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  1. Ten years ago six year old Missy Alexander disappeared into the woods. She and her family had gone on a camping trip and Missy had disappeared during it. They searched for her everywhere, helicopters scoured the vast forest, rangers hiked through the mountains, dogs were given her scent, but nobody found her.

    Until one day, Oliver Blake the local deputy emerged from the woods with a sixteen year old girl with a wild glint in her eye. It didn't take the town long to figure out who she was, and it didn't take people long to start asking about what happened ten years ago, but Missy had been gone for so long that human speech was foreign to her and she needed to be taught how to be civilized all over again before her story came to light.

    "But I know what happened. "​

    "That Missy girl didn't disappear she was took. Took by them wolves. Everyone in town say there weren't none left, but I know better. My great great grandaddy helped was one of the three men who built this town. When the founders came to this land it was nothing but a massive log cabin surrounded by the forest that girl came out of. And there weren't no natives living in the cabin. No sirree, they was wolves. Wolves that could stand straight up! Turn into a man and do everything we could do and more!"

    "They didn't want us here. They tried to drive them away, but my grandaddy and the other founders wouldn't back down. They tried to fight the wolves with all the men that they had but they failed, and what's worse is that them fallen men rose back up as wolves. The founders retreated but they were strong and they refused to leave even though them wolves was huntin them down like rabbits. The founders found shelter in an old mine that turned out to be a dead end. They readied to fight to the end, but when the wolves caught up with them, they stopped right at the mouth of that mine and howled in agony."

    "Silver. It was a silver mine, and turns out them wolves can't do nothin' gainst silver. I tell you now, and you better listen. Stuff that girls head full'a silver or your good as dead."

    This role play takes place in Silver Town, in 2015 during summer vacation (so in June). The towns population is roughly 225 people, so it's pretty close knit and everybody knows everybody. The town was founded in 1867 by Abbott Monroe, Roger Livingston, and Sidney Gill. The town was founded with the intent of providing a home for newly freed slaves, so today the town's demographics are mostly African American and Caucasian, however other races are present.

    The purpose of this rp is to either defeat the werewolves or convert the entire town to werewolves. The first werewolves are Missy Alexander and Oliver Blake, and everyone else is a human. In order to turn a human into a werewolf you need to bite them and keep them isolated for an hour. In order to kill a werewolf you need to shoot them in the head with a silver bullet. Shooting them in any other body part will injure them but won't kill them.

    All wolves must stay in town until they are either killed or they have turned the town, if the town has been fully turned, the Alpha Wolf will return and everyone will live in peace. Werewolves have a wolf form and a human form. They are the size of a regular wolf in their beat form but are stronger and faster. Wolves heal faster than humans but not instantaneously. A bruise for a human would heal in 2-4 weeks (depending on size) but for a wolf it would take three days.

    Wolves have a language that they automatically know when turned. If you're speaking in wolf language it sounds guttural and crude. And it should be typed in brackets so everyone knows not to understand it if they're human. However you should refrain from speaking it in front of humans.

    No godmodding - If you're going to bite someone roll a ten sided die. If you roll less than five you failed, if you roll higher the person has been turned. Once a person is turned they feel morally obligated to turn others but can also become morally conflicted.
    Missy and Oliver are playable characters. Missy can speak to Oliver in Wolf language, and she can understand English, but she has trouble speaking it.
    No special snowflakes, OP characters, Mary Sues etc.
    Die will be rolled in the OOC.
    Humans should not know you're a wolf, if they do you're probably screwed! So if you fail at biting them try to make up a good story as to why you tried to take a bit outta them!

    How to Roll a Die
    Post your intention (to bite)
    Click on [More Options] in the bottom right corner of your post
    Click on [Throw a Dice]
    In Throwing a dice for.... Type [Wolf Bite]
    In Faces...Type 10

    So anyone interested? Also should I put this in Modern Fantasy or Horror? Also are there any parts that aren't clear or some things that are missing?

    Sign Ups!
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  2. I'm interested~ :3 And everything seems pretty clear to me.
  3. Yaaay! I thought for a second that this would get zero interest! I'm happy you're interested!
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  4. The idea is very intriguing indeed~
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  5. Awesome! W to get at least five more people...Hm... I'll try to make a banner but it'll look terrible XD
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  6. Mine always look terrible, too XD
  7. A were idea that isn't completely baseless and silly? I might be interested in this.

    Is it your plan in this rp that everyone in it be a werewolf? I might be interested in playing a hunter role before doing anything remotely werewolf-like.
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  8. My goal is for the RP to either end with all werewolves or all humans. ^_~
    And sure hunters are cool. I'm glad you're interested! I will add a bit more info on hunters later.
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  9. I'm down
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  10. @Kitsune
    I'll be posting the Sign Ups/OOC soon, and trying to make a banner, so stay tuned! :D
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  11. Hello may I join? I have never been in a RP that uses dice so I'm sorry if I don't get it at first but this seems fun.
  12. Of course and no worries, I'll help you out. ^_^
  13. Werewolves? I'm there.
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  14. Doesn't look like anyone is playing Missy, so I will claim her as mine. Is she still 16, or have a few years passed?
  15. She's still sixteen, she disappeared when she was six. And thanks for claiming that role! :D
  16. No problem! And I figured I'd ask her age before I start filling in the rest.
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