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  1. Realistic Nuclear Disaster Roleplay

    Character I’d be using: Max Constantino
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Backstory: A rebellious young man as an adolescant, always getting into various forms of trouble. His father gave him a choice at 18, Military or he would be disowned. Choosing the Military He disappeared from home for 4 years, and spent the last two of those years over seas in Afghanistan. Becoming involved with a couple unruly soldiers and with the murder of a bar full of civilians, his minimal involvement of being startled into firing thinking it was a real firefight, earned him a dishonorable discharge, and is now on his way home.

    He’s trained as a soldier, though in his childhood he’d had tastes of being a mechanic, being a soldier he knows basic field medicine, patching wounds, what drugs do what. Nothing fancy.

    His personality is described as trustworthy, and goodnatured, but troubled and a bit introverted, not really wanting to get close to, or talk about himself with others, but always helps if he’s needed.

    Plot Description:
    The story revolves around the day to day struggles in an american town to survive and keep a semblance of civilization in the aftermath of a Nuclear disaster that has left America a broken and nearly destroyed. The characters will have to face emotional devastation and the strains mental and physical of surviving during a time of complete helplessness, chaos and desperation from other surviving communities. Over time the town will have to face other threats, threats coming in the form of a rising new government that rose from the ashes of destruction.

    The setting is a fictional Northeastern Arizona town called Rainfall, and it starts on a normal day just like any other, only a little after lunch an explosion is seen the east presumably from somewhere in southern Oklahoma or New Mexico, and panic consumes the town as communications start to fail when a report comes in that there have been other nuclear explosions around the entire Unite States, without knowing exactly where the bombs went off, the town scrambles to find safety and survive the fallout, so they fight the war of survival with what's left of their world.

    The parts that would be needed would be:
    General Townsfolk
    Townsfolk of neighboring towns
    National Guards remains
    Irradiated Psychos

    Singular parts that are needed:
    Max's parents (names ages backstory all up to whoever signs up for it)
    Max's high school ex girlfriend (same as his parents)
    school teachers

    If you want to add a particular part you think should be there that I didn't list sign up for it anyway :) Just know this is a strictly mortal roleplay

    Later on the New Government would need spots filled

    For signing up I’d like to let those signing choose what they want to be a part of and make their own, meaning like, for example, “I want to be a townsfolk/ bandit/ psycho etc etc.” then they would have complete liberty within the confines of Human limitations to create a character to survive with.

    Dying is a real possibility in this roleplay as the main focus is survival, if you’re character does die, You can still be a part of the role play as a different character, and if there happens to be flashbacks which is very likely the deceased character can only be played in the Flashbacks. (Trying to avoid making it a Zombie RP XD)

    CS skeleton:

    (weapons will basically be whatever's available or what your character has already)
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    You forgot to make a character sheet skeleton for the other people to follow up :3

    This is a basic if you want to use it;

    Weapons: (If any)

    You can add more to it if you want or just edit it altogether. ^-^
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    Oh I forgot to mention, if this is a Jump-In roleplay, characters do not need bio and such :3
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    Thank you again, Satrina :)
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    There is room for jump ins but Id still like the bios for sign up parts, I like to keep all my coconuts in a lovely bunch
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