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  1. I had this idea. XD


    Jeremy was the shy boy of the pack, always following orders and never disobeying.
    He never knew he had a Mate, a male mate, for that matter.
    He thought he was straight, he'd always found girls interesting.. But maybe he was wrong.
    The thing though, was that his mate, was a Rogue. One of the most dangerous Rogues on earth.

    (( Jeremy will be me ~ c: ))

    Whoever joins will be the Rogue. Just remember, you have to be dominant and possessive. ^^


    So once someone joins, we'll make Character sheets and stuff, probably clash our ideas together.. Maybe.
    Oh Oh, you can Message me on this thread, PM me, or you can go onto my profile and send a message ;3

    Anyways, enjoy!.​
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  2. I'll be interested definitely!
  3. Seriously? ;o You're literally my hero.

    Also. I love. Your picture. And your signature. ​
  4. lol thanks, so is it okay if I post a character sheet here?
  5. It's not a problem :3

    Also, yeah it's perfectly fine!.

    I need to make my Character Sheet also, and putting them on this thread will make it a tad bit easier. ​
  6. Oh, one question are the werewolves like shapeshifters into a wolf or to a wolf-man?

    Or This?

  7. The first one.

    I'm not a big fan on the 'Wolf Man' type deal.

  8. lol k good me neither just makin sure
  9. Lol, alrighty.~​
  10. [​IMG]
    Name: Marquis
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17

    Marquis was raised from a young age to be a fighter, he struggled through his early life with an abusive father and his mother died when he was small so he hadn't had a easy life. Because of this he has the need to protect those he cares about, he's always been seen as a loner and has been abandoned by his former pack because of his unpredictable behavior and him being gay was seen as a disgrace. He met Jeremy when he was injured and he was taken in and him and his pack pretty much saved his life, he acts a lot like Jeremy's guardian and is very protective of him as well as possessive, he was the first one that had ever really shown this lonely wolf any kindness and Marquis fell in love with his heart.

    Wolf Form:
  11. [​IMG]
    Jeremy Alder.

    Age: 16

    Jeremy grew up in a large house. His father was the Alpha so he was 'Rich'. He never acted spoiled, nor was he ever mean to anyone. His mother had left them a few years back because she needed a break. His father was a rough man, always screaming at people and telling them orders. But he didn't it for the right cause, and he loved his pack.
    Jeremy really wasn't like his father, but in a way he was. He could possibly be strong, but he never could yell at someone or hurt them. For some reason, he was a tad bit smaller than the other male wolves. But he wasn't tiny either.
    When he met Marquis, he knew that the other male needed help. So he took him in, and honestly he was glad he did.
    Marquis was like an… Older brother. But in a way, Jeremy loved Marquis more than a brother.

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  12. Yay! so are we making a thread?
  13. Mhm ~

    Just give me about… Ten-Fifteen minutes to make it. :D

    I'll give you the link once it's finished~​
  14. I'll answer tomorrow, night!.​