Werewolf Romance anyone!?!

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  1. Hey! :D

    Okay so, I'm really into Werewolf Romance type Role Plays. And well, I was hoping someone would possibly like to join? It'll be in the One X One Role Playing Thread Things. So just look there whoever joins.

    It won't be posted UNTIL someone joins though, so don't look yet. xD

    Anyways, my idea was that it was going to be like. A Male X Male type deal because I mean, YOU HARDLY EVER SEE MALE X MALE WEREWOLF ACTION!.

    If you would like to join, please tell me some ideas that you have?? I have some, but I can't really explain it in words. So. Yeah.

    I hope y'all enjoy!.

    ~ Reality.
  2. Oh, oh pick me! picke me!
  3. Hahaha. Alright. :D

  4. Yes yes I am~
    You are like my hero for posting this, I've been wanting to do something like this for ages
  5. Awesome sauce!!!.

    Well I'm glad I posted it then, do you have any ideas for it? Like. How old they should be and where they are. College? High School? They finished school and are now grown men?
  6. Well since I would like to play sub (if ye don't mind) I would like for mine to be around his last few years of high school - it up to you how old your would be.

    And well I had this idea for some time, like two rivaling clans, one is. A clan that has existed for many years and in the place (where ever they live) the other is a newer clan that fled there for some reason.
  7. Alright. Well my character could have just gotten out of College.

    I really like that idea, it's nice for a change. What's your characters personality going to be? Mine most likely will be Cold at first but then somewhat.. Nice once you get to meet him.
  8. Ummm...I think he would be, well puppy like...soft, playful, happy, scared easily...

    Ummm which clan would be which~
    Do ye wanna do a short CS?
  9. Okay!.

    I can be the one that has been existing for many, many years.

    Also, I don't mind. It's your choice.
  10. Ok, sounds great
    Umm I think a CS would just work better.
  11. Okay. I may sound really stupid but.

    I never really understood CS. Because I'm that person who just doesn't understand Computer Slang. Total sigh moment. Can you give me a short explanation on what it means? I heard it was Cyber Sex. Is that correct?
  12. *pats head* no no dear...no need to feel stupid, CS has many meanings you are not the first to ger confused, but here on Iwaku it stands for Character Sheet ;)
  13. Ohhhhhhhhhh okay. DX Ugh. I really need to pay attention to this stuff.
  14. XD that is okay, do you have a CS or should I give you one? ~
  15. Do you mind giving me one? c'x

    ~Feels like a total moron right now. XD~
  16. No need to feel like that at all :D









    Human Appearance:

    Wolf Appearance:
  17. Thaaannkk yooouuuuuuuuuuuu cx

    What would you like it to be called? The Thread/Role Play, I mean.
  18. Ummmmm....lemme think..for a bit.
    Do you any title ideas?
  19. Immortality
    Rising Fang
    The Fiercest Dawn

    I looked up 'Good Titles for Were wolfs.' And that's what I found.
  20. I like fiercest dawn :D so cool!
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