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    Certain children and teens have abilities that they were born with. The reason why they developed them is unknown, but because of it, most have had a cruel childhood. Some, do not realize their abilities until a certain age or emotional break down, while others have used theirs since birth. In certain areas of different villages and towns, these children either choose to live their lives: in secret, living out in the open, living alone, living to do dirty work, in groups, or in hope that their abilities will disappear. Among them, are the demented. these children are one's that have lost their mind completely and will rarely get their sanity back because they cannot cope with their situation. Most of the demented are fortunate to be locked up while others are killed instantly for bounty or out of fear.

    A young, 8 year old girl by the name of Alice, smiled at the sight of flames dancing around her. She began to laugh, skipping around the burnt down village that was known as peaceful and quiet. Everything was in ashes, bodies lay twisted and lifeless on the ground surrounded by their own blood. Under the luminescent moon, her long-wavy platinum hair shimmered as her golden eyes and honey colored skin glowed vibrantly despite being stained with the crimson blood. The white dress she wore was tattered as she walked around barefoot, not caring about the minor damage that was inflicted when she walked on twigs and rocks. Walking towards the gates of the village, she left without a single glance back and entered the dark eerie forest carrying with her, a single blood stained, white bunny with long ears, eye patch covering the right eye, and black stitches.
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  2. The childish laughter caused his head to swivel from shadows of the tree canopy. He quietly brushed aside branches to better scan the forest floor and his cobalt eyes pierced the darkness below. His heart was still pounding in his throat as he tried to stifle his panting. The haunting glow of the burning village was crawling into his place of refuge. His hair was almost as black as the ashes which now filled the sky. He cautiously dropped to a lower branch, with the stealth of a panther, and settled in the hallow of the tree when the white streak caught his eyes. Her hair billowed out behind her like a ghostly wisp as she skipped over the rubble. She couldn't have been less phased by the chaos of the town, and her joyous demeanor seemed to come of relief. The boy was only a child himself, though older, about the age of 13, but he knew this feeling well. The feeling after you break from the confines of sanity. With a smirk he slipped from the branches and glided into the girl's shadow. Finally a place to hide.
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  3. Hearing a few branches rustle slightly a distance away from her, Alice looked around her surroundings but ignored it, thinking it was from a scurrying animal. She then continued on her way to only stop in a clearing by the lake. Putting her bunny down by a tree, she sat down and cupped her hands into the water and drank to satisfy her dry and parched mouth. After that, she began to rinse the dried blood off of her skin and hair. Despite being cleaned from the blood and dirt, a part of her felt dirty and tainted, but she didn't really care, because she believed that the people she killed deserved it. Deciding to continue her journey in the morning, she sat down on the edge of the lake, sticking her feet in and began to hum a haunting tune as she looked up at the moon.
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  4. ryuuto was walking through the area when he noticed a glow in the distance. he began to run towards it and found a burning village. "there is another one here and by the looks of it shes a demented." his eyes began to glow blue and the sky started to swirl and then the lightning and thunder followed and finally the rain and the glow began to disappear his eyes began to stop glowing. theres one problem down now i have to find this one as he his walking away from the village. his eye glowed blue one more time and there was a large flash behind him and village disappears from a large bolt of lightning.
  5. The boy watched the stars from his shadowed realm, taking some odd comfort in the girl's eerie lullaby. He longed for that kind of peace. Just as a cloud passed over the moon, a pain shot through his being--he'd been hiding too long. Alice's shadow distorted and writhed behind her as the boy struggled to re-emerge. He couldn't let her see him. The shadow stretched back toward the treeline where he could take cover amidst the blackened wood. He stepped out, and like a rubber band, the girl's shadow snapped back to its natural state. He bit his tongue hard and allowed his body to fold, trying to keep his agony silent. Darkness was seeping from the veins in his right hand. Then, the moon unveiled again, illuminating the patched bunny by his feet. Clutching his right arm, he picked up the strange animal and studied it. It was still bloodied. The girl had now fallen to her side. An amused smile tugged at his lips. Hmph, even the devil has to sleep.
  6. As Alice was on the ground, she felt raindrops fall from the sky. She stirred around from the cold floor and felt a shadow loom over her as she began to awaken.
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  7. *flash* The boy's eyes shot to the sky, and there was no denying the low rumble which followed. Alice stirred by the water, and panicked he dropped the bunny and rose into the trees.
  8. A small distance away, atop a hill, sat a girl. Although she was 18 she looked younger because of her fine, pale skin. She looked up at the sky, the smoke from the burning village blocking out the stars, making her sigh. 'I wonder what is going on down there?' She asked herself before lying back down on the rock she was on. Her almost white hair spread out gracefully around her head and she rubbed her ice blue eyes as they began to sting from the smoke polluting its way up the hill. 'I think it is time to leave Weasel' A small white weasel that had been curled up next to her suddenly sprung up her arm and curled itself around the back of her neck and with that she began hopping down the rocky hill towards the lake.
  9. Shifting on the ground, Alice's eyes fluttered open and she awoke, realizing she had fallen. When she heard the sound of thunder clash in the distance, she jumped saw a glimpse of the boy drop her bunny onto the ground. Standing in front of he bunny, she bent down to pick it up and approached the boy when she noticed a figure in the distance walking towards the lake.
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  10. His heart was racing. This was more attention than he needed right now. He steadied himself on a thick branch and his deep blue eyes darted between the approaching figure and the girl. It looked like she was closing in on her target...
  11. Looking up at trees, Alice tilted her head in confusion and realized that the boy was following her when she heard the leaves rustle before she came to the lake. Walking towards the tree, she saw the boy sitting on a thick branch, looking at her and the figure that was approaching them. "Who are you?" Alice asked curiously, to the boy sitting on the tree branch.
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  12. As she approached the lake she was talking to herself about how she disliked smoke and fire, totally unaware of the people up ahead of her. She reached the waters edge and kneeled down but froze as her weasel began hissing and arching his back. She turned her head slowly to see two dark figures only metres away from where she now stood. 'Weasel do you think they are friends?' She whispered to her companion, unable to properly see them as the smoke had rendered her vision blurry.
  13. ryuuto after obliterating the remains of the village he walked in the rain and and ended up on the other side of the lakethats when he saw a girl across the lake that was about his age. he also noticed the other people across the lake his eyes began to slowly around the lake towards them but made sure he stayed out of sight. eventually he was 30 feet away in the tree watching them.
  14. Great. It was too late to take to the shadows now. The boy swung down from the tree and landed softly on his feet. He was graceful, despite his still aching arm. His eyes met the girl's amber gaze. His jaw clenched out of frustration for having his cover blown as he looked at her. She was so wide-eyed, it found some weak spot in his stoic facade. "Name's Fen", he voice tried to stay hushed. She was so young. One of the youngest he'd seen of his kind. "Is that your rabbit?" Fen motioned to the bunny he dropped on the ground.
  15. Alice watched as the boy gracefully jumped down from the tree, noticing his aching arm and listened as he introduced himself as Fen and pointed at her bunny when he asked her if it was hers. "Fen? Fen" Alice repeated his name a few times. She then let out a giggle and smiled at him mischievously. "Yes, he's my bunny" She answered to his question. "Are you from that village?" Alice asked, thinking that she could have sworn she killed everyone from the village. Oh well, if that's the case, I'll just kill him too, she thought to herself.
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  16. "SHH! Be quiet!" Fen yelled in his hushed voice. Shadowy tendrils flew up and wrapped around Alice's mouth. Fen's eyes widened when he realized instincts had taken over. The moment froze. Her laugh was unsettling...and that smile. Fen knew she was a demented since he saw her skipping through the forest, but now that he'd had the chance to get a closer look he could see just how far she'd succumbed to the madness. By the time Fen's mind kicked back, he knew he'd already made a deadly mistake. Trying to devolve the situation he hurriedly tried to explain while Alice began to struggle under his vice. "No, I'm not a villager! I'm like you!"
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  17. The girl took this time to kneel back down beside the lake to rinse her eyes and restore her vision to normal. She sensed something weird about these two and mumbled to her companion as she stood up and dried her hands on her grey knitted sweater she wore. She flicked her long bangs in front of her face and peered through them at the scene taking placed between the two, deciding to keep her distance as they seemed hostile.
  18. I remember sitting by the window watching the flames rise, that's when my creator left to go see what was happening and even though he was cruel to me, he cared deeply about other people. My ankle was raw from me trying to pull it out from the chain, but still I didn't stop, with any chance for me to get out of this house and be free I won't ever stop. By the time I ripped the chin out from the wall, when rain suddenly came pouring down, I wonder what happened?! My curiosity got the better of me and I wasted no time trying to get where the fire used to be, but by the time I got there.. I heard a few people chatting with eachother. Are they going to hurt me? With that thought, I tried hiding myself behind a tree.
  19. Standing unmoved in one spot, her eyes began to glow when his shadowy tendrils covered her mouth. She watched him amusingly as a look of regret flickered on his face. She was then taken aback when she heard him say he was just like her. Seeing that he could control the shadows, she believed him and didn't struggle in his shadows grasp.
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  20. Something was happening, thought Aisha. Something bad. More children?

    She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate. She could see a lake in the woods. A village lay in ruins next to it. Yes, it was becoming clearer. There were a few children at a side of the lake, one of them on the ground. It would take too much energy to zoom in. Aisha sighed. Should she intervene? Ever since the last mission, she'd been banned from going on any interventions. But again, Aisha was never one to pay much attention to rules.

    Aisha was a member of a group dedicated to guiding the young demented ones. All of the people in the group themselves were once demented but born with a lot of self control, thus making them the saner of the lot. They had come together in hopes of helping the younger ones as they themselves knew the agony of being alone in the world. Only helping, not curing. There was no cure. Aisha, while mentally strong, was very careless. After a few mishaps, she had been told that she was no longer a part of the group.

    Ignoring the voice in her head saying no, she apparated a few metres away from the lake. It was cold, colder than she thought it would be. She heard a rustle in the trees in front of her. She grinned as she saw a boy hiding in the branches. Smart, but not what I would do. Aisha brushed her dark hair out of her eyes and took in the scene in front of her. Two girls and a boy. She sensed more in the area around.

    Not one for hiding, Aisha walked towards the lake and called out into the night air.

    "Who goes there?"
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