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    Life was hard for Chris. He couldn't find his parents and the light was slowly fading from the treetops. He was scared. The tiny brown pup wandered alone, jumping at the smallest sounds and cowering away from the darkness. He whimpered for his parents, where were they? They said they were going out to hunt and that they would be back with fresh dinner for the three of them, but that was in the morning when the sun was high, they were gone for a whole day. Where they abandoning him?

    Hungry and thirsty, he stumbled towards the outskirts of the woods. His parents had told him a long time ago that he shouldn't ever go out that far, but all Chris could smell was the delicious smell of the liquid the humans called 'soup' and roasting meat. It was coming from one of the human homes right outside the woods, and Chris just couldn't stand staying back here being hungry and cold with parents that disappeared.

    Shyly, he walked closer and closer to the house, running back towards the woods at any sound he heard. When light had finally disappeared and the owls began to leave their sleeping spots, Chris built up the courage to go right to the house. He knew humans were afraid of wolf cubs, although his young mind couldn't understand why. Hoping to find food around the house, he padded around the building, sniffing each corner as the smell of food teased his aching nose.​
  2. she had just woken up after a nap and realised her parents and brothers had left to their adult ball. Streching to wake the rest of her body up she went to the kitchen were her mom had left her some food on the table for her to pop in the microwave and then eat. She walked in to the semi lit kitchen and shuffteld around quietly. She pulled the chair out and climbed atop to reach the plates of food and read the note that was left with it

    min each love
    She set the note down and unwrapped the food befrore she took the plates on at a time to the microwave to be zaped a min each as her mother had instructed. She opened the door a little because the room felt stuffy but kept the chain on the door locked. She knew better then to open the door when her parents or brothers wern't home but she could open the back door a little to let some air in. She wasn't strong enough yet to open the stiff windows on her own so the door was the easiest​
  3. The smell was stronger now, he was sniffing around the left corner of the house and padded towards the front entrance, following his nose. The front entrance of the house was opened a little bit, big enough for Chris to stick his head through and push it open if he wanted to.

    He wriggled through the semi-open door and sniffed the room, the smell was overwhelming. Everything was so tall and big and a little pup like him seemed like an an compared to the tall furniture. He was drooling at the smell of the food. There was a human in the building, but he paid no attention to it, he was too busy thinking about his poor growling stomach.
  4. She stiffned when she heard the chain jingle a little and started to panic, what if there was a burgler? what if it was an wild animail! her heart kicked in to action and made her head a little woozy from it too. She carefuly turnned not knowing what to see and was almost going to have a panic attack from this. She knew her parents would chew her out when they found out about this. then again she'd have to live first to be chewed out by them and her brothers for being so reckless and stupid.

    When she turned to the door to see nothing she felt a little relived to some extent. at least nothing big could get in that easily. She went back to prepign her dinner not noticing the little guest she had in her kitchen as she wa focused on making food and not carign about the wet trail of mud on the floor from the door and around the room
  5. Chris clawed desperately at the chair in front of him, trying to get to the source of the smell. With some effort, he managed to jump on the wooden bar at the bottom of the chair used to rest feet. He raised his tiny furry paws and latched them onto the seating, scrambling his legs as he tried to pull himself up. The human didn't seem to notice his presence, so Chris prepared himself for the leap of faith from the chair to the table.

    He grunted as his paws landed on the wooden table, the impact almost made him topple over. On the table sat delicious plates of food, even though it was cold, he could still smell it - and it was strong. He lifted his nose to smell it, sneezing when his wet nose touched something slimy and cold. Human food was weird, but there was nothing he could do about it. He walked down the table, carefully placing paws in between the plates as he examined each dish, sniffing each one.
  6. When she turnned around to get another plate of food to reheat she froze. there on the table was a tuff or a ball of fur. in the dark, the creature looked like a thick thissle. She backed up against the counter scard that what ever it was would jump out and hurt her. or worse burn the house down. She knew it was a bad idea to open the door, now she was dealing with the results. She'd be lucky to make it out and not get killed. She'd only be chew out by her parents and brothers later when they found out and she'd be grounded for disobeying their instructions about not opening doors or windows at all.

    Quietly she moved to leave the kitchen and call 911. She'd rather be chewed out by her parents and brothers then by some creature that got in to her home because of her mistakes. That's when she got a good look at the creature. it wasn't scarry so to speak...It looked...cute...and dirty. fear leaving her now she watched the creature eat and shuffed around the food her mother left her

    "he's hungry" she thought as she approched it with care and looked at him more carefuly
  7. Chris poked his head into a meat dish, getting his nose covered in grease. He sneezed and shook his head, trying to paw the oily substance off his snout. He didn't know what it was, his parents only ever fed him meat from birds, stealing the local chickens and feeding the family. Shyly and cautiously, he grabbed a piece of whatever it was and chewed. Chris was surprised at the juices that flowed out of it as he continued to chew on the meat, his eyes brightening - it was tasty.

    He went back for more, greedily downing the contents of the plate. Not noticing the human that had spotted him on the table. He looked up and scrambled back at her peering eyes. He yelped and fell backwards into the chair, landing on the floor. He looked at her with wide, fearful eyes.
  8. She watched him eat and kept her mouth shut as she laughed at his reaction to her mothers pot roast. When he looked up at last he startedled her when he fell off the table and on to the cold floor
    "oh no I'm sorry!" she said as she rushed over to him worried he'd hurt himself from the fall. He was so small and the fall from the table so great. SHe knew it had to been scarry of not painful. She'd fallen out of a tree before. not the best idea on how to fly or how to touch the sky.

    She approched him carefuly trying not to scare him any more "hey...I won't hurt you" she said softly looking at him
  9. He whimpered, it didn't feel like he had broken a bone or anything, but he felt slightly bruised. He looked at the what seemed like a human girl with fear in his wide eyes. He continued to scramble away from her, but his paws didn't want t move at all - he was paralysed. Half chewed meat was still in his mouth, rendering him unable to speak.

    He would understand her words, but they provided little comfort and assurance to him.
  10. she frowned at the way he looked at her and stood up to go turn on the lights for him to see who she was. that way he'd be less afaird of her. she'd been started at first too but after a little bit of watchign she knew he wasn't truble. He was just lost and hungry. She went to the fridge and pulled out some milk and got a dish. pouring him some milk and placing it a little but infront of him as well as the rest of th meat he had started to eat. closed the door and locked it and frowned at the wet trail on the floor and went to clean it up so she wouldn't slip later and hurt her self or her parents when they got home from the night

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  11. He watched her carefully, alarms still going off in his head. He sniffed the plate of the white liquid that she had placed in front of him. He dipped his nose in and pulled back, sneezing as he tried to catch the droplets from his nose. It tasted very strange, but it wasn't too bad. His stomach was growling for more food, and Chris trusted the girl a bit more now. He shyly lapped away at the white liquid, drinking most of it before spotting the plate of the meat he had ate earlier. His eyes glistened and widened with happiness as he dived in, devouring the contents and chomping everything down.
  12. She finished cleaning the floor and went to rinse the cloths and ddry the floor before she went back to warming up her food and sat across from him on the floor to eat with him. her cup of warm milk next to her and her own plate of food to eat from. she watched him eat and drink with a giggle. The little creature was so cute. She couldn't tell if it was a puyy or somthign else though. but it didn't seem to be harmful she she let it be
  13. Chris continued eating, finishing the meat within seconds. His mouth was all greasy but he didn't really care. He padded up to the girl and walked around her, stuffing his nose wherever he could to sniff her scent. She smelt like good food, or maybe he was just still hungry. He sat on his hind legs and stuck out his tongue to cool himself down, cocking his head to look at her curiously.
  14. She watched him eat as she ate her own food, He ate so quickly she worried he'd choke! 'poor little guy...he was so hungry" she thought as she wasn't even near finished with her food but he was and he even walked over to her. she watcehd as he walked around her and sniffed her, she gigled as his wet nose tickled her bare feet. "are you still hungry?" she asked looking at the puppy. she coudl easily reheat more food for him to eat if he was, she had her's already so it was best if she finished it
  15. Though a werewolf cub, he was far to young to control his transformations. He understood her words, but replying was a different matter. Chris simply rolled on his back, paws in the air and tongue lolling, making whimpering sounds. He had an urge to do just this, act cute. His parents always told him if he acted cute he had a better chance of getting what he wantes. Large beady eyes looked at her bowl of food and then back.
  16. giggled at his antics and got him the rest of the food and went to wash up her own dishes. She wondred for a moment if she could keep him as a pet. She'd always wantd a dog but her parents refused saying how she was too young and didn't know how to handle a puppy yet. She'd tossed a tanturm and they fought over it. they said they'd get her one when she was older. well that was a month ago now she had one in her house and her parents didn't even know! then an idea hit her. if she could take care of him then show her parents what she'd done they'd have to see that she could do this and wasn't a baby anymore.
  17. He quickly and eagerly downed the plates she gave him, eating and chewing quickly, not bothering to slow down. He sneezed after he ate, licking his lips and any of the juices from the roast. Chris watched her wash the dishes for a few minutes before he walked further into the house, sniffing and looking at everything. It was all so fascinating in his eyes. So big and strange. A new world.
  18. once she finished she looked back to see if the puppy was done eating yet and blinked to find him gone seeing the mess on the floor made her panic and race after the little one.
    "oh no you don't!" she said as she lifted him up by the scruff "you're all dirty and covred in food! you need to clean up and take a bath before I let you go anywhere" she said not wanting him to make a mess she can't clean. The tiles and dishes were easy but to get oil out of the white carpets? she was not going there. Carrying him back to the kitchen she shut the door before stetting him back down on the gorund and trappnig him in the kitchen/dinning room untill she cleaned up his mess on the floor and the pltes. She finished quicklely and put them all away before she looked at him "time for a bath"
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  19. Chris wriggled helpfully, yapping at her and trying to snap at her fingers. He tried to twist out of her grip, wriggling his body and waving his paws around. He looked stupid, but he didn't want to be held up. Looking down, he howled, he was so far up from the floor, he missed the solid ground under his feet. He closed his eyes, refusing to look down. Whimpering, he tried his best to keep his head up. Though from this angle, everything was just as interesting as he was on the ground. A sigh of relief escaped his mouth as he was put down, but she had shut the door, rendering it impossible for him to explore. He didn't really want to complain, he was incredibly happy that he was back on his precious ground.
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  20. She held him against her chest so she wouldn't drop him as she made her way up to the bath room. she took him to her room first and closed the door as she went in so he couldn't run out or run fof and cause her priblems. Set him in her bed before she went to do through her drawers for clothing and towles. she also went to get the basket she had under her bed and found some old clothing to line the basket for him to sleep in.
    "you can sleep in there" she said as she set the basket on the bed beside him as she got the rest of ther things
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