We're Numba 1!

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  1. don't know if anyone has noticed or posted about it (I'll admit I didn't look real extensively), but we're the number 1 rp site! We're now at the top of the list at http://www.toprpsites.com/ ! Not sure for how long, but we are right now. Great work everyone! Let's continue to make this the best damn rp site on the whole of the Internet!
  2. Eh, we've been number 1 before. No biggie. -total party killer-
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  3. Well i think it is! Good for us!
  4. I'm number 4 in this thread! :)
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  6. Cheese alert: Iwaku was always number 1 in my heart.:heartbeat:
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  7. its also been #1 on the aforementioned voting site multiple times

    so there's also more objective data that just you, Quiet One!!
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  8. Every party has a pooper ;D
  9. It wasn't always for me...

    Then again I've only been here for a bit over a year.
    And for most of that year? Yea, it was #1.
  10. There's no relation, I assure you. :P
  11. //raises banner

  12. *Looks at his Baneblade collecting dust*

    But it's a Holiday! ;A;
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