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  1. Two packs have been at war for decades, loosing many lives on both sides. Yet in more recent years the fighting has quieted down, though the grudge is still strong. Will love mend the packs together, or not....

  2. Name: Adamira Sharpe
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She is strong and feisty, loves using sarcasm and getting into fights. But shes a dud in social situations, not really knowing how to handle something as simple as a compliment without clamming up and getting defensive. Underneath she can be sensitive, but you can only hurt her if she really cares about you. She rarely shows her inner feeling, unless that inner feeling is hate. Underneath she can be sensitive, but you can only hurt her if she really cares about you. She loves cute things and cuddling, but also knives and wrestling.
    History: She grew up as oldest of the Alpha pack, and learned to protect her family at a young age. Her father recently died of an illness, and everyone was in shock when she declined the role of Alpha, instead giving it to her younger brother, who was better fit in her opinion, and he wanted it more.

    Name: Joshua Exavior
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He is usually fun loving and laid back, loving life and his friends and family. But he has a serious side that can be a buz kill at times. He worries to much about the people he loves, and it stresses him out, killing his fun. He likes making people he love smile and laugh, and will do anything for love, which his friends say he finds to often. He is quick to trust, and it gets him hurt a lot, making it hard to let people in sometimes.
    History: He was born to a strong pack, was good friends with the Alpha's son growing up. He had lots of friends and has had many girlfriends, though none lasted long. But he has maintained long friendships. He is slow to anger, but it can be explosive, and he can make brash decisions every now and then.
  3. Name: Davina Sharpe
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Davina is often quiet and keeps to herself. She spends a lot of her time in her room listening to music. Davina has always been shielded from the war that was going on. Whether it was being hidden when there was an attack or just not knowing what was going on with the pack. Davina is care free and often finds herself in some bad situations. She does what she wants and is slightly childish. She tends to pout about things when she doesn't get her way. However, she mostly gets her way when she pouts because she looks adorable. Davina has always been close to her older sister though. She was also shocked when she saw that her sister declined the role as alpha.
    History: Davina is the runt of the pack. She was always close to her father and is still heart broken over him not being around. She knows that her mother died after giving birth to her and her older brother often is mean and blames her. Davina has always listened to her dad when he told her not to worry about the things people told her. Mind over matter has always been her motto.
    Picture: [​IMG]

    Name: Silas Jackson
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Silas is aggressive and rude at times. He has grown up knowing that one day he would become alpha. He is strong and knows it. He often disregards any orders he is giving, because he believes that his way is always the right way. Silas has always been close friends with Josh though and hopes to one day make Josh his beta. Silas has yet to let his best friend know this yet. He wouldn't want his friend to think he had a chance to over throw him. Until his dad finally steps down though Silas knows that he has to try to behave. He has been failing lately though. Silas often finds himself in fights over simple things.
    History: Silas watched his mother get killed by a group of werewolf hunters when she was trying to protect him. He managed to get away, but his mothers screams still fill his dreams at night. He has vowed to one day find those hunters and kill them. The opportunity has not presented itself yet.
  4. Davina

    Davina sat in her room with her head phones on as she stared at her laptop screen. She rocked back an forth slightly on her computer chair as she surfed the internet. She had been shopping online for some cute clothes. Davina took a sip of her water then looked over when she heard a people come into the house. She heard her sister's voice, getting out of her chair. Davina walked out of her room and walked downstairs, "Hey Adamira." She said with a smile. "Where have you been all morning?" She asked as she leaned over the banister, watching her sister. She had always been close to her and she wanted to spend some time with her today. "Ooh! You know what we should do today!" She exclaimed, "We should totally go exploring!" She said, whispering the last word. She knew that her brother would tell them no she made sure to whisper the last part.


    Silas sat on his porch watching as a few people walked by his porch. He looked over at Josh, "You ready for tonight?" He asked. Silas had decided to go searching for the hunters that night. He knew they would probably be out and he had to go before his dad caught on to his plan. Silas had no idea what he would find, but he was hoping that he would find someone worth killing. Silas smirked as he put his hands behind his head, "It's gonna be a good day my friend." He explained. Silas looked over at his friend, "You just try to not get too beat up." He teased, chuckling.
  5. Addie
    She smirked a little, sticking her tongue out at her sister. "We aren't going anywhere. You are gonna get me into trouble, and boss man already has it out for me." She joked, quickly stepping up the stairs quickly. "I need a shower, and a nap. This is what happens when we explore. You get off Scot free, and im stuck on lookout duty all night." She said, kicking the door closed behind her. She hopped in the shower, relaxing after a long night out, hoping to fall asleep before her brother gets home.

    He grinned. "Why don't you try to keep up." He says, leaning forward and whittling into a piece of wood with a small knife. "You sure your cool with this. I mean, what if we do find something. Are you gonna jump into it again and kill before asking questions?" He said, glancing up at his friend. "It could be more beneficial to, ya know, get some information." He smirked a little, turning back to the piece of wood.
  6. Davina

    Davina crossed her arms as she pouted when her sister told her no. She slowly and quietly opened the front door before she slipped outside. She smiled as she walked out of their village and into the woods. Davina walked through the woods, pushing the branches out of her way. She had always loved going for walks in the woods, but this was the first time she had ever went on her own this far. Davina climbed up on one of the bigger rocks she found and sat on it. She let her feet dangle over the side of the rock as she pulled out her ipod. She put her earphones in and relaxed on the rock in the sun.

    Silas looked at him, "I'm not going to do anything that i shouldn't do. Well to them anyway." He explained. Of course he was lying to his friend. If he even got a whiff of the man who killed his mother he was going to rip his throat out. Silas rubbed the back of his neck, "Once the sun starts to set then we are going to go for a walk." He explained. Silas leaned back against his chair again and watched the sky in front of him. It wouldn't be long until night fall came.

    About an hour later the sun was setting and Silas was ready to go. "Let's get out of here." He said as he hopped off the porch. He walked out of the small village they had set up, then started through the woods. After walking about a mile he stopped when he smelled something new. Another werewolf, "You smell that Josh?" He asked. It wasn't a wolf from their pack which meant one of the other packs had lost one of their wolves. "I think we just found something else to look for." He said, smirking.
  7. Addie
    Addie walked out of the shower with a stretch, quickly getting dressed. She remembered that she had to tell her sister something from their brother, Daniel, so she walked out, hearing something in the kitchen. "Vina, Dany told me to te-" She opened the door, finding one of her cousins in the kitchen, not her sister. "Uh, Meg? You know where Davina is?" I say, leaning back outside the door to look around the living room again. "Has." She mumbled, tottling past me with her stolen cookies. "You mom better know about those." I shout after her as i look around, getting only giggling in response.

    Josh sighed a little, sniffing the air. "Yeah, but we aren't doing anything." He says, glancing at his friend. He saw the smirk and groaned a little. "Dude, your dad will rip us a knew one if we start shit with their people again." He says, glaring at the floor as he walks, knowing that he already lost the argument. "We get into trouble, by anyone, and you get the punishment." He mumbles, thinking of his mum shouting at him when she got mad. "Your dad might not be the biggest problem even, not that you give a damn."
  8. Davina frowned when she heard a mans voice. She walked through the woods and glance around her. Davina kept walked but smacked into a bigger body. "Ow." She said. She frowned when she saw the guy in front of her. She realized he was not a good guy when she smelled his scent. She stepped back, smacking into someone else.

    Silas smirked as the little girl backed up into him, "well well well. What do we have here?" He asked. Silas looked at Josh, "be a shame if you didn't make it home." He said lookin down at her. They had a treaty saying that these people wouldn't come on his land.
  9. Addie
    "Well fuck." She says, bursting through the front door as she took off running, shifting mid stride. Her wolf form bolted into the forest, running surprisingly fast. She lifted her nose to the air, picking up three separate scents, only one of which she recognized. She sped up, knowing she wouldn't be able to run like this forever, so she hoped they were close by.

    Josh looked down at her. "You are in the wrong place here girly. And your big bad alpha isn't here to save you, is he? " He said, his face seemingly emotionless. He wasn't really having fun with this, but she shouldn't have been trespassing, especially with the treaty. Yet he still felt a little bad for the girl, not having her Alpha to protect her.... maybe knock some sense in her too. "You must be real dense to think you could come all the way out here and not get caught."
  10. Davina glared at the man in front of her, "well I wasn't aware I was this far out." She replied. She watched them for a moment then when they weren't paying attention she punched the man in front of her in the jaw. She took off running and hoped they wouldn't catch her. She gasped as the one man caught her. She had underestimated his speed and strength.

    Silas watche as the girl took off then ran after her. When he grabbed her he felt her slap him. He turned towards her with his eyes yellow. He growled, "you little brat." He growled. He dragged her back with him and frowned as he felt the blood trickle down his cheek where her nails cut him.
  11. Addie
    She could sense that they were close, so she slowed somewhat, not wanting to walk into an ambush. But she heard a struggle, and sped up again, launching herself out of the trees. She took a second to understand the situation, then launched herself at the guy who wasn't holding her sister. She knocked him over, wrapping her long Jaw around his neck and locking eyes with the other guy, squeezing lightly and then tasting blood. She glanced at her sister, praying she didn't do anything stupid, like let it slip she wasn't the real alpha.

    Josh fell back, the wind knocked out of him. It had jumped him before he could react, and now he was on the ground, some wolf above him, jaw at his throat. He slowly raised his hands in a way of surrender, glancing at his friend. This wolf smelled like an alpha, which meant they were in deep shit. "Uh, Sil-" He was cut off, the jaw squeezing slightly. He winced as the mutt drew blood, feeling it trickle down his neck. "Uh, lil' help here buddy."
  12. Davina smirked when she saw her sister, feeling the guy out her down. Davina looked at him, then looked at her sister. She knew that she wouldn't kill that guy. At least she hoped that she wouldn't do something like that. Davina bit her bottom lip lightly as she watched her sister.


    Silas glared at the wolf, "you don't want to do that." He snapped. Silas watched as she backed up but heard a gun shot crack through the sky. Silas looked over at his arm, seeing the bullet wound, "what the?" He stopped talking when he heard people. "Time to go." He said as he took off with his hand over his arm. He heard the everyone else follow him. Though he slowed down when his vision started to blurr and a burning feeling went through his arm. "Josh." He muttered as he stopped walking. He looked at his friend, his eyes blood shot.
  13. Addie
    She felt like smirking when he said it. Yeah, i think i kinda do. But she jumped and released him when their was a gun shot, quickly backing up and getting down low. But then everyone took of running, so she followed behind. She ended up running into someones legs as she looked behind her, and she glanced up just in time to have some blood drop on her face. She internally sighed, shifting quickly and slipping herself under the assholes arm, urging him to hurry the hell up.

    He looked back at his friend, turning around to run back at him when the wolf who attacked him shifted. He gaped for a second, seeing that the alpha was actually a chick. He had heard that the Alpha was supposed to be a girl, but he figured it was just some made up bullshit after he saw the real alpha. He was confused as hell, but jogged back to slip underneath the other side of his friend. "Come on now, if you die your dads gonna kick my ass." He mumbled, helping him to move while his touched remained gentle not wanting to hurt him.
  14. Davina frowned when everyone stopped then walked with them. "Where are we going to take him?" She asked her sister. She didn't just want to leave him to die. She walked with them til they found a place to hide.


    Silas moved with them then sat down when they leaned him against the tree. "Get this thing out of me." He muttered. He pulled the pocket knife out of his pocket and handed it to josh with a shakey hand.
  15. Addie
    "Don't know Vina." She mumbles to her sister, glancing at her with a Your in some deep shit look. She watched the knife was handed over to the other guy, frowning a little. She had know idea what the right thing to do was, so she wasn't gonna say anything to make the buy more nervous. "Your lucky you got shot." She mumbled, crouching down next to the clearing to watch for the people who were shooting at them. She glanced at The second guy. "Friends of yours?" She asked, a genuine question.

    He took then knife, frowning a little. "This ain't gonna be perfect." He mumbled, kneeling next to him and looking at the sound before carefully digging the knife in and pulling the bullet out, which took a few minutes and a lot of cursing. "No, what about you guys? Boyfriends or something?" He joked, finally slipping the metal out of his friends arm.
  16. Davina frowned as she watched josh pull the bullet from the guys arm. She looked at the bullet, seeing the wolfspane fall out of the casing. "That's why it hurt you so bad." She whispered. She looked at her sister, feeling bad.

    Silas frowned, as he looked at the bullet. "Looks like we got a hunter problem." He said. He changed into his wolf form, his wolf being twice as big as Addie's. He laid down, feeling the bullet wound start to heal.
  17. Addie glanced at him, then glanced away. "I need to warn my alpha. If there is a problem, my pack could be endanger." She said, glancing at her sister."we need to go back." She muttered to her, seeing her frown.

    Josh loookwd at his friend with a frown, then at the two girls. "Go back? They are still out their. Its not like you can go alone." He said matter if factly, focusing more on the first girl they had met." I'm Josh, by the way."
  18. Davina smiled as the boy introduced himself, "Davina." She said as she shook his hand. She pulled her hand away when she felt her sister scold her with her eyes. "He is right we wouldn't want to get hurt." She said.


    Silas sat there staring at them as they discussed what they were going to do. He narrowed his eyes when Josh talked to the smaller girl. He knew his friend would do something like that.
  19. Addie rolled her eyes. "No faith in big sister huh?" She scowls, ducking down when something came into view. "Three of them" she mumbles, glancing at josh.

    Josh offered a smile to Davina, looking to the pissy girl for her name. He didn't get one, but instead moves closer to the opening to see.
  20. Silas watched them and looked at the hunters coming into view. He could have killed them if he weren't hurt. He looked at the girl then at josh.


    Davina frowned, "no I'm just saying that maybe we should wait so we don't get killed." She said. She crossed her arms and watched her sister. She was standing in the stance she usually was in before she pouted.
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