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  1. The same problem kept comming up over and over. It was almost as if the whole world were repeating itself - like it was a broken record stuck on repeat. The team of three, or so it used to be, were set off to assassinate the grand leader of the wasteland head raiders. They were a group of mercinaries hired to do these very things not only because they were getting paid for it but because they enjoyed the feel of warm fresh blood on their hands.

    Unfortunately, the team had lost a precious member to their group, leaving the two brutes/fighters of the squad to think for themselves. Aiden, being the name of one of the living members, was usually smart but often had his intelligence enhansed only during battle. Unlike his other teammate (be it girl or guy) he/she was much smarter than he, yet lacked in equal strength of his. The only thing they were missing was the brains of their broken pod - the intelligence needed to succeed in their missions.

    The world they lived in was nothing more but a land that was slowly dying away. Most of the land's delicate greens have already begun to die and this left immense open wastelands to all sorts of creatures. It didn't matter to them. All that mattered was that they'd get to avenge their fallen teammate and getting there was going to be a pain. They'd have to travel through abandoned towns and out furthur into the wastelands before they could reach their destination.

    Will something come to happen along the way? Who knows but one thing still lingered within the air - were one of them going to be killed just like the other? Will they even succeed any more?

    -interested? Leave a little comment below or send me a pm.

    -only rule here is to play it as if it were happening to you in reality. No godmodding in this one -- oh, and have fun!!!
  2. Hello! This sounds pretty interesting, and I'd love to roleplay this one with you! Question though: by play it as if it had happened to you in reality, do you mean make decisions that you would make, or make decisions that a sane person would make?
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    Awesome! And yup that's exactly what I meant :) make decisions you'd make in reality and try keeping it anti godmod. So thread or pm?
  4. Either way us fine with me!
  5. Alrighty haha I suppose pm would be less of a hassle
  6. Still looking for a parnter?
  7. I haven't started any yet so yup, I am ^^
  8. What are you looking for exactly? I get its going to be my reality but explain more of the plot for me, please.
  9. Okay! I'll wait for you to PM me then!
  10. Sure thing ^^
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