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  1. The Family

    Thirteen siblings, in order of birth. Pink is female, blue is male:​

    Siblings, respective spouses, children. *Indicates still human:

    Padriac-Marlo (7 kids, Feomir 1 is 12 and oldest boy)
    Saoirse-Bearach (4 kids)
    Owain-Nora (3 kids, all gingers, Feomir 2)
    Roisin-Ciaran* (2 kids, Feomir 3)

    Pigeon's Characters (so far):
    Padriac, Owain, Adamair, Eoin, Enya, Lorraine, Roisin, Clare

    Adelaide's Characters (so far):
    Bree, Marlo, Sabina, Grant, Mr. Sexy Mystery Wolf

    Character Information
    Padriac: Alpha, married to Marlo. 40 years old. Shoulder length brown hair, long nose, brown eyes, wild man beard. A bit of a joker. Been with Marlo over 15 years.

    Saoirse: Alpha female, married to Bearach. 40 years old. Long dark brown hair. Serious and down to earth, cares for her family.

    Owain: Married to Nora. 34 years old. Likes to brew mead and take care of bees. Fell for Nora almost as hard as Padriac fell for Marlo.

    Lorraine: 34 years old. Dark blonde, blue-gray eyes, slender with no curves. Haughty and dislikes humans. Beautiful but scowly.

    Roisin: Married to Cianan. 34 years old. Plump, brown hair, pleasant personality. Enjoys spinning and knitting wool, but doesn't like embroidery.

    Sabina: 30 years old. Square jaw, dun colored hair. Good at healing, enjoys ceramics as a hobby.

    Aodhagan: Married to Renny. 30 years old.

    Adamair: 27 years old. Brown hair, blue eyes. One of the biggest brothers, quiet and laid back, good with animals.

    Grant: 27 years old. Brown hair, brown eyes. Oldest of the three triplets, shortest male. Enjoys woodworking and telling stories.

    Eoin: 27 years old. Good singer.

    Clare: 25 years old. Sweet and sympathetic. Quiet and almost a bit of a loner.

    Aoife: 25 years old.

    Enya: 19 years old, runt. Big brown eyes, brown hair. Shortest female (and family member). Mischievous but loyal, very curious.

    Marlo: Alpha-ish, married to Padriac. Likes cooking and loves her mate.

    Bearach: Married to Saoirse. Bigger fellow (barrel-chest and husky), very laid back.

    Nora: Married to Owain. Red hair, brown eyes.

    Cianan: Married to Roisin, still human. Tall, skinny, quiet.

    Renny: Married to Aodhagan, still human.

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  3. Werewolf Information:
    Types of Werewolves:
    -Freshly bitten werewolves are very anthropomorphic, stand on hind legs, are covered in fur, have clawed human hands, wolf tails, and wolf heads. Their transformations are very, very painful. Newly bitten wolves take a while to get in-tune with their instincts and learn to be conscious as a wolf.
    -Pureblood werewolves, as in werewolves who have several generations of werewolf parents (they were born a werewolf, not bitten) are like big dire wolves. They look essentially the same as a giant wolf, and have easy, nearly painless transformations. There would be a natural haughtiness to born werewolves over bitten ones. In this world, the full moon lasts for three nights a month. A werewolf, regardless of breeding, is forced to change during the moon. They have the ability to gain control over their other form. Newly bitten werewolves will have difficulty, and are the most dangerous because they aren't in control. Born werewolves will have the natural ability to be conscious in their wolf form.
    -Super pureblood/ancient werewolves, as in, they have been pureblood for so long and so many generations that they are more wolf than human. They are forced to turn on the full moon but can also shift into a wolf form at will any other time.

    For the rest of the month, a werewolf looks like a normal person, but they have many natural quirks: they are very passionate in all things they do. They fly into rage easier than a human, and their tempers can be explosive and dangerous. They are more prone to violence than humans. They love more fiercely and more passionately than humans. They are quick to defend a loved one, to the death if they have to. Affection is a strong part of their life and they are driven by the need to constantly touch and be with their pack mates (if they have a pack). They rely on heightened senses, like smell, sight, and hearing. They can smell emotions; if someone is growing frightened, they sense that. If someone is growing aroused, they sense that. They have a strong need for big families (packs) and single ones are driven by the urge to find a mate and start their own pack. They're very aggressive in bed, but not in such a way that they intend to hurt their loved one in a bad way. It's good pain, and they like to leave marks like bruises or hickies as 'love marks' on their mates to signal that they're taken. They are drawn to mates like magnets, and it is nearly impossible to ignore the urges of their bodies or instincts when they find someone attractive.

    Other than that, they look human and are as prone to various personalities as normal people. Some like humans, others think they are superior to humans. Some are willing to trust and fall in love with humans, some aren't. Some are loners, some rely on packs, etc. To the normal population, werewolves are legends and stories. Their population is low enough that few people know that these 'monsters' are real.

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