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  1. Welcome to Wentworth Academy, a school filled with the worst of criminals. Well actually being as it is the future, we are a lot stricter now. Break a simple law and you will be sent to jail immediately and sometimes, you will even be executed. Doesn't matter the crime anymore.

    But one day, Wentworth Academy opened up allowing for criminals to be transported to the school in order to rehabilitate. Of course, it is a high school so it is only students 14 to 18 that come to the school but it was created to give students a second chance at life. This school helps teach them that no matter their background, they don't have to be criminals to survive in this world. Granted, it is a tad bit hard to live without being a criminal since food is hard to come by if your poor but they will drill into your head that being good isn't so bad.

    There is no middle class anymore. We have all the technology in the world but if you live in a house, your rich. If you live on the streets, your poor. There is no in between anymore. The more technologically advanced we became, the worst it got.

    This is Wentworth Academy... don't die.
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  2. This sounds interesting! I think I may have to come back to this.
  3. This sounds interesting I'm up for it
  4. Aight. Sounds cool. :)
  5. I'm interested as well, will there be character sheets?
  6. Yes I was waiting for the update.
  7. Fun fun fun, I'd love to join ouo
  8. This sounds fantastic :3 still accepting?
  9. Yup you guys can put your characters here and what not
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