werewolf x human?

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  1. Hello all.

    I have a plot in mind looking for male character or a girl willing to play the male role.

    So the plot.

    A male is walking home one morning and sees a girl his age or what looks like. She is naked and wounded being the gentleman he is he wraps his jacket and takes her home to clean her wounds and patches her up we can come up with more


    Literate please
    Real pics
    Romance yes but not straight away.
    Don't ditch.
    Post a least once a day.
  2. Hmmmm what is the personality of the girl?
  3. Am I'm not sure at the moment her character will develop through the rp
  4. ok will you have me interested, what are you wanting out of my character?
  5. Hmm as in character wise?
  6. Caring strong fear less perhaps :)
  7. cool ok so i guess there a plot to all of this?
  8. Yeah its up there kind of lol
  9. ok so character sheet or a describe in story? and picture? what type realistic, anime, manga
  10. Real please and yeah a small CS would be good name age short bio
  11. [​IMG]

    Lunic Issier
    Age: 22
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 170 pounds

    Bio: Lunic recently graduated from the nearby college obtaining a degree in fine arts. He is also an inspiring writer and plays the electric guitar for a local band in his spare time. Currently he is a bartender at a local bar. When he was younger he was labeled an outcast in his hometown and was never given a chance to be understood. This aspect of his life made him read books and comics and later want to being an author. He loves to express himself and often jogs at night, especially when it is raining. He is fairly shy and doesn't like large groups of people. He doesn't approach the opposite sex because he feels that if they aren't interested enough to come speak to him then they are obviously to good for him and not worth his effort. He tends to stay out of public affairs and always tries to use diplomacy before resorting to violence. He is thoughtful, caring, respecful even to complete strangers. Lunic is still trying to find out where he fits in society he is social awkward so most of the time he doesn't talk, because he doesn't ever know what to say. Aside from that he never hesitates to help those in need. When he will hold open a door for someone who is handicapped or elderly and is always treats them as if they were family.

    He fells society is morally corrupt most of the time everyone is always to busy, or to selfish to help out others. His experiences as a kid and a teenager only reinforce this belief because growing up in a small town can be hard when everyone is wanting to fit in and everyone rejects those who are different like him. He loves horror stories as well are emotional ones. Often connecting with a character because of how his life has played out.
  12. OK I'll make the thread and send you the link :) though could you make him a bit more confident and comfortable around women
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