We're in this War Together (AngelFire and CrimsonMaiden)

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  1. You know the plot, so make your character skeleton! :D It can be a girl or a boy, but I am having a male character, just so you know. :)
  2. Character name: Rikyo D'Hiri
    Physical Description: Rikyo is similar to a humanoid, except for his dark green skin, large ears that are a sort of mix between an elephant and cat ears, which have floppy tips and stick out of the side of his head. His skin his soft and smooth, with a lighter green on his palms, and the underside of his forearms, as well as his chest. His face has very prominent cheekbones and square jaw. He has a human-like nose, but it is a little more pointed. His eyes are large and the pupils are slit horizontally, like a goat's. The irises are hazel. His legs are like a dog's back legs, but thicker and the joints are a little less zig-zagged, causing them to have more obtuse angles.
    He has long, shaggy, dark-brown hair on his head that comes down to about his shoulders.
    History: He grew up on his home planet that is not that far from earth. He was in the lower class and since he didn't have money for education, he joined the Space Force. The war started and he became one of the main pilots.
    Other: His race can regrow limbs that have been detached.
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  3. Name: Isis Fullibuster

    Age: 24

    Appearance: She has a milk chocolate complexion and a teardrop beauty mark under her right eye. Her hair is short, about shoulder length, and a reddish brown. She is usually wearing a hat or wraps her hair in a scarf when out. Isis has brown eyes, stands at 5'4" and has a slim body type. Her attire is usually casual to business casual at most.

    Personality: Isis thinks things through before doing anything that feels may very well change her life. If she thinks a situation is worth it, she'll risk her life to do something right.

    Bio: Isis lived her aunt and since she was small. Her parents went to fight in the war and never returned. Why both went, she was unsure, but she was left to her other family and they supported her just as well. Now that she is her own caretaker, she is careful with whom she associates with. People come and go too easily.
  4. Would you like to start? :) )
  5. Sure, I can see what I can pull out my brain :) I'll just edit it into this post so it's not a double post.

    Isis sat in her chair with a bowl balanced perfectly on her head. She stared blankly at the television which was a thin glass that protruded from the wall with images flashing across it. She had eaten oats that morning and not touched anything else since then. The news was on and all they could talk about was the path of destruction left by the war. Aliens had come to earth and the military had deemed them dangerous. That was all Isis knew about the war.

    It seemed to have been going on forever in her mind. She almost couldn't think of a peaceful day where they weren't running for cover from alien fire. Outside was a battle ground and she knew that so she rarely ventured outside. There was a war ensuing and she wanted to stay as far from it as possible.
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  6. Rikyo had his mask on as he piloted the space craft. The cockpit glowed with brightly colored buttons on the rounded board. He had his fingers on green orbs that hovered above the board. Suddenly, the craft shuttered and he smelled sweet smoke. He cursed in his native language as load sirens beeped in his large ears. The orbs turned red and he touched the largest with all his fingers. He could feel the craft tip forward and saw through the viewing window that he was heading towards the enemy planet.
  7. A curious eye peered through the window onto the battle outside. It was hectic, of course. She had been in a group of people trying to just stay out if the whole thing but they were found and recruited to fight on the spot. There had been a battle raging just outside and they shoved them in the middle. Needless to say they ran instead of fought when their commander was filled with holes. She had ran into a house that still had food and working systems. That's where she was now. Most of the street was pretty much irreparably damaged but this house was in pretty good shape.

    Just as she thought that the front door was kicked open and aliens poured inside. They aimed their weapons at her and she ran for the backdoor. She was glad that the furniture was slowing them down. Through the back door she ran through the streets littered with shells and holes from ship blasts and ground level weapons. She was agile enough to avoid stray bullets then duck into an abandoned building. She laid down to hide between a wall that had a large chunk missing that leaned against the opposite wall. She stayed there until it felt safe enough to move on.
  8. As the ship quickly sped through space, getting pulled by gravity, Rikyo reached for the helmet and breathing pack. He was pressed up against the glass of the front window by the force that was caused by the ship's nose-dive. He struggled to put the helmet on and held the pack in his hand. He tried to breathe slowly and calmly. He pushed his head and torso away from the glass, reaching for his chair, which was bolted to the floor. He grabbed it and pulled himself away from the window, setting his feet on it. He pushed himself along the wall, using anything that was protruding from it. He opened the doors and proceeded carefully into the small engine room in the back. He leaned against the wall in there and closed his eyes.
    "Karco Mashito..." He whispered. "Save me..."
  9. Isis sat up and peeked outside, it didn't seem that anyone was still after her. She slowly got onto her hands and knees and crawled further inside to find an alternate exit. Her hair was full of dirt and whatever else was on the ground now; she also smelled like sweat and was covered in dirt herself. This war was making it impossible to do anything. It had been going so long she had forgotten what it was like living in a place instead of foraging houses and "staking out" instead of living in one, sleeping in one.

    I wish someone would take the liberty of finishing the other off. She was fully aware of what it would mean if the aliens won. They would probably enslave the humans remaining and take over the planet. The humans would definently enslave the aliens, no doubt. She just wanted it all over now. What happened to protest groups, groups against war and fighting foreign enemies? There probably wasn't a human alive who thought that now. "I just want all of this to be over," she sighed. She made it to a back exit and took a deep breath before sprinting from her hiding place to whatever shelter she could find next.
  10. The aircraft exploded around Rikyo, crumpling like a piece of paper. A searing burning sensation traveled quickly up his side. He landed on his other side on a hard surface. He smelled smoke and felt heat. He opened his eyes and looked around. The ship was totaled and burning with blue fire. He crawled away from it and gasped in pain. A shard of metal was stuck in his side. His blood oozed from the wound and he stared in horror through the helmet. He took hold of it, and pulled it out. He shrieked and put the shard on the ground, continuing to crawl away.
  11. The ground shook suddenly and Isis was thrown to the ground. She could see smoke not far from there. Someone had likely been shot down. The alien's technology was so advanced they could shoot down an aircraft with a two handed gun. There was no way to tell if it was an earth ship or one of the alien's crafts. She stared there for a moment before scrambling to her feet and running toward. The scene of a crash was not the best place to call herself hiding at but it was the only thing she could focus on at the moment. Besides, if it was an earth ship then she could possibly help the pilot if they were still alive. She ducked and dodged until she drew close enough to see the ruins of the ship. "There's no way anyone survived that..." she thought aloud. "I can at least sty here for a while. It should be far enough away from the fighting so that I shouldn't have to sneak around so much." Isis sat back against the side of a piece of a house that once stood there and slowly let her eyes close.
  12. Rikyo saw Isis and reached out with a bloody hand. "Karco Mashito! Peasil!" He called out. He hoped she saw him. He took the piece of metal that had stabbed him and hit against another piece of scrap metal, trying to get her attention.
  13. Just as her eyes were drifting closed she was woken up again by the sound of something clinking. She started awake, ready to run but she didn't. She glanced around quickly and froze when she saw the person on the ground. He didn't look human. "H-Hello?" she called as she slowly moved towards them. "Are you okay? Was this your ship?" She stopped about a foot away and just looked at him. On one hand she felt bad for not helping him but on the other hand they were in the middle of a intergalactic war. "Do you need help?"
  14. "Karco Mashito! Mat heinit! Mat heinit!" he realized that she was human and probably didn't understand what he was saying. He tried to pull himself off of the ground and showed her his side where the deep gash was.
  15. Isis swallowed the lump in her throat when she saw the wound. "You're hurt..." Again there was conflict in her mind. He was an alien, one of the people who had tried to kill her just minutes ago. He needed help though. If she turned her back now and acted like she saw nothing, he would die. But his people were killing her people. But... Did she have a problem with them, personally? Isis stared at him on the ground, possibly bleeding out or getting an infection from being on the ground.

    Even if she wanted to help him she didn't have anything to bandage his wound with. At the moment all she had were the clothes on her back. She moved toward him a little more. "Even if I wanted to help you I don't have anything," she said, her voice shaky and hesitant.
  16. Rikyo didn't know what she said, but, she wasn't helping him. He should have expected that, she was human. He nodded to her and continued to pull himself up. He planted his toes into the dirt and lifted himself up, standing tall- nearly 8 feet. The pain increased as he stood, and he cringed, wrapping his arms around his torso. looking around, the alien tried to move, but his whole body burned. He fell back on the ground and decided to crawl on all fours, which he could also do naturally. He felt much more comfrotable this way, even though he was bleeding out. He walked towards her like a dog, cautiously. He wondered if he should kill her. She was the enemy, but the thing was, he had no desire to kill the human. He actually found her interesting. He'd never seen one before.
  17. Isis gasped when he began to crawl toward her like an animal. She backed up slowly, sort of afraid any sudden movements would be bad for both of them. "I-I could help you if i had something but I can't even bandage my own scratches." She rolled up her sleeve to show a large scratch on her arm that had started to scabbed over. "I would like to help but- Wait, can you understand me? Don't tell me you can't understand a word I'm saying." She backed into the delapidated building and froze.
  18. Rikyo tilted his head. She showed him her cut and he examined it. He slowly took his helmet off. He felt his lungs contort and change, he couldn't breathe for a moment, but as soon as they changed to breathe in oxygen, he took a big gulp of air. Stopping to catch his breath, he turned his large ears toward her to look less threatening. He moved toward her more, slowly and limping, blood dripping down his leg nearest the wound. He opened his mouth and said something in his language, but then tried to remember what words he'd learned during training. "Wastup?" he said, trying to say "what's up?" He tilted his head again to see if he had said it right, waiting for a response.
  19. Isis's lip twitched in an possible smile but she quickly swallowed it down. "You can speak or... Do you understand what I'm saying?" This was much longer than she had wanted to ever be in any kind of contact with an alien and she was officially uncomfortable. She didn't have anything to help herself, let alone him, and the chances of finding someone to help was below zero. This city was a battle zone. Everyone was either dead or had run away long ago. "Look, if you can understand me then it's not safe to be here," she said slowly. Perhaps he could understand some of her words and get the gist of what she was saying. "You're hurt and I'm a human. If I stay here I could be killed and you too."

    She looked at the bloody area in his side and swallowed hard once again. She did not want to get any more involved in this war than she had to. Yeah, she had no home and every right to help those fighting the aliens but truthfully the government had started it and then thee radicals got involved. Basically it wasn't her war in her mind and so as long as she kept her head down she knew she could stay alive long enough to possibly out live this war. Right now, she was about to do something completely against the voice shouting in her mind. "Here-" she held out her hand- "I'll help you get somewhere we can take care of your injury." Her hand was offered in as earnest a manner as she could muster, but it was shaking.
  20. Rikyo tilted his head at her hand and flicked his ears. He still could't understand her and it was getting frustrating. An idea popped into his head. He turned back and limped into the wreckage and smoke of his ship. A second later he reappeared with a piece of metal. He grew a claw from one finger and twisted it into the clump of metal. Then, he pulled a few wires from the side and tied them together. A blue orb appeared on the top and Rikyo touched it once his claw retracted. It spun and turned green. He spoke into it, his own voice overlapped with a human, english one. "Hello." It said through the green orb.
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