Werewolf X Human

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  1. A human with amnesia and a werewolf who finds her. There will be trouble, adventure, fighting, and maybe romance?



    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Archer has been apart of this pack his entire life. He was born in it and he was sure he was going to die in it. He was always getting into some type of trouble, though he knew when to be serious.The same boring thing happened day after day and Archer never thought something interesting would happen. So on one night when he was out just taking a normal walk, everything changed. He had stumbled across and injured human. A human.


    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Willow has a severe case of amnesia. She awoke in a strange forest with no memories in her head, where she was, or how she got there. The only thought floating through her head was a name: Willow. She assumed it was her own. She was covered in scratches and there was a bruise encircling her neck in the shape of hands. The only severe wound was on her head which clotted her hair with blood and made dizzy when she walked. But walked she did. She didn't know how long she had stumbled through the woods but eventually she collapsed to the ground, unable to walk a sept further. And that was when she was found but not by a human, no, something much decisively not.​
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  2. Archer let out a heavy sigh as he slowly walked through the trees. The moon hung high above his head as he walked the forest he had known his entire life. He was bored out of his mind at the moment, as he was at every moment of his life. There was a lot to do in this town and he never had to hide who he was, but there was no excitement in this damn place. It was always the same thing day in and day out.

    He let out yet another sigh and looked up at the moon, running his hand through his brown hair as he kept walking, knowing this path way too well. He stared up at the moon, lost in thought. What he didn't expect was to trip over something and end up face down on the forest floor. He pushed himself up from the ground and groaned, sitting up and rubbing his head. "What the hell...?" He muttered and looked down to see what he had tripped over and his eyes widened. A...girl? A girl was just laying on the ground and wasn't that....blood on her head?! He scrambled onto his knees and crawled over, gently shaking her shoulder. "Hello? Hey are you okay?" He asked, worry filling his voice.
  3. Long lashes fluttered open to reveal dazed blue eyes. The girl blinked a few times, the world struggling to come into focus. What...What happened? She lay there for a few minutes before her mind supplied an answer. Oh yeah, that's right. She had woken up in this forest with no recollection of who she was or how she got there. She knew there was a wound on her head, probably the source of her amnesia and she knew that her throat was sore though she didn't realize there were hand-shape bruises circling her neck. She had started walking, trying to find something before she had collapsed where she now lay. She didn't remember passing out though.

    It was then that she realized that there was something gently shaking her and a voice was echoing in her ear. She raised herself half-way into a seated position, blinking owlishly at the male kneeling before her. She stared at him for a few moments, sluggish brain processing this new information. "I-I'm-" She had to clear her throat before she could continue, her throat so sore it was hard for her to speak. "I'm fine....I-I think..." She trailed off, trying to struggle to her feet. It wasn't a good idea however as a wave of dizziness washed over her and she crumpled back towards the ground. She blinked. Why was the world spinning? She didn't like, it made her head feel even worse. She closed her eyes, feeling a bit better now that she couldn't see the carouseling world. "So tired..." She mumbled to herself, feeling herself slipping away into unconsciousness.
  4. Archer stared at her for a few minutes while she opened her eyes and was seeming to try to get her bearings. He looked at her with concern, noticing the head wound and the bruise around her neck. That meant this wasn't an accident. Someone had hurt her. When she finally started talking, if not weakly, made him feel a little bit of relief. She was speaking and seeming to be forming coherent thoughts. Though when she tried to stand up he held his arms out and ready for her, worried she wouldn't keep her balance and fall, which is exactly what she did. He caught her, making sure she didn't hit her head yet again. "You're not fine, but don't worry you will be. I'm going to help you. Just try to stay awake for me okay?" He asked, but didn't really wait for an answer. He picked her up bridal style and frowned at how light she felt. He started making his way back towards town and his house. It was a good thing he had moved out a few months ago and into a house of his own. He made sure to keep talking to try to keep the female awake. I'm Archer. What's your name? Are you hurt anywhere? What's your favorite color?" He babbled, not even really knowing what he was saying. He kept glancing down at her as he walked with concern.
  5. She gasped when she no longer feet the ground beneath her, eyes flying open in surprise. The world had thankfully stopped twirling around her and she was able to look up at the male. She blinked again, realizing that she was being carried in his arms. Why? She could walk! Maybe...probably not...She sighed and closed her eyes again. So sleepy. Why was she so sleepy? However, before she could fall into unconsciousness, she felt the man's chest rumble as he spoke to her. It took her a minute to figure out what he had said and she dragged her eyes open. All she wanted to do was sleep, why wouldn't he let her? But she figured he wouldn't leave her alone until she answered his questions. She cleared her throat, wishing she had something to drink before she spoke. "My name is Willow. At least...I think it is.....U-Um...My head really hurts and my throat is sore but I don't think I'm hurt anywhere else....My favorite color....I-I don't know..."
  6. He looked down at her as she took a bit to answer, but he couldn't really complain. At least she was awake and talking. Now if he could keep her awake for just a few more minutes until he got her to his house, that would be great. He smiled, if a bit worriedly, at her answers. "Well hello Willow. I would say it's nice to meet you, but not under these circumstances. When I get you to my house I can make sure you're not hurt anywhere else and I can patch you up," He paused in his talking while he took a sniff of the air to make sure he was going in the right direction. He nodded with conformation and started up walking again, picking up his pace a bit because he was pretty close. Thank goodness his house was closer to the trees than the actual town. His one story house came into view and he jogged up to the door, kicking open the door since his arms were full with a injured girl. "Well this is my house. I'll get you comfortable. Do you want anything?" He asked as he gently set her on the couch, making sure to be as gentle as possible.
  7. Willow felt a small spark of annoyance as the man kept talking after she had answered his questions. Didn't he realize how tired she was? Why wouldn't he let her go to sleep? She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she almost missed when he paused in his walking and sniffed the air. Willow's brow furrowed and she took an experimental sniff of the air. Her brow furrowed further when she couldn't smell anything but the scent of pine needles and other forestry smells. What was he smelling for? Was there something on the air that she didn't catch? She was even more confused when he seemed to nod to himself and continued moving. She stared at him, perplexed. What a strange man. A house came into view and she let out a yelp of surprise when he kicked the door open. She gave him a wide-eyed look, hoping that this was his house. She almost protested when he set her on his couch, she'll get it dirty! But she was then distracted when he asked her if she wanted anything. She frowned. What did she need again....oh yeah! "W-Water please."
  8. Archer had been looking around for a blanket to put over her when she had spoken up. He turned her full attention to her and listened to her speak. "Water huh? Coming right up!" He said with a smile in her direction, then he was off to his kitchen just off the room Willow was in currently. Hr quickly grabbed a glass and made sure the water was cold before he filled it up. He was just about walk back in and hand it to her, when his eyes caught a few straws he had laid out on the counter. Maybe a straw would be better for her to drink the water out of. Thank goodness he had a stash of staws for when the pups visited him. He quickly grabbed a blue one and threw it in there and walked back into the living room.

    He knelt in front of the couch and looked at the injured girl. "Hey Willow. I got you some water. I'm going to help you sit up so you can drink it. Is that alright?" He asked. Even though she was injured and probably wouldn't protest much if he helped, he still had had it drilled into him from a young age to always ask. Besides he didn't want to scare her.