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Which path will you choose?

  1. I'm sure I can build a ramshackle house out of something...

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  2. I haven't shot anything yet. But I will if I have to...

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  3. Don't worry! I'll take first watch.

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  4. Bah! Give me a gun any day, lets shoot something!

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  5. Maybe I should've stayed in the Vault...

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  1. Iwakboy-3000 I've seen plenty of people doing plenty of Apocalypse type RP's but unless I'm mistaken, and I probably am, I have yet to see a Fallout RP.

    I haven't actually tried a Apoc RP yet so bear with me on this one. Though the thought of one where the only threat wouldn't be the standard dangers of the Wasteland but the people of it too. I.e., I'm thinking that the people could work together but still be at edge toward each-other, serving to their own motives while still attempting to live rather then streamline a plot.

    My thoughts give me two ideas:

    One where a RP where the members are attempting to form their own fledgling settlement while dealing with the politics of other settlements. (Think the Commonwealth and Rivet City dynamic.) It would possibly consist of finding other people to settle as well due to it being the players and a few NPC's to take care of. This one's more a "Slice of Life"

    That or something a little more... interesting.

    A platoon of fresh recruits slated to join the Brotherhood of Steel that have to deal with a death or submission scope for their final trial. That being where they have to deal with the death of their fledgling comrades and the overall feeling of desertion from hope. This is more of the survival aspect that people seem to enjoy, making due with little.

    Either one seems like a viable idea to try out.

    Thoughts anyone?

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  3. Bless, for too long the outside world was ridden with zombies willing to simply eat our flesh.

    Now we can have super-buff ones that want to chop us up!

    Anyone else?
  4. I'd be in for either plot.
  5. I was hoping to find a Fallout RP! So I'm game, should this get real.
    Your ideas both sound nice ofc, but personally I think the first one offers a lot more potential
    for interesting stories and characters. (Also I really would like to play an ex-raider-turned-farmer...)
    I might not be a good judge of that, though. Interested either way.
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  6. Is it going to be just an RP, or an RPG? Like, will there be a "perk system" so to speak? Idunno. But either plot sounds good to me, or even if that was just apart of the original plot (maybe some of our settlers get forcibly conscripted into the Brotherhood- and the other settlers have to decide whether to stage a rescue or ignore it and hope they can make it on their own). It's an interesting idea.

    Couple questions. Are we vault dwellers? Or can we choose between, human, vault dweller or ghoul? Maybe even super mutant??


    Needless to say, I'm interested. I've been looking for an outlet for writing.
  7. I like the Top one kinda with the idea we protect and survive.
  8. I prefer the idea of the first one. I'm so bored of post apocalyptic survival RPs... Post apocalyptic "we've already done the surviving so we get to do other stuff" would be much more engaging.
  9. To be honest, It can be both. But that would require more effort on our part to do right. I mean, if we want to, then sure, we can have a perk system.

    Also yes, you get to choose where you come from. The Supermutant angle is iffish, but that's what a RP does right?

    SAME. Like, I want to survive but where is the social aspect, the political? Things like that intrigue me from time to time.
  10. Im just gonna say though, I don't really know much about fallout, so someone'll have to fill me in on "vaultdwellers" and "ghouls" and stuff. I played like 20 mins of I think it was New Vegas and it wasn't up my street gameplay-wise.
  11. To be honest. I think that the third one would probably serve better to get you up to speed.

    New Vegas is in it's own alley entirely, though I don't think that we have to follow the plot if we want to.

    We can always lowkey buff off of any quests that we can find and incorporate as necessary. I was thinking that some of the mod quests are actually pretty decent in that regard.
  12. Shit, is this closed?

    I do really want to be involved in this as well.

  13. Nope! It's still open for anybody and everybody who's interested.

    Feel free to drop in a CS if you're still interested.
  14. Where is Luck?
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