings. While Mr. Redwolf thought he had this pack under his thumb, he was sorely underestimating the alpha. The only alpa Faolan ever bowed to had been his father and he fought hard to get his position and the respect of the pack. He had obligations to uphold. He waited for a call from the one he left in charge of Ceder and just went about his own business.
  13. Ren Redwolf worked at his computer desk and sighed as he tuned his daughter stopping around the room. He smiled at the thought of his daughter’s outburst when she got home earlier today. No doubt, she was putting one of her many escape plans in place. He was typing when his door opened and a blonde-haired woman popped in, “Hey Mr. Redwolf. Ceder and I are going out tonight with the girls do not stay up late.”

    Ren smiled and waved at her, “Keep her out of trouble Ethel.” Ethel grinned and nodded. She closed the door and headed up the back staircase to her best friends room. She entered the room and was quickly pulled into the walk in closet, “Which car do I get to drive tonight?”

    Ceder laughed and shook her head while pulling out a wig. She put it on Ethel and the two grinned. “You’re taking Eddie,” she said grabbing a shimmering blue dress of the hanger. Ethel mad a face but said nothing. The two both were ready within an hour and Ethel looked exactly like Ceder the only difference was their dresses. Ethel’s was blue, sparkly, and clung to her small body something Ceder would only wear in her dreams. Ceder’s was a cream color that came down to her knees nothing to flashy.

    Tugging on her blue dress Ethel grabbed the Keys for Eddie. “So you’re sure you want me to drive Eddie to the club?”

    Ceder smiled and sprayed her favorite perfume on Ethel and then some on her. The two girls grinned and Ethel walked out of the closet. Ceder waited until her heard the car start before she lifted a secret panel in her closet.

    She was crawling down a tunnel for what seemed like miles before she entered a larger tunnel. Ceder climbed out of the small one and stood up in the larger one. She had discovered the tunnel years ago but had yet to use them in her escapes. Tonight she wanted to see if they were any good. She followed the larger tunnel to the end and ended up four blocks away from her house.

    Ceder hailed a cab and climbed in. “To La Rouge please,” she said and leaved against the seat. Hopefully Ethel had the tail following her. Ceder smiled now it was time to play the real game!
  14. ((Oh, she's good lol))

    Sylvester tossed out his cigarette and started up his motorcycle. He pulled out his phone as he drove. "Alpha, she's on the move...I think it's her anyway. Her scent is off. Could just be too much perfume, but I'm not sure."

    Faolan sighed. "Damn it. Why can't she just stay put and do homework or something?" He looked around the room he was in and found his jacket. He grabbed it and pulled it on. "I bet it's a friend of hers or something. You keep following her, I'll try to find the Redwolf girl."

    "You got it, boss." He said, hanging up and speeding off after the girl in the car. The motorcycle meant more maneuverability and speed. It wasn't hard to keep on her tail. He put on a full face helmet at a stop light and continued to follow. He enjoyed the hunt, just like the rest of the pack.

    Speaking of the rest of the pack, Faolan had them fanning out across that area of the city searching for her. It was always easier to hunt with a pack than alone. That was rule number one. Lone wolves die. The name of their pack was a middle finger to tradition, but also a reminder to stay with and trust the pack.
  15. Ethel laughed as pulled up the club. She was dancing with the music before she had even got out of the car. She sent a quick text to Ceder letting her know that the tail had followed her always to the club. She then threw her phone back into Eddie and took off the wig letting her blonde hair fall onto her shoulders. She made her way to the club entrance but not before winking at the male on the motorcycle who followed her.

    Ethel walked past the bouncers and straight into the club. She made her way to the dance floor and danced. She was the first to arrive to the club. She did not even need to look around to know. She found a random dance partner to dance with until her friends got there.

    Ceder made it half way to the club before she told the driver to stop. She paid him and got out of the cab. She began to walk until a car pulled up beside her. Grinning she got in it and soon the car drove away making a few crazy and unless turns before She climbed in the driver’s seat and her friend climbed out of the car looking and smelling like her.

    Ceder drove to the club and parked in the back of the parking lot. She put a short black wig on and laughed. She successfully won. She quickly sent a text to her dad letting him know she was at the club and got out of the car she was driving.

    She locked the car and looked up at the sky. “I win,” she said to herself before making her way through the parking lot and to the club.
  16. "You win how exactly?" Faolan asked, leaning on his motorcycle. He brought his cigarette up to his lips and took a drag. He let the smoke out and grinned. "You just...I mean...what was the point of that? You drove to the same club your decoy did. How was I not supposed to find you?" He pushed himself up and stepped over to her. "Do you realize how dangerous what you're doing is? Did you ever stop to think that your dad pays people to protect you for a reason? Or you think Pops just honestly didn't have anything better to do?"

    He tossed his cigarette onto the ground and stomped it out. "I'm being paid to keep an eye on you and trust me, hunny, I have several things I'd rather be doing. I could list ten right now but I honestly don't care about you enough to fill you in with my life story. Get in there, dance as much as you want to, and text me when you're ready to leave. I have Pops' old phone, so you already have my number."
  17. Ceder smiled at him and looked at him square in the face. “Sweetie that was just round one. I needed to test your skills. Which by the way next time tell your tail he needs to make an effort to hide the fact he is following someone. Ethel figured it out within seconds of him following her.”

    Something bothered her as she stood there looking at him. It was not the facts he pointed out about her father and Pops. It was more the fact he believed she was a rich party girl. She could almost hear it in his tone. She hadn’t noticed it until now, but it still bugged her. However, if that was what he thought she was. She was going to use it to her advantage. She was going to play the part.

    “You should lighten up and have fun once in a while. All work and no play makes for a boring life. I’ll tell daddy to give you a raise and you can come party with me one day,” she said in her best valley girl voice while trying not to gag at the sound of her voice. But hopefully she would have this guy quitting within the next week.

    She began to walk away from him but stopped, “I don't know why my father hired Pops or you. Personally I don't care. Give up, you will never be as good as Pops. He wouldn't have fell for the decoy and he would not have wasted a tail on Ethel. Do us both a favor and quit.” She headed to the entrance of the club again.
  18. His hand shot out and grabbed her arm again. He pulled her close, speaking softly but his voice was still very stern. "All I told Sylvester was to follow your decoy. I never told him to hide anything. You have a body guard. The only reason I wasn't up behind you every second of the day today was because I refuse to be the errand boy for some rich daddy's girl. I wasn't wasting a tail. Syl jumps when I say jump and it's his job to do so. And if someone was watching and planning on kidnapping you, they'd go for your friend. You'd rather I just let her run around dressed as you and end up kidnapped in your place? Pops wasn't shit. He was an old man that was your babysitter. He might as well have been a butler. I'm not going to wake up up in the morning. I'm not going to drive you anywhere. I'm going to stand in the shadows and watch every single move you make. I'm going to keep tabs on everyone you come into contact with. And when you aren't out running around, I'm going to put someone else in my place so I can get my own shit done. Unlike Pops, I have a life of my own and I plan on keeping it. Including a pet wolf who's carrying a litter of puppies and I will run off to make sure her labor goes well and leave you wherever you were because I care about her more than I care about you. Are we clear? You don't scare me, Cedar. There is nothing you can do that will make me go away."
  19. Ceder gasped and listen to him talk. She knew he had a point about letting her friends pretend to be her. But they also knew the risk and that was why she allowed them to do it. They knew what they were getting into and they accepted it. Ceder also knew that her friends would never let themselves be caught unless they wanted to be.

    She thought about her and Pop’s relationship. Sure he did wake her up for school and when she was younger he drove her everywhere. But even if the two hated the job Pops had to play, they made the best out of it. They talked politics over hot coco and world even while eating ice-cream. She never looked down at him, or at least she hoped it didn’t seem that way. Ceder shook those thoughts away She would not let this man ruin her night.

    She looked at him once more and gave him an icy look, “You’re going to quit. As you stated you don’t care about me. Eventually you will quit, you will get tired of my childish games and then frustrated until you can’t take anymore. You will quit Sir, because I will drive you insane”

    Before he could say anything else Ceder ran into the club only pausing once to greet the bouncer. Once inside she walked straight to the nearest guy she could find and danced with him. Then she began to switch partner after partner. She would not let this new body guard win.
  20. Faolan briefly wondered when he let go of her, because apparently he had without knowing. He shook his head and snarled. Yes. He hated her. He hated her old man, too. He hated both of them. But, he didn't have a choice. So, instead, he growled, pushed past the bouncer, gave him a try me glare, and walked on inside. He grabbed a drink from the bar and kept her in her sight. It helped that Sylvester was still there. Another set of eyes in a crowded club helped.

    After about an hour, a woman walked up to Faolan. She was tall and lean, but it was a muscled lean. Some nicely cut abdominal muscles showed off to anyone that bothered looking at her. She was wearing a tube-top and tight jeans, a leather jacket slung over her shoulder, but the same patch that Faolan's jacket held showed freely. She was very obviously not the same girl that walked up to him on the college campus. Her hair was pink and short and her makeup quite vibrant. She smirked and looked down at him, sticking out her hip. "Ulfa says come home."
    "Ulfa can say whatever she wants." He said, reaching up and gently pushing her to the side so he could keep an eye on Cedar. "I'm working."

    "Oh, trust me, Alpha. I know. You're obviously working very hard."

    He shot her a glare, then looked back over at Cedar. "Not in the mood for your shit, Tina."

    "Are you ever?" She slid into his lap and looked over at Cedar as well. "She looks like a brat."

    He grunted in response, putting his arm around her waist loosely. His beer was really not strong enough to deal with this girl, but he couldn't risk drinking any heavier. He had quite the tolerance (for alcohol anyway), but still. He was working and did need to make sure he could fight if he needed to.