Were-Hunter: Killer Instinct

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  1. I would like to come up with a plot with my partner, I feel if you want to make something greatl--two heads a re better than one. unless they are mutated--you should seriously get that looked at then.

    Onwards! I'd like to build and create a story, wherein the traditional characters are mostly only mentioned. So only original characters should be allowed. That said, the lore and history are still there. So, this being a Were-Hunter story the Katagarian/ Arcadians still fight each other and still seek out their soul mate and become a bonded pair when sex is applied to the equation.

    I'd preferably like someone who's an adult because the nature of the series is sexualized. A female partner who's okay with that. I'd definitely want someone who can be very descriptive and generally writes more than a couple of small paragraphs. Posting times at least 2-3 times a week. I think that's reasonable--doesn't rush you but doesn't kill the mood or story.
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  2. The Beginning

    Lycaon, King of Arcadia, had a beautiful wife and two sons. Not knowing his wife was of the Apollite people (cursed by Apollo), he watched helplessly as she died horribly at the age of twenty-seven. Realizing his sons would meet the same fate, he attempted to circumvent the curse. Gathering as many Apollites as he could find, he began using arcane magic to change the people, trying to find a way to fool the gods. Using these magicks, King Lycaon began splicing the essence of the Apollites with that of predatory animals, creating the first Were-Hunters. His experiments succeeded in circumventing the curse. Instead of living only twenty-seven years, they now lived for close to a thousand. Choosing the most powerful of the animals on which he had experimented, King Lycaon blended his sons with a dragon and a wolf. For defying the will of a god, the Fates demanded that Lycaon kill his sons as punishment. When he refused, the Fates cursed the new race saying, "They will spend eternity hating and fighting until the day when the last of them breathes no more." Whenever Lycaon blended an Apollite with an animal, he ended up with two new separate beings: one with an animal's heart and one with a human's. Thus the Katagaria and the Arcadians came to be. Those directly descended from King Lycaon took the surname of Kattalakis.


    The Katagaria are the animal-hearted Weres. Born as animals, they can only become human at puberty when their magical powers are "unlocked". When a Katagaria sleeps or becomes unconscious, they revert to their base form, an animal. The Katagaria are very mistrustful of the Arcadians, because they believe humans are often deceptive. Katagaria follow the law of kill or be killed, preferring to attack when they feel threatened as opposed to waiting to be attacked themselves. The Katagaria only kill to defend themselves, their pack, or their territory. The Katagarian Strati are a sort of soldier that seek out Rogue Arcadians, but will not engage an enemy unprovoked. On the other hand, there are some Katagaria who are unable to rein in the hedonistic impulses of their animal soul and succumb to madness. These Katagaria are referred to as Slayers. It is a common Katagarian tradition to mount their first kill on the wall of their home. It is also polite to refer to the Katagaria by their animal selves, though referring to them by the term Were is extremely insulting.


    The Arcadians are the human-hearted Weres, born as humans and can only become animals and harness their magical powers at puberty. When an Arcadian sleeps or becomes unconscious they revert to their base form, a human. The Arcadians feel that the Katagaria need to be closely monitored and controlled as to prevent them from being emotionless animals capable of killing without reason. Arcadian soldiers, Sentinals, usually travel in groups of four, and make it their main duty to track and kill Slayers. Only a few Sentinals are born to each patria and they are chosen by the Fates. Sentinals can be recognized by a geometric design covering one side of their face. The design is a birthmark that appears at maturity, though most prefer to use their powers to hide them.


    A mate is assigned by the Fates without the consultation of either party. Once the mate is assigned, a unique mark appears in the palms of the male and female. The tribal markings mirror each other exactly, showing Were-Hunter lineage. As mates, the couple must be careful as each will carry the scent of his or her mate. This complication has put a Were in mortal danger more than once. Once an enemy has pegged a Were, that Were will be tracked by his/her scent. A Were’s scent is the one thing he cannot change or hide with magic.Those are only the Fates’ laws, however. The clan laws are not so benevolent. They are strict about who and what they will allow into their patria, Fates be damned.

    Patria | Animal

    {td=@x16}Hawk, Falcon, Eagle{/td}
    {td=@x16}Niphetos Pardalia{/td}
    {td=@x16}Snow Leopard{/td}
    Were-Hunter slang/dictionary

    Archigos: Leader of the patria.

    Aristos/Aristi: A rare breed of Arcadian with the ability to wield magic effortlessly, Aristi are the most powerful and considered gods in the Arcadian realm.

    Book of Dragons: Explains the origins of the Arcadian Draki, taken from the library at Alexandria by Sebastian Kattalakis. Given to Channon Macrea as a birthday present.

    Cresting: Were-Hunters at the height of their sexual peak.

    Diki: Trial by combat in Were-Hunter culture.

    Dragon Tapestry Woven by Antiphone Kattalakis in seventeenth-century Britain, The tapestry tells the story of Lycaon and his brother. Embodies the origin of the Arcadian Draki and the eternal battle between good and evil.

    Exoristos: Exiled Were-Hunter, no member of the exiled Were-Hunter's former patria is allowed to even speak his/her name.

    Filos: The Katagaria term for a male pack member.

    Grand Regis: 1. The representative of either the Arcadian or Katagaria species, Which means that there are two Grand Regis per species, one for the Arcadian half, and one for the Katagari half. It should be noted that there are only 23, because all Arcadian Jaguars are extinct, due to them angering Savitar. Trevor IS the last Arcadian Jaguar.

    The Howlers: Sanctuary band, they play heavy metal.

    Laminas/Limani: Atlantean term for "haven" portals between worlds (bolt-holes). Term used for any Were-Hunter sanctuary.

    Metriazo Collar: Tiny silver collar sends tiny ionic pulses into the body of a Were-Hunter, thus preventing its victim from using his magic powers. Effectively stops a shape-shifter from changing shape, can only be removed by magic.

    Nearas: Virgin Were-Hunter females who are cresting.

    Omega Wolf: The scapegoat of the pack whom everyone picks on.

    Patria: Name for the family grouping of Were-Hunters of the same race and animal genes.

    Phaser: A dangerous Sentinel weapon developed specifically for the Katagaria.

    Regis: The leader of each individual Were-Hunter pack.

    Rytis: The invisible stream of waves that move through everything in the natural world. Were- and Dream-hunters use the rytis to move through time and space.

    Sentinels: Arcadian warriors chosen by the Moirae. Equivalent to the Katagaria Strati, they hunt Slayers and true Slayers.

    Slayer: Katagaria that lose themselves to their animal impulse, and attack Arcadians. More violent and vicious Slayers are referred to as true Slayers. Slayers and true Slayers are hunted down by Sentinels, and are often disliked by brethren Katagaria for their violent nature.

    Scooby: Derogatory Lykos Katagaria term for a brainless, cowardly pup.

    Strati: Katagaria soldiers who seek out rogue Arcadians to fight. Some Arcadian refer to all Strati as Slayers, Strati are the Katagaria equivalent of Sentinels.

    -Swain: Suffix for male Were-Hunters. (e.g. bearswain)

    -Swan: Suffix for female Were-Hunter. (e.g. bearswan)

    Tessera: From the Greek word for "four", term used for a group of four Were-Hunters sent out to hunt others of their kind.

    Thirio: The instinctual need inside for Were-Hunters to bond and combine life forces during the consummation of mating. Basic, powerful animal thrall that overtakes a Were-Hunter, the canine teeth grow to facilitate the bonding.

    Timoria: Katagaria punishment.

    Trelosa: A rabies-like madness that comes upon a Were-Hunter when he hits puberty.

    Whelps: Young Were-Hunters who have reached puberty and mastered their hormones, but have yet to harness all their powers.


    Time Period

    It is modern times; cars, planes, guns--they all exist. The year is 2016.

    The Plot



    Dark Hunters: Dark-Hunters are created from ancient warriors who have been wronged. They come from all walks of life and all cultures. Some are human, some are Apollites, Were-Hunters and even gods. Whenever someone is wronged and dying from an act of betrayal or brutal treachery, their soul makes a scream that echoes through the mountains of Olympus. When Artemis hears that sound, she goes to the one who made it and makes a pact. For a single Act of Vengeance against the ones who wronged the dying party, they will swear their fealty to her service and will spend the rest of eternity hunting down and slaying the Daimon menace. Because each Dark-Hunter is so different, so are their powers. Their psychic abilities and physical powers hinge on what they were in their lives. A Dark-Hunter who was a general who could easily predict an enemy might now have mind reading. The only thing the Dark-Hunters have in common is that they all have fangs, and almost all of them have black eyes. They also have a bow-and-arrow mark on the spot where Artemis took their souls.

    Dream-Hunters: are the children of the Greek gods of sleep. They are born gods or half-gods. Some of them are born of human mothers, but most are born of the Greek goddess Mist. They can be either male or female, and for the most part, they leave the human realm alone and are found only in your wildest dreams as lovers or demons.

    Hellchasers: Long before time began, a war was fought between the powers of light and darkness. From their blood sprang some of the deadliest preternatural predators ever conceived. Demons and others so evil, no one could fight them. Mankind was left to cower and fall victim to their cruelty.Until a pact was made. We are the silent soldiers sent in to combat the worst of all evils—demons so terrifying even the bravest exorcist runs. When something breaks free from its hell, we are the ones sent in to retrieve it, banish it or kill it. Led by the mysterious Thorn, we are shapeshifters, demons, and other souls who were damned by either knowing too much or treading down the path best left undisturbed... Sometimes we started out even worse than the ones we're sent after. The only thing that unites us is our commitment to stand strong and to battle to the bitter end. Pray you never become one of our targets.




    Eye color:

    Hair Color:


    Class of Patria/ Animal:

    Job assigned:

    Crest Markings:


    Items (optional)


    Weapons (optional)

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  3. Red+haired+qt+s_b6fc91_5578582.jpg

    Name: Angelica Belladonna

    Age: 20

    Height: 5’2

    Weight: 110lbs

    Hair color: Red

    Eye color: Brown

    Race: Katagaria

    Patria: Helikias/ Cheetah


    Job assigned: Strati

    Crest Marking: Nearas mark found on the back of her neck. (But that's really no one's business!)

    Personality: Based off of animal instinct, for the most part rebellious and quiet, can be hot headed when insulted.

    Family items
    Her mother's wedding ring
    Along with her Father's ring
    Both Parents Heads (Kept inside of a box wrapped in bubble wrap hasn't mounted them yet.)

    Weapon: Hunting Knife - weapon of choice but isn't a stranger to guns, prefers sniper rifles. Enjoys being far from danger.

    Mother -Deceased

    Father -Deceased

    Twin sister-Alive
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  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Trevor Remington

    Age: 31

    Height: 6'8

    Weight: 294lbs

    Eye color: Dark Brown

    Hair Color: Black

    Race: Arcadian

    Patria/ Animal: Balios/ Jaguar

    Job assigned: Private Security Contractor (PSC)

    Crest Markings: Tribal Crescent Moon/ Right side of face



    Items (optional)


    Weapons (optional)


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