Werewolf rp

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  1. a society, somewhere in the remote wilderness, like Alaska or something. This could be slightly future or au where werewolves are known and "coexisting" with humans. I write coexisting like that because there is a heavy intolerance in the small town. There's an invisible divide between humans and wolves even though there is an integration of the two species within schools and public places.
    i want this rp to grow and have dynamic. I want it to be about the difficulties of a werewolf x human relationship as well as the difficulties of an interspecies relationship in an intolerant village. I will probably accept up to three rp's for this partner request. I like seeing different takes on one prompt from different peoples views.
    I do like paragraph replies at the very least. I am in college so replies may not be as frequent as I would like but I will do my best to keep the thread from dying. I would hope that you will too. I appreciate quality over quantity so if you have writers block just hmu and lemme know. Don't just squeeze out a sentence. I would rather give you time that trudge through one liners.
    Thanks and send me a PM!