MISCELLANEOUS Werewolf setting

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  1. Hey all :)
    This setting is to share my personal view on how Werewolves powers, abilities, weaknesses, society and curse should work.

    Again, if you're read my stuff in the past, you should know that this is not any form of elaborate artistic writing but rather just some bullet points to illustrate an idea.

    Powers and anatomy

    form 1 - Human - they are stronger and faster than average humans, but not to the point where it could be perceived as super human. They can see further away, they see better in the dark, they can listen to more frequencies and longer distances and they can sense scents we don't.

    form 2 - wolf details:
    Wolf Details (2) (open)


    Hair - Their hair grows slightly , sideburns and other body hair becomes more prominent - the hair acts as nervous endings outside their body giving them a better sense of their surroundings (this is actually true and the reason native Americans don't cut their hair)
    Claws and fangs -To aid in combat their canine teeth grow in size half way to what they'll be in full wolf form, their nails grow becoming thicker shape and more solid, again, halfway to what they'll be as talons when in wolf form.
    Glowing eyes - just like each person as their own eye color (blue, green, brown, some less common greyish and stuff) their eyes will reflect light seeming to glow, this makes them see better in the dark, common glow colors are white, yellow, amber, orange, red, blue, green.
    there's an equivalence
    normal - glow
    grey - white
    light brown - yellow
    mid brown - amber
    dark brown - orange
    dark eyes - red
    green - green
    Blue - blue

    Nose - their Nose will start to deform slightly, it will not take any inhuman shape at this stage but will be different than normal, their scent senses improve

    Pointy ears - the ears become pointier allowing them to hear even better, how pointy the ears become depends on how much effort they are making to listen something, they deform gradually, so there are stages in which the pointy ears still look human.

    Muscular body - their body muscles become harder, stronger and more defined

    in form 1 they can access individual features of form 2 without fully transforming in form 2, for example, they eyes can glow slightly just to see in the dark better without any of the other changes occurring.

    form 3 - full wolf form - all benefits of all form 2 features improved and in the form of a full wolf that can blend with other wolves, some were wolves loose rationality when in this form and will act like wolves.

    form 4 - half wolf form
    Half Wolf Form (4) (open)


    Not all werewolves can reach this form it needs a lot of physical strength and the ability to be rational while in form 3, it improves all powers and is the final form.

    Also some werewolves can control normal wolves with some sort of telepathy, this rarely happens.

    The full Moon
    Power enhancement - During the full moon all werewolf abilities are enhanced slightly.
    Uncontrollable change - Some werewolves (younger ones) loose control during full moon becoming form 3 or form 4 savages.
    Infection - If anyone survives a werewolf bite during a full moon they'll change as well, there's a cure but must be administered before the next full moon.
    During the 28 days between the infection and the first full moon, infected werewolf victims will suffer internal changes that can kill them if they are not strong enough, women often die, since the male body is better prepared for tasks that require physical strength (even though the female body is able to withstand more physical pain, such as labor, for example).

    The pack
    Werewolves often live in packs hiding in a forest or behind a powerful family name often a family with great land where visitors are not allowed.
    Each pack as a leader, usually the strongest and wiser, anyone can challenge for leadership, there are 2 ways of doing it:
    Challenger battles to the death the current leader, if there's interference the rest of the pack has the responsibility to kill the cheater and elect a new leader by voting.
    Voting is a vast majority of the pack no longer wants to follow the leader they can follow another elected leader, the old leader can choose between following the new, challenge by fighting, exile, exile with followers forming a new smaller pack.
    Each leader created specific rules and tries to uphold the old laws that he agrees with.

    And that's all I have about werewolves, if you've red my vampire setting you were expecting more and are probably relieved it wasn't as long XD.