We're All Boned - The Icon Edition! V1

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  1. Alright, so hopefully I can make this an on-going game, because this kind of shiz is hilarious.

    1) The person who posts makes up a scenario with the icon below who will inevitably post. However, it has to be absolutely miserable.
    2) The person who posts also makes a comment about themselves in relation to the icon below's actions.
    3) This carries on until it makes a small horrible chain-of-event's story. Last post to make it is the one lucky bastard who survived the whole shit-cake ordeal. 8D


    • The icon below me is the guy who accidentally set off all the explosives in the tunnel, which awakened an eldrich horror.
    • I'm the dumbshit who wasn't watching him on duty at the time.
    • The poster below me is the guy who actually let the horror escape into the city and it stole everyone's silverware.
    • I'm the one who keeps chasing after it trying to put all dat shit back.


    • The icon below me is the person who threw a chicken-ball at one of the lunch room cafeteria workers, and now she's stomping out of her stall with a meat-cleaver.
    • I totally bailed on everyone's asses and dodged out of the side door to bolt down the hallway because fuck that.