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<big>Werewolf Game</big>

"The Werewolf Game" is a social game that involves the interactions of an informed minority with an uninformed majority. The object of the game is to eliminate the Werewolves before they eat all the Humans.

<big> What's needed of you, the player?</big>

Not much. Few PMs and a post or two daily is enough participation daily to do your part completely. And those posts don't even need to be impressive page long RP posts either, though don't let this stop you from committing yourself to do so!
Overview of the game

The players are divided to two groups: The werewolves and the villagers. Each round consists of day and night. During the day everyone finds out who was eaten during the night and then discuss who they think is a werewolf among them. At the end of the day, vote is taken and one player is lynched regardless whether he is or not a werewolf. During the night, the werewolves pick one villager to eat. The game continues until all werewolves have been eliminated or until there's same amount of werewolves and humans, at which point werewolves eat everyone.

Identities of the players are randomly distributed between the players at the start of the game. There will be roughly four villagers for each werewolf.


The werewolves know who the other werewolves are, but their identity is secret from rest of villagers. If you're werewolf, you want to keep it secret from the villagers.

During the day werewolves look and act like any other villager and should act inconspicuously to protect themselves and other werewolves. Werewolves vote with rest of the villagers who gets lynched.

During the night werewolves turn to their bestial nature. A secret vote is taken and the villager with most votes is eaten.

<big> Villagers</big>

Villagers do not know identity of anyone else in the game. Through discussion and deduction they try to find out identities of the werewolves before it's too late.

During the day, everyone discusses who might be a werewolf. A vote is then taken at the end of day and one player is lynched.

During the night humans sleep. And when dawn breaks one of them has been eaten.

<big> Seer</big>

One of the villagers is a powerful seer who can use divination to find out the identity of one player once per day. During the day Seer selects one player to identify and if the Seer survives the night, he will be given the identity of the examined player during the next morning. This is done by sending a PM to the Game master.

The seer votes like any other villager and if the Seer is eaten or lynched his magic powers are lost for rest of the game.

Identity of the seer is also secret at the start of the game and revealing it is a sure way to become next lunch for the werewolves, so the Seer must tread lightly with his powers.

During the day portion of the game everyone votes for a werewolf to be lynched. All this voting is done public in posts, so that everyone will know who everyone else is voting for. You may also change your vote at any time before the voting ends. The voting will end instantly when someone has a majority of the voted. If no one gets majority the player with most votes is chosen when deadline is reached.

During the night portion of the game all the werewolves discuss amongst themselves who'd be the wisest to eat out without raising unnecessary suspicion and getting rid of potential threats. A vote determining who is to be eaten is then cast in private by PMing the Game master.

<big> Winning</big>

Villagers win if all werewolves have been lynched.

Werewolves win if the number of werewolves and villagers is the same, in which case the werewolves eat everyone.

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