We're No Good in the Black Rain ((OOC/Sign-Ups))

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  1. "May this day which we live in, prove to those around us how messed up this world really is...
    But who pays attention anyways in the Black Rain?"

    In 1996, Project Sanctuary was developed by the American Government in a way to decrease the number of abused children and adults worldwide. Project Sanctuary proved to be effective taking abused people from the source and placing them in safe houses but funds for Project Sanctuary begun to diminish quickly. Support Groups begun to talk about how the project was failing as there were not enough housing and needs for the victims. Thus Project Sanctuary disappeared in 2000 leaving the victims on their own, returning from which they came or transferred else where for those a little more fortunate.
    Kissimme, Florida was one of the many places a safe house was built under the name of Project Sanctuary. Once the project disappeared so did the supplies to the house, employees and the very knowledge about the safe house. But when the project left the house slowly became run down, some have even spotted remaining people venturing to and from the house. This group are the remaining victims of Project Sanctuary who have been through many abuse cases and were taken from their homes in hope to have a better life. What actually happened was they were put in just as bad of a situation; poor, ill, and starving....

    This RolePlay is about a group of people (Ages 13-25, sometimes younger if it was a special case) who were taken from their abusive situations or traveled for safety now living the life of a poor person. They scavenge for food in the dark, lay ill in hope they will get better, or making money in the worst way possible. The old Project Sanctuary Safe House as become run down from age and have limited beds or other furniture. For the sake of insanity and survival, two people have decided to make themselves head of the struggling group to do their best and make sure they all are alive the next day.
    You Are...
    You are a man, woman or child who has come from an abusive situation locally or somewhere in the US.
    - You are poor, perhaps sick though don't have to be, and desperate to live a decent life.
    - You are unable to get a real job because you may not have your documents or employers see you as disgusting.
    - You may see yourself as a loner or as a older/younger sibling of someone there.
    - You are living a near homeless life.... Fortunately the Heavens has blessed you all to have a roof over your head despite the fact there is no heating or cooling. At least there is plumbing!

    Iwaku Rules Apply. It is NOT the GM's fault if you get banned due to stupidity.
    - GM is able to remove/kill a player from the RP if Rules are not followed.
    - Partnering is available (Ex; Siblings). If you are looking for a partner, put "Open Partnering" in the beginning of your Character Sheets. Having a partner does not mean to seclude yourself from the rest of the group!
    - Postings are in an Order Cycle, do not skip ahead of someone unless that person wishes to be skipped which can happen.
    - Inactivity can lead to removal. Each turn has a three day limit.
    - This has an Intermediate Expectation, at least one paragraph (5 Sentences) is a must and details are looked for.
    - Behave in the OOC!

    Character Skeletons : Anything marked with "O" means the information is Optional! If you are NOT going to fill it out, don't put it in the CS please~

    CS (open)


    "O" Zodiac Sign:
    Place of Birth:
    Not everyone will have a job. If you do decide to have a job remember it will be "illegal" or "crappy". List of ideas for jobs below.


    "O" Distinguishing Marks:
    General Appearance: Small Paragraph and Picture. Picture is NOT required.

    "O" Allies:
    "O" Enemies:
    "O" Hobbies:
    "O" Likes:
    "O" Dislikes:
    "O" Talents:


    "O" Secret:
    Mental Illness: If any!

    "O" Special Items:
    "O" Weapons: Weapons must be hand-made or small like a Pocket Knife/Knuckles


    Occupation Ideas;
    [But not limited to.]

    -Turning in cans/bottles.
    -Street Fighting
    *-Pantry Collector

    -Garbage Savager

    Show Spoiler

    Prostitution is NOT allowed at all at any point during the RP.

    **A local church may do a food/clothing pantry. It is a very limited availability job; you would be collecting as much food as you can carry and possibly finding clothes for people to wear.

    Your job is to help everyone, BUT you are able to keep some profits to yourself.

    As mentioned above, two people decided to make themselves the head of the group. One female and one male. The female is already taken and I need the male "leader". They do not have to be siblings, in a relationship ect.
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  2. Mya, Cyan

    Open Partnering
    Artist: Ravenskar@DA

    Name: Mya Galla
    Alias: Spike
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Hungarian, Slovak
    Age: 20
    Zodiac Sign: Libra
    Place of Birth: Miami, Florida
    Occupation: Illegal Street Fighting
    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Height: 5' 6''
    Hair: Messy Long, Black
    General Appearance: Mya is underweight due to starvation but still able to keep herself up and going.
    She has long black hair that shimmers in the sunlight that is unkempt in a ponytail. Mya has ripped clothing that does not keep her very warm, but has decent leather boots she won in a fight and spiked elbow pads that were carved with a filer.

    Strengths: Leadership, Hand-to-Hand Combat
    Self-Confidence, Keeping Calm

    Allies: Open
    Enemies: Open
    Dreams: Getting Everyone on Their Feet and Seeing Them Happy
    Hobbies: Sparing, Drawing
    Unable to Read
    Fears: Someone Dying
    Personality: Mya is very stubborn and hot headed. She will never stop at something till it is accomplished which could be bad or good. Despite her
    stubbornness, Mya is very caring to those that were left behind at the abandoned safe house and makes sure everyone is trying to help out in some way.

    Special Items: An blue iron cross necklace wrapped in copper and on a leather string.
    Weapons: Knuckles
    Biography: Mya has been in Kissimme Safe House for three years ever since her father landed her in the hospital for the last time. Her father beat her nearly to a pulp after taking in heavy amounts of alcohol which caused her to have brain damage. After the incident, Mya has been unable to Read or do some other minor tasks. Some think that the brain damage made her unable to talk, but instead Mya just prefers not to anymore unless she has to. Now that Project Sanctuary was a complete failure, she took it upon herself to help everyone there no matter the risks.
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    Name:Dan Cross
    Nationality: Canadian
    B-day: July 19th
    Zodiac sign:Dragon
    Place of birth: Miami,Florida
    Family: Mom (Deceased) Dad (deceased)
    Sexuality: Don't know yet, too young

    Height:48 inches
    Weight:55.5 pounds
    Hair: Long brown hair
    Eyes: green
    General appearance: Danny's hair is often messy, since he can't cut it or fix it, he often wears a big green furry hoodie and a hat
    Hat: (open)

    Strengths: Small,fast,flexible
    Weaknesses:Not tall, a child,not employed,not strong (emotionally and physically)
    Allies:none yet
    Enemies:none yet
    Dreams:Finding a home where he can live in
    Hobbies: Running around,whistling
    Inabilities: Can't read or spell, can't tie his shoes.
    Fears: He is really scared of scary people, He's scared of being alone or being hopeless, He is really scared of bears and dying
    Personality: Danny is really positive, He mostly always has a smile on his face, He is depressed at the moment of his parents death, But can change his mood fast

    Special items: His blue and red hat, A key chain wrist band that has his parents and his photos inside
    Weapons: None
    Bio:Danny was born and raised in Florida,when he was born, His parents had a safe house, Until it was taken away, They raised him for six years until they were separated, A gang of raiders wanted to take there food and Danny's hat, Him and his mother escaped while is father distracted them, His mother bring him to the woods and told him to hide, he gave him a key chain with there photos inside and she ran to help him, Danny never saw his parents ever again, He is now on the road for a better place
  4. Jessica "Jess" Langdon (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Name: Jessica Langdon
    "O"Alias: Jess except when she's fighting she gets called Jenna to hide her identity.
    Gender: Female

    Nationality: Native American and British.
    Age: 18
    B-Day: October 31st.
    Place of Birth: Miami, Florida.
    Street Fighter and Thief.
    Family: Scattered across the state.
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Height: 5'9
    Hair: Pitch Black
    Eyes: Red

    "O" Distinguishing Marks: She has rigid scars across her wrists from a dull blade due to suicide attempts and a barcode tattoo on her write wrist along with the number eight, given to her by her parents who couldn't bother learning there twelve kids names.
    General Appearance: Her long messy black hair is always down unless she's fighting and she almost always wears a warm black coat with fur on it. During summers she wears a skirt and winters she wears black pants a little too long for her.
    Strengths: Hand-to-hand, speed, flexibility.
    Weaknesses: Anything cute, often suffers mental breakdowns, can't handle new changes, anger issues.

    "O" Allies: Open.
    "O" Enemies: Open.
    "O" Dreams: To somehow become an MMA fighter or an animal cop.
    "O" Hobbies: Practicing fighting, watching local martial arts schools, pretending to take pictures.
    "O" Likes: Martial Arts, photography, animals, cute things, anything sweet.
    "O" Dislikes: New people, people watching her, being bossed around.
    "O" Talents: Photographic memory, oddly good at parkour even though she only found out about it half a year ago.
    Inabilities: She absolutely refuses to do anything that can harm something cute. She's not good at making friends or opening up.
    Fears: Getting close to people only to lose them or let them down. Hurting someone she likes. Finding her family.
    Personality: Due to Jess's fear of making friends, she is often rude and mean to people she meets. Though she is cold to people she does give the other orphans things she steals or gets from fighting. If she makes an actual friend she is fiercely loyal to them and tries her best to both not look weak and not have temper tantrums around them.
    "O" Secret: She takes care of a stray puppy who is a lot like her personality wise.

    Puppy named Clyde. (open)

    Mental Illness: Sadistic, bipolar depression, mental breakdowns, obsessed with fire.

    "O" Special Items: She keeps a broken pocket watch with her that use to belong to her identical twin who is dead.
    "O" Weapons: She has quite a collection of pocket knives that she keeps hidden on her body at all times along with brass knuckles she stole but doesn't wear much since there too big.

    Biography: Jessica was one of twelve children, and the second oldest. Her two parents never bothered learning there kids names so they tattooed numbers on them to know who they were. The children all lived in a house too small and many died from sickness and poor living conditions. Jessica at the time also had an identical twin named Jenna who was always a sick child. Jessica was fiercely loyal to her and whenever her father was about to beat Jenna, Jessica always switched places with her and took the beating.

    One time Jessica was too late and Jenna was beaten to death. Infuriated, Jessica began fighting back against her father which caused the beatings to get worse. The death of her sister was also the source of many of her mental illnesses and her fears.

    The day she was taken away was when she suffered a mental breakdown and ran off and was missing for many days. When she was discovered people went to find her family and take away her siblings only to find the family had already moved away.

    Jess now lives in solitude in the orphanage. She sleeps in the attic, mostly because she knows the other orphans won't go there since most of the attic is unstable. She does what she can to get food and clothes for the others but is still cold and quiet when they try to speak to her. She keeps the puppy she found hidden in the basement.
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