Wentmoor School

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  1. Radia woke up. She woke up every day, but every day was different now. To start with, she didn't wake up in the same room as her sister MacKenzie. And it was upsetting. Radia didn't want to take the bus. School felt dangerous. Especially since MacKenzie was killed in a school shooting. Radia felt...incomplete without her. Lonely. Cold. Distant. Nothing was the same.

    She brushed her teeth and straightened her short blonde curls into long silky strands. She felt...pretty. She was always the nerd. Now, at this new school, she was finally going to be the pretty popular girl. She hoped.

    Reaching the high school, she breathed a sigh of relief. "Wentmoor School," she whispered. A bustle of students. Just...somewhere away from Radia's past. Somewhere...safe. Somewhere quiet, peaceful. Somewhere where she could escape from reality. Stop being the nerd girl who was bullied and tormented. And she even made sure she'd start in September. Even if it wasn't the second year. Tenth grade.

    Wentmoor was a large, almost eerie building. Radia felt a huge connection. It felt nice.
    Life was nice.
  2. nivek was running as fast he could on the roof of the school. "damn it faster man faster you wont make it unless go get the air" he said as he starpted the rope around his chest he ran.

    now nivek always loved taking risks his mind always ran wild no matter what happened he always took it as a challange he was that hyper kid in school people love to just beet for his stupidisy but in niveks mind it was just a new challange ready to be taken on. he may not know whats right or wrong but he'll stand up for what he believes weather wrong or right.

    nivek was still running on the roof "you guys will not chatch me this day" he said with a smile as the bullies chased him. the bullies chased him today because he just stomed in and pushed them to the ground after helping a smaller kid out earlier that day. so as nivek was running he jumped off the roof and held on to the rope as he swung down on it.
  3. Radia noticed a boy running on the roof. "Hell, idiot," she muttered. Then he swung off the roof off a rope. "Yep, definitely messed up," she mumbled. She walked over to where the rope was, watching excitedly but she was trying to look cool.
  4. swinging too faszt to see anything just yells YYYYYEEESAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH" nivek yelled happily as his plan worked but then when he swung back up the rope snapped "ccrraapp!" he said rotating his body trying to get right side up but then falls in a tree and falls down hitting alot of branches on the way.

    "HAHHAHAHH THATS WHAT YOU GET FREAK" the bullies on the roof shouted as they all watched him fall and fail miserbly.

    nivek then rolled n the ground in pain possibly a bruised rib.
  5. "Hell, yeah, definately, positively, certainly messed up. Tarzan messed up," Radia mumbled, before yelling at the bullies, "SAYS YOU, FREAK?!" She walks over to him to go and help him up, her newly straightened hair covering a lot of her face. "I think it was pretty awesome stunt, maybe a little insane...but otherwise, it was great," she said to him, offering her hand.
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  6. "OOOOOWWWWWW ok not my greatest polan i must a-admit" he said trying to get taking her hand "and yeah it was good little trick but next time im going with chains" stretching his back "oh and its not tarzan its nivek but i guess tarzan is a decent nick namefor the moment heh-heh" he said stillo trying to regain his sences.
  7. Radia smiled prettily. "And I'm Radia. Nice to meet you, Nivek." She pulled him up. "My sister was...is...is like that. Just does it again and again."

    Inside her head she was yelling at herself for bringing up her family. Stupid Radia.
  8. nivek rubbed his head still out if from the fall so he cant really focus on much. he tried to colect his own thoughts then looked up to see the bullies gone "well at least they could catch me to day" he said with a smile still looking up "great risk great reward i guess anyway so what are you doing out here you class has started right???" he ask radia.
  9. Radia was confused. "I don't even know. I've only started today," she said, going pale. Just great. First day at a new school in a new city and she's missed first class! Supposedly. "Oh, blow it. Who cares?" Class was boring anyway to Radia. And you don't live forever.
  10. "well normally i would agree but first class of the semester is where we get our scedualls" niev said then scratched his head "then again i rather not deal with those people agin so why not just skip class today what could it really hurt" he said starting to make it a challange to the shcool. "its not like it would the first time a kid has skipped"
  11. Radia shook her head, "Nope. I skip the rubbish classes. I need to know which classes to skip." She turns on her heels and starts walking into the school. "See ya round Nivek!"
  12. stunded by the fact that one second she wants to skipp and the next she walking in the school nivek shrugged then turned around and froze. he was staring at the ones who were just bulling him on the roof now behind him. once the door closed behind redia they charged at nivek. then nivek ran for it once more. "damn they are persistant today."
  13. Radia turned around. She kinda expected Nivek to follow her. She decided class sucked, what was she doing, her future was written out...and she wasn't a nerd anymore.

    She noticed Nivek being chased by the same boys who were on the roof earlier. "Are they that eager to play tag?" she asked the silence. That stayed silent. Right that was it. She didn't know if Nivek wanted this, but Radia stormed outside. When Radia wanted to kill someone she would find some courage to do that because she is definitely not a nerd anymore.

    "What are you doing?" Radia asked calmly.
  14. nivek waved at radia "uh just geting some more exsersize because these guys love to challange me" he said as he ran twords the obstical course. near the track.
  15. Radia rolled her eyes. "Or, you could do this," she stuck a foot out, tripping one of the bullies up. "It's ten times easier than running." She hated running.
  16. "yeah but that tend to get them to go after you" he said as he ran and the bully got up and wrapped his arms around radia.
  17. Radia rolled her eyes. "Just admit, you're being bullied." She struggled while telling the bully to let go, he's ruining her hair! She twists herself out of the bully's grasp and starts running. For someone who hates it, she runs pretty fast.
  18. nivek just chuckled and juped up on the wall starting the obsticall course " i cant that would mean i couldnt handle my self and beside this is a good challange dont you think" he said as he got over the wal then ran back up the other side hitting the fisrt guy back down and kept running on the bridge.
  19. Radia followed him, and ducked nervously when a guy went falling. 'He is just like MacKenzie...' "Umm...if they are out here, shouldn't we...you...go inside?"
  20. "That take the fun out of it though." nivek juped on the bars and sung across while two of the guys fell off failing.