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  1. H-hi (^^)/
    This is about kids and teens that have abilities that they were born with. Most of them, don't know about their abilities until a certain age or emotional break down, while others have used theirs since birth. In certain areas of different villages and towns, these children either choose to live their lives: in secret, living out in the open, living alone, living to do dirty work, in groups, or in hope that their abilities will disappear. Among them, are the demented. These children are one's that have lost their mind completely and will rarely get their sanity back because they cannot cope with their situation. Most of the demented are fortunate to be locked up while others are killed instantly for bounty or out of fear.

    Name: Alice
    Age: 8 years old
    Appearance: Golden eyes, long-wavy platinum hair, and honey colored skin, she has scars and faint markings of chains on her skin but tries to hide it by directing a persons attention to something else.
    Ability: Fire; she has different levels of fire, one which makes people feel like their freezing when their actually being burnt.
    Occupation: Travels alone
    Personality: Mischievous, childish, psychotic (not demented, she hasn't lost her sanity) at times which usually makes people think she has a split personality.
    (Whenever she becomes psychotic, she refers to herself as 'Dead Alice.')
    Bio: Alice had her abilities when she was young and her mom and everyone would call her a monster. Her mother soon committed suicide and her father decided to abandon her by selling her off somewhere. After a few years of living there, she was tortured as other children like her were also treated the same way. They were chained in a single room like animals and were often beaten while other times, their blood would be taken as a test to find out why they were the way they were. Alice then slowly began to lose herself and caused the whole place to explode into flames and escaped, killing everyone of her witnesses. Thus, no one know's who she is or her whereabouts because they thought she died with all the other people/kids in the village.
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  2. Name : Aisha
    Age : 22
    Appearance : Short dark choppy hair, dark eyes, olive-brown skin. 5'7'', athletic build.
    Ability : Able to see situations in different places, which includes inside someone's mind. As a member of the help group, can apparate.
    Occupation : Part time works in a coffee shop. Travels at night.
    Personality : Open, brash and brave. However can be very careless and loses her temper very easily. Vengeful at times. Is very easy to understand which is a downfall. Smart but careless.
    Bio : Forced into slavery as a young child, Aisha began to read her master's mind and use his secrets against him. Ran away and had a chance to start a life in the city. Was recruited when she was 15 by the help group but thrown out for being stubborn and careless. Secretly wants to avenge herself and is continuously planning on how take revenge on the person who replaced her.
  3. Name: Karah (pronounced car-uh)
    Age: 15
    Height: 5ft
    Looks: Tan skin, hazel eyes, and long curly hair. She's considered pretty by today's standards but doesn't dress to show it, usually in an oversize tshirt, beanie/snapback, with printed leggings and some form of high top sneaker.
    Abilities: control of the elements
    Short bio: Karah was ten when she learned of her powers. She'd been playing when some kids came over and began to bully her.
    They ended up in the hospital. After her life began to crumble. She had to move multiple times as she learned to control her powers. Her mother left because of the stress and her father beat her for being a freak.
    A few days before her fifteenth birthday it was too much. Her father beat her so badly she blacked out and her powers took over killing him and destroying the house. Karah ran after that. There's a warrant for her arrest in the state of Delaware because of it.
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  6. Name: Joshua
    Age: 19
    Appereance: Short brown hair, tan skin, usualy wears black,blue or white shirts depending on the season with a sweater or not, usualy has a wooden practice sword and a rather large piece of bark with him
    Ability: can improve most materials and weapons with concentration for example make a knife sharper or strengthen a piece of wood to the limit of even blocking a bullet with it
    Short Bio: He was always a cheerful child he never really cared about much if he wasn't enjoying it, from a very young age he started practicing a variety of fighting styles but ultimately sticking to simple swords where he learned different kinds of techniques from all sorts of swordmanship schools all over the world.

    Realized his powers when he for the first time was forced to use his skills to fight, as he found himself in a bad situation he had to strengthen his old practice sword and managed to escape the persons attacking his village.
    While he manages to escape his family and most of the persons he knew where either killed or captured by the people attacking the village, he never investigated and never looked back.
    Now for multiple years he was alone and keeps walking through the world trying to find his place in it.

    Hope I can join my only problem now is that I kind of enjoyed writting this and almost wrote too much :P
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  7. Well i for one am impressed with it and cannot wait to read your intro (:
  8. Name: Jin

    Age: 23

    Appearance: Messy black hair that is borderline long, it often sticks out in random directions without looking bad. He's tall, about 6'4, and darker skinned with plenty of scars; the kind you just get from living life as an active kid. With his glasses, he's got huge brown eyes, though he prefers to live without them in front of the ladies. His clothes are sensible; t-shirts, rugged jeans, a jacket and good boots. He's got black backpack with plenty of space and even an extra zipper that doubles the size of the main pouch. That's about it, really. Maybe a watch when he can stand wearing one.

    Ability: He has the 'Blink' ability. Jin can 'teleport' short distances to just about anywhere, as long as he can see it. While this appears to be instant travel, in reality, he is stepping into shadows and moving on the shadow plane of existence. So long as there is a little bit of darkness, he can move about within it.

    Short bio: Jinara Gunlark is the son of a masterful magician, his father, and amazing psychologist, his mother. Jin's father taught him the secrets of his trade and the insanity that comes a long with it. For every moment you spend in that realm, you lose a little bit more of your mind, until you succumb to it entirely and just never come back. His mother always expected that day when her husband would never return and often feared for her son, as well. So, she taught him the skills of the mind and how to protect one's self and even help others. This makes Jin a very stable and calm person. At times, especially when he is under particuarlly heavy stress, Jin can seem cold and distant. It is only a way to protect himself and others, however. With rumors of the other children and people that might need his help, Jin set out to fullfill that mission, as well as seek out his lost father.

    (I think I -did- write too much. :P But, this seems like a cool idea. So, I'm in!)
    (Edit: maybe...he's too old... xD)
    (edit2: I also didnt realize that the RP was going already! And that its lengthy! But, that's okay. <3 Looks fun. I'm too new to this site, lol.)
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  9. Of course you can =^_^= jump-in anytime
  10. Nah, it's fine. The age range was mainly teens, but i'm not too picky about it, so if that's what you prefer then it's fine. ^^ Also, 23 doesn't seem old or is it just me?
  11. I will as soon as I get the time to do so! Thanks a lot :)
  12. I mean, relative to the desires. :P Is there any way to get a quick summary of events? =o Or the recent events? I didn't realize it was such a long-running rp!
  13. Well, the recent event is that one of the characters (Lucy) is looking for a dragon and is currently going to the mountains to find it while Fen ran after her to find her. Alice recenty went unconcious and just woke up to find out that Fen and Lucy are gone.

    I don't think I explained it that well ^^;

    Basically, Alice was traveling alone massacering villages until she met certain people and they end up going to the mountains together because one of them wanted to find a dragon and they all decided to tag along. While there's one person who is following them and the characters think he is an enemy at the moment, but they don't know that yet.

    ... My description is bad isn't it? T_T you could read the recent pages if you'd like.
  14. No problem, I'm looking forward to it.
  15. I see, I see. ^^ That was a fine description. Hmmmmm.... Now I need to figure out where I might jump in.
  16. Really? Thank you \(^^)/

    Alice, Karah and Ryuuto are about to leave the village for the mountains to look for Fen and Lucy. Maybe that could be where you jump in?
  17. That is just what I was thinking. I'm monitoring the thread and coming up with a few ideas. :> But, yes. I think that is where I'll hop in. ^^
  18. Alright ^_^ can't wait to read it
  19. I'm confuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuused. Did they find Fen? or did they find me?!
  20. They found Fen which was near your cabin. I don't know if I was wrong or not, but was your cabin visible to others? Or was it in a different dimension where it couldn't be seen?

    Nevermind, it was in the shadow dimension. Gah... I think I should go back and edit what I wrote, sorry ^^;
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